Everything I know about women I learned from Lando Buzzanca

by Faramarz

Lando Buzzanca was one of the most popular Italian actors in Iran in the early 70’s. His off the wall movies which combined humor and soft sex was tremendously popular with the Iranian teenagers in the pre-revolutionary Iran. My two most favorite movies were:

برهنه ميبينم
A movie about a man who saw all women naked, and

مرد ِ استثنائى
Lando Buzzanca as a special man with three testicles and amazing sexual power

Super Erictus Man

Here are his other famous movies

Inflatable Doll

The Servant


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Thanks a Bunch Faramarz :o))

by Monda on

I can't eat while watching movies anyways, even if it was Ash e Jo.

Wow his films were really risque'... I can't believe I was allowed to watch them at that young age :o)  

BTW how did you manage to retrieve these from youtube?  I looked all over the place to share them with MPD, but they were no longer there! 


Here You Go Monda

by Faramarz on

No Ash e Jo!



Too bad his youtube videos are no longer there!

by Monda on

Faramarz, I do recall reading this :o)  I was also under-aged for these movies but luckily tall for my age, so I saw all Lando Buzzanca movies more than once, plus Romeo Juliet. Cinema Vanak used to show them while serving aash jo and schintzel.


There's always more to learn...

by Ostaad on

choose your moan.


Great Memories

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for bringing him back. As a teenager, I remember being a big fan of this guy and going to see most, if not all, his movies.

It's good to take a break from all the negativity that floats around on this site even if it is for a short while. Great Job.







زير ِ ۱۸ سال ممنوع


I was under-age too and we were stopped at the door several times. But we finally figured out how to sneak in.

There was a guy in our class that was older and bigger than the rest of us. He was repeating the 9th grade for the third time. Even Tajdid and Tak Maadeh did not help him! He also played goalie on our soccer team.

We would give him the money for the tickets and then go and hide behind the trees. Once he got the tickets, we would line up behind him at the front. The guy at the front door of the movie theatre generally sized us up and would let 2-3 of us to come in and stopped the smaller guys. And that’s when the begging, the pleading and all kinds of Khaayeh Maali would start! Eventually we all got in.

One movie that I had the most difficult time seeing was “The Summer of 42.” I eventually saw it when I came to the US. Fun memories…

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Cinama Vanak!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Farmarz Jaan,

Damet garm... Khateraate Nou-Javani roo zendeh kardi...:-)

I saw a preview of one of his movies, I guess was called : "Tanhaa Mardi Keh Meetooneh" in which he was the last man left in an island that could... and ladies would line up by his boat... LOL.

I told my Bache mahals and later when we all went to Cinema Vanak, Son of a guns, they didn't let us in...  I guess it had to do something with our ages! (12 years and below!!!!) LOL....

Anyway, Thanks for the fun blog Amoo....

Khosh O Salaamat bashid.


Size matters! I mean the nose!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


I loved Lando Buzzanca!!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear Faramarz,

First of all, fantastic ID.

Secondly, I was barely 13 y/o when I first saw Lando Buzzanca movies in Tehran!!

You brought many memories to life for me with this post.  Thank you.