Iran 1 - Madagascar 0

Iran 1 - Madagascar 0
by Faramarz

Iran's national football team upsets Madagascar 1-0 in a friendly match at Azadi stadium in Tehran today.

The game was Carlos Quiroz' first official game as Iran's national team head coach.

On a weekend full of upsets where Brazil and Argentina were eliminated from Copa America and the Americans were upset by the Japanese in the final of 2011 Women World Cup, Iran managed to narrowly defeat Madagascar in a friendly match!

Yes, they play football in the jungles of Madagascar! Now if we can only find Madagascar on the map!

Iran's next match is against Maldives (yes, they play football there too) on July 23rd and 28th for the 2014 WC qualifiers.

Now if we can find Maldives on the map too!


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by yolanda on

Madagascar ranks #138 in the world, Iran ranks # 50 in the world!

They should beat them! Keep it up!


Every time I hear Madagascar

by ali_aaa on

it reminds me of Cartoons.

Anahid Hojjati

wow, Faramarz

by Anahid Hojjati on

Has Iran Soccer fallen so badly that a win over a country that you mention that we cannot find on the map, has to be wriiten with this comment:"Iran's national football team upsets Madagascar ". I guess, we have.