Hassan Dai vs Trita Parsi

Hassan Dai vs Trita Parsi
by Faramarz

This is a fascinating interview by Mr. Maybodi about the lawsuit by Trita Parsi's NIAC against Mr. Hassan Dai.

It is an incredible look into the past 4 and half years of Mr. Dai's legal struggle to expose NIAC and defend his name.


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To all supporters of MEK

by MaryamJoon on

Massoud Rajavi needs a new love interest ... please forward your applications to Tel Aviv.



by religionoutofgovernment on

Amazing account of th events. Mohammad hasimi known as Mammad on IC is also exposed in this video!


Come Out One, Come Out All You Latent ones...

by Khar on

to hell with the feud between MEK and NIAC.  Man I'am surprised that there were many MEK supports in Drag implanted on this site whom I thought were regular folks with conscience. Come out, come out wherever you are its time for you to shine.... 

*See what happens when Khar leaves Tavileh for a while, Pigs take over.

Mehrdad A

NIAC 0 - Everybody Else 2...at least

by Mehrdad A on


You lose bid against Dai; you lose campaign against the delisting of the MEK. With your great luck, why don't you buy a super lotto?

The last 5 minutes are revealing. The judge calls Parsi a fan of the regime. Plus, anyone with a discerning eye can see the defeat of the hypocritical approach to Iran's puzzle occupied by an unapproachable regime.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Trita vs. Dai: IRI friendly vs. IRI enemy

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Putting their faces side-by-side shows that the fruity pretty-boy had no chance against the hard-working man.

Sepas Faramarz jan!

Dr. Mohandes

Happy "Imamzadeh" day

by Dr. Mohandes on

To all my IC and Non-IC compatriots.

Yes. You read that right. We've got about 8000 of these babies all across iran, that have been registered, and today is where we salute them.

Just wanted for all of you die-hard islamists out there to know namely:
AO- OI- Fesenjoon-Roozbeh G- faramarz and Maryamjoon.


Darius Kadivar

Good interview

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for sharing !


لبان غنچه ای!


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