Basiji Haddadian vs. Hayedeh

by Faramarz

The barbaric I.R. and their Basiji arm trying to destroy our culture!

They will never succeed!

The two renditions of Hayedeh's song Saghi!


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what is pathetic is the

by mahmoudg on

Quran he is holding, while he weeps and reads about libations and bartenders.  I bet there is some hidden verses in Quran about more wine, more women (remember History of the world parts I and II).


What Next?!

by Monda on

I saw your blog earlier thinking to myself: digeh chi az joonemoon migiran?!

Few minutes later I discovered "Ey Iran" has been changed to "Ey Eslaam"!!!!

(My blood pressure has been way below normal 'til today!) 

BTW Faramarz, I saw your compliment on your other thread, it means a lot to me! 

Your EVF 


no problem Faramarz - I have also reposted, similarly

by MM on

As I have said before, the creation of Iranian music classics takes creativity.  If someone's mind is static, stuck in 7th century mentality, it is hard to come up with new original material.



by Faramarz on

I didn't realize that you posted the clip a couple of weeks ago. Thank You.

This IR crowd are stealing everything from Hayedeh's beautiful song to The National Anthem, Phantom F-4 parts, night vision gogles, Cyrus Cylinder and whatever else that they can get their hands on. And then gloat about the progress of the past 31 years.


I figured out why Haddadian & folks are crying

by MM on

If you look up the written words for saaghi, there are 11 instances of words related to drunkedness, 3 instances of saboo (wine cannister), 13 instances of the word saaghi (bartender) and 2 instances of the word meykadeh (bar).

These poor folks just terribly miss the good old days when they could go out and drink in a bar!  How can you fault them for crying about it? 

Notwithstanding, with all those words related to drinking, how is this song a rozeh-piece?


What a difference

by statira on

Hayedeh's voice lifts up your soul but the hideous crying of that basiji makes you wanna barf. He is so depressing.