Asghar Farhadi's Acceptance Speech!

Asghar Farhadi's Acceptance Speech!
by Faramarz

Asghar Farhadi's Original Acceptance Speech at the Academy Awards for the Movie "A Separation!"


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Ms. Hojjati, Accusation without any evidence is not FAIR!

by Zorumbaa on

Ms. Hojjati,I am sure you read the whole thing, but I also understand it is perhaps too much for you to digest, Cie la vie. Please don’t play with words, contribute to substance. Do you really know that I am a Mr. a Mr. Z? What part of my comments was SPECIFICALLY NONESENSE to you? I would like to correct myself and apologize if needed. Ps. my comments most often are LONG!And still cheers!

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

سخندان پرورده پیر کهن

بیندیشد آنگه بگوید سخن

مزن تا توانی بگفتار دم

نکو گوی اگر دیر گویی چه غم

بیندیش و آنگه بر آور نفس

و زان پیش بس کن که گویند بس

به نطق آدمی بهتر است از دواب

دواب از تو به گر نگویی صواب

Anahid Hojjati

Mr Z

by Anahid Hojjati on

you did so much maghlateh that midway i had to stop. if you want honest exchange of ideas, stop the ttimes, your long comment became nonsense.


"ت بده"



تو نه همچو آفتابی که حضور و غیبت افتد

دگران روند و آیند و تو همچنان که هستی‌


شاه بیت دیگری از سعدی 

با پوزش از فرامرز عزیز


Sepaas Mash Ghasem

by Mehrban on


مگر ادمی نبودی که اسیر دیو ماندی؟ 

که فرشته ره ندارد به مکان ادمیت


C'mon Oon Yaroo

by Faramarz on

Right there in front of Angelina, J Lo and Penelope Cruz, and 2 billion viewers you wanted Mr. Farhadi to use foul language!

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz, Is that all? Goor'e Pedar'e IRR and Rahbar!?

by Oon Yaroo on

What about cheezam too cheez'e Rahbar or Modar'e Rahbar!?

Next time you want to write a letter of Fohsh, please ask Shazdeh!



Ms. Hojjati, Stereotyping and Labeling—Not a Good Idea!

by Zorumbaa on

 Ms. Hojjati,  You don’t need to speculate, guess and use the “Persian” specialty which is Goosheh and Kenaayeh, aka, innuendo. All you have to do is just ask!Regardless of misspelling of the name, Zorumbaa is ACTUAALY my nick name, known to people that know me, and they are many. It is the actual name of my first documented grandfather, escaping Safaviyeh Ghezel-Baash and religious persecution by taking refuge in Central Iran, some 500 years ago. Zorumbaa is not fictitious name; it is a real name that I am proud of.  BTW, what is with all the attack on A NAME?  What a name it has to do with what I write. Do people with a “pen name” write differently IF THEY USE THEIR REAL NAME?  Well I will tell you that I don’t, after all I certainly hope that you are not pre-disposed to this type “judgment” or (any) god forbids, you are not “stereotyping”.  It is too sophomoric to think like that and I am sure you do agree.   Finding a petty non-issue like “What is his and/or her name?” Using it as a focal point while avoiding the real issue which is much more important and vital, that is unfortunate.To clarify the other evidence of your stereotyping and shooting from the hips I need to let you, and anybody else who really cares (I don’t think anybody does!) that I don’t have any family back home, NONE, they are all here. So should I worry about what I say or write? Should I worry about my “annual summer vacation” back home, and the rest? The last time that I took a vacation there I was in middle school, more than 50 years ago! As you see you ARE WRONG, I don’t need to appease any person, group, or system. I am sure you may be able to find a member of the “Hezb-e Baad” here and there and let them hear and read your pugnacious comments.فکر  می‌کنم این از سعدی باشد، به هر حال مناسب است نه بر اشری سوارم، نه چو خر به زیر بارم - -- نه خداوند رعیت ،  نه غلام شهریارم Do you know me personally? What about other “HYPOCRITES” who posts at IC? Somewhere along the line you should have learned that “labeling” people is not a good idea—are Turks really KHAR, and Rashti men Bee-Ghirat?!  Name calling and labeling people that you don’t know, or just know by the  virtue of few posted words and YOUR interpretation of it, is actually bad, unprofessional, and even offensive. Do you know if I am a man, woman, she-male, a feminist, a misogynist? Akhoond-Che  or what? You JUST ASSUMED I am A MAN, perhaps a lecherous one, who is cheating on his multiple wives and every night after watching his favorite PURELY PERSIAN television program from LA, starts ranking his imaginary babes! Hot, Hotter, Hottest, and one and only one THE HOTTY! Couldn’t you bring the level of discourse just a notch up?! I don’t EXPECT or like for anyone to get killed for any reason. If you want to kill YOURSELF, aka, a suicide, by all means go and do it, be my guest!  As a free person I believe you have absolute right and command over your LIFE, liberty, and happiness. The real issue that you cleverly managed to evade is the social responsibility of a TRUE artist.In recents years we have had Shamloo , Panahi, and Mr. Farhadi, each according to his own!  And finally, if you really want to know what I have done, in particular,  for “Artists in Prisons”  or other causes that have been near and very dear to me for decades, let us have a meaningful discourse here and we can talk about it.  Cheers,


