Famous Musical Hits Borrowed by Other Artists


by Faramarz

Some of the most famous songs by Iranian artists were either borrowed by or from other Middle Eastern artists. Here are three of them.

Turkish singer Deniz Seki’s borrowed Faramarz Aslani’s Ageh Ye Rooz.
She is totally hot!

And Faramarz Aslani’s original masterpiece:


Here is the original version of Didi Goftam (Farshid) by Egyptian singer Amr Diab. The music and the video are awesome.


Farshid, to his credit attributed the song to Amr Diab. Here is Farshid’s Didi Goftam.

Here is the original version of Asef’s song Vay Vay (Of Of) by an Arab singer.

Turkish singer Gulsen has a great version of the song. She is really cute.

And Faramarz Asef’s version.



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by yolanda on

I have the 1st video on top in my collection. It sounds great, even though the video has a little bit too much touchy feely stuff.