Iran – Arab Tensions Spread to Soccer

Iran – Arab Tensions Spread to Soccer
by Faramarz

The tensions between the IR Regime and the neighboring Persian Gulf countries entered a new phase when the Arab countries claimed that Iran is not a safe place to host soccer matches!


The head of Iran’s Football Federation replied in kind.

These tensions started when Persepolis players were fingerprinted and iris scanned upon arrival in Saudi Arabia back in March. The team officials initially refused to submit to the treatment, but after spending 8 hours at the Jeddah Airport, the team complied.


The legislators in Iran promised the same kind of treatment for the Saudi Arabian team al-Ittihad when it visits Tehran next week on May 3rd.

I just can’t wait to watch that match!

Game is on the internet early in the morning west coast time on, click on live sports then on the soccer ball and choose the speed based on your ISP.


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I feel sorry for

by statira on

the Saudi team. When Iranians get mean, they are really, really mean.



by yolanda on

Please keep us updated!

 I recall during the WC qualifying game, Iran vs. KSA, Iran lost the game........Iranian fans set off home-made bombs (or molotov cocktails).......FIFA warned IRI to ensure soccer players' safety!

I hope Iran wins on May 3rd!


Nothing New!

by ariane on

This is nothing new! Arab teams, specially Saudi Arabia, have always tried to do what ever damage they can to Iranian teams before officials matches!