Jenab Faramarz

by All-Iranians on

Thanks. This is certainly one of your masterpieces.

All-Iranians are however worried about the consequenses of this Oscar. Remeber what happened to the SHARES of IRAN to the Caspian Sea after Shirin Ebaadi was awarded Nobel Prize. Now, after this Oscar, do not you think something is coming up to reduce some shares of Iran somewhere sometimes? Politics, politics, and politics! Think about it Jenab Faramarz! 

Mash Ghasem

تن ادمی شریف است به جان ادمیت/ نه همین لباس زیباست نشان ادمیت

Mash Ghasem

تن ادمی شریف است به جان ادمیت

نه همین لباس زیباست نشان ادمیت


اگر ادمی به چشم است و دهان و گوش و بینی


چه میان نقش دیوار و میان ادمیت؟


خورو خواب و خشم و شهوت شعب است و جهل و ظلمت


حیوان خبر ندارد زجان ادمیت


به حقیقت ادمی باش وگرنه مرغ باشد


که همین سخن بگوید به زبان ادمیت


مگر ادمی نبودی که اسیر دیو ماندی؟


که فرشته ره ندارد به مکان ادمیت


رسد ادمی به جائی که بجز خدا نبیند


بنگر که تا چه حد است مکان ادمیت


طیران مرغ دیدی تو ز پای بند شهوت


به درای تا ببینی طیران ادمیت


نه بیان فضل کردم که نصیحت تو گفتم


هم از ادمی شنیدم بیان ادمیت





"ت " بده ! 

Anahid Hojjati

Zoroumba, you don't even use your real name

by Anahid Hojjati on

possibly because you would say that you worry about your family back home but then you expect cast and crew to ask for political asylum. Many commentators on IC act like hypocrites when they have big expectations from artists but themselves show no courage. Or the reason you don't use your real name is to say a and b and c are hot while you are a married man? in any case, don't expect our artists to get themselves killed for people who forget them so easily, and have no jorboze. what have you done for artists who are in prison?


Mash Ghasem

by Faramarz on

There is something very special, very feminine about J Lo that I cannot quite put my finger on it!

But it is there, thank god!


A Historical Time and Place Gone by!

by Zorumbaa on

A nice, heartwarming and sentimental acceptance speech, a sort of politically correct, appeasing, run of the mill speech by a “Non-Political” artist.

Janice Joplin said “Freedom's just another word for nothin left to loose. Nothin, don't mean nothin honey if it ain't free” What would happened if the cast collectively and in one voice represented the majority of the freedom loving Iranian people and announced to the world what the world already knows about the IRR and ask for political asylum and protection from the barbarian of IRR? Yes