The Child of a Maid!


The Child of a Maid!
by Faramarz

A True Story about a Man, a Pregnant Maid and a Shotgun Wedding!

Most people seem puzzled by the news of the recent days about Arnold Schwarzenegger having a son with the house maid of 20 years or the head of IMF chasing a hotel maid naked around the luxury suit. These acts are so dangerous and these men seem to be so careless to risk so much for a momentary pleasure.  

And you see, back in Iran, the same things happened too. The only difference was that the neighbors and the relatives kept quiet about it and life went on as if nothing had happened. The pregnant maid would have been sent back to her village with a little money after the baby was born and the lady of the house raised the bastard child as one of her own, well kind of!

Down the street from us in the old neighborhood in Tehran lived an Army colonel, Sarhang Morteza. He was married to a nice and quiet lady and they had 3 young kids. It was his second marriage and nobody knew what had happened to his first wife. The rumor had it that she just left him one day and disappeared! They had a Gomashteh (a male conscript) from some faraway village. They guy was nice to us and whenever we kicked the ball over the wall to Sarhang’s large yard, he would bring the ball out and would kick it right back to us as if he wanted to join us!

After a while, Sarhang and his wife brought a young maid from a small town in Khorasan to help the lady of the house with the cooking and the cleaning. The maid wore a white chador with small flowers whenever she left the house to buy bread or groceries. She had very light features and was not too careful with her chador and would let it slip down as she walked up and down our street. In our old neighborhood only the maids wore chadors, the old ones wore black, the younger ones wore colors. I guess that was the dress code that was enforced to keep the men’s eyes away from them!

I am not sure how many months passed until one of the kids told the rest of us that his mom thinks that the young maid is pregnant. There were certain glow on her face and a bounce to her stride! We got all curious and stopped playing whenever she was walking by. Somehow the idea of a single woman getting pregnant without a husband was so intriguing! We would try to use our imagination and guess who could have had done it and then we knew that sooner or later the whole hell would break loose in the neighborhood! And that was so exciting! I was full of anticipation!

Then one early summer afternoon, I heard all the commotion on the street. I quickly went outside to see what was going on. Sarhang was cursing his Gomashteh and slapping and kicking him. “You mother so and so, how dare you touched this girl. You have no shame! How can she go back to her family with a child in her stomach?” And on, and on!

The poor Gomashteh kept saying while covering his face and body, “Swear to god and my mother and Prophet Mohammad that I have not done anything and my soul is unaware of all this!” Several of the neighbors finally jumped in the middle and saved the poor Gomashteh.

It did no take more than a day or two when a Molla came to their house and married the young pregnant maid to the poor Gomashteh and after another few days, they were on a bus heading back to his village. Sarhang’s wife gave her a suitcase full of her old clothes, a rug, a few pots and pans and some money. Sarhang kissed Gomashteh goodbye and gave him some money too.

At the end the tricky Sarhang again got away with it. The poor Gomashteh got a nice young wife and a child on the way and I am not sure what the young maid thought of all this!

As I look at this Arnold episode, I can’t help but wonder why an educated and accomplished woman like Maria Shriver from a top family would marry the Terminator! The only explanation that I can come up with is that as in the nature, the female species mate the strong males so that their off springs have good genes!

And the irony of this story as you see in the pictures above is that the only kid that resembles Arnold in the son of the house maid!  


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The Germinator got a Yes first, The IMF-nut raped, supposedly!

by MM on

I liked your story about the Fall Guy Gomaashteh though.  Thanks.


As you said :)

by Souri on

The old man could never get in a physical battle with the big woman! This is materially impossible :)



Now It All Makes Sense Souri!

by Faramarz on


Now I can see why Strauss Khan was running around the hotel naked and was trying to get on the next flight out to Paris!

Man, he needs to get a combat raise!


That picture is too old

by Souri on


More Info on the Muslim Sofitel Maid!

by Faramarz on

Thanks Divaneh Jaan and Welcome Back!

And for those of us who are following the IMF boss Strauss Khan(!), here are the latest on the 32-yr. old Muslim maid from West Africa!

What's up with the French and Muslim African women!




Love story

by divaneh on

Thanks for shring this great story Faramarz jaan. I think after all it was the baker who did it.


The Sperminator!

by Faramarz on


What a Tangled Web We Weave!


Thank you for reading and your great comments.


Strauss-Kahn can't be compared to Arnold

by Souri on

Arnold is brainless, Kahn is smart and very well respected. kahn is a seducer , but not a raper. What happened to DSK is a conspiracy set up by some organizations, specially the Americans ones.

Arnold isn't (and never was) a politician. He has neither the education nor the class of DSK. Not to be compared with such an important international icon.



by yolanda on

Your story is not over......Did the couple tell Sarhang's wife that Sarhang is the father of the couple's child?

Too many celebrities mess around......Steven Seagal made his babysitter pregnant........they have a child together! Jackie Chan has illegitimate child(ren) in S Korea.....

Arnold made Maria Shriver and the housekeeper pregnant at the same time! He is a stud!


Two Shah-kar

by Bavafa on

One by our dear Faramarz for a great story


one by our ex-governor for living up to Republicans standards for morality.


hamsade ghadimi

apparently, the

by hamsade ghadimi on

apparently, the "inseminator" doesn't think with the little brain that he has in that big fat head of his (he does the thinking with his third leg).  i just read that he may have more than one love-child while married to pam.  same goes for strauss-kahn (little known fact: his internet userid is "strauss kahnoom":) who may have gotten away as a rapist for too long.  this is a story of egotistical famous men who think they're invincible and no one would believe their accusers or they just can pay them off.  i was thinking why lindsay lohan who is filthy rich steals a necklace worth couple of thousand dollars (not her first time heisting jewlery either).  same reason i guess but a much more benign misdeed on lindsay's part. 

in future years we'll have to read about the misadventures of arnold and pam's boys.  the men in their family, from both sides, have serious shortcomings when it comes to women, drugs, alcohol and addiction. 

by the way, nice story.  the sarhang in your story is just as vile as the inseminator and "le perv," if not more.



by incognito on

Your story of the Sarhang and his gomashteh reminded me of the time Afghanistan was blamed for al-Qaida.


Great Read

by All-Iranians on

Sounds like a true story of some Iranians, husbands & wives. Thanks. 

Maryam Hojjat

Great Story, Faramarz

by Maryam Hojjat on

I enjoyed it very much.


دختر رعیت


Nice blog.

Reminded me of the story of "dokhtare ra'yat" by Beh-Azin:


Thank you so much Faramarz jon.


The case of Arnold: Trop belle pour toi

by Mehrban on

Is there anything the French cinema has not explored?!


Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Faramarz. I saw his picture first here

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks Faramarz for a well written blog. I will not be surprised if we find out later that Arnold has fathered more children with other women. In any case, I am upset with Maria too since there is a high probability she knew. If she had left Arnold earlier and story had become public about nine years ago, then state of California would not have to be bothered with Arnold as governator/Impregnator.

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on

Thorougly enjoyed this blog. Put a huge grin on my face. Thank you.

Karma is a bitch. That Sarhang is probably driving a cab in Maryland and his wife has opened an in-house day care wiping bums and handing out bottles. Meanwhile Gomashteh is some hot shot in the current army and that cute little chadori girl now runs an in-house sex-ed class.   The only problem is the kid that goes around, once in a while and belts out "Javid Shah". :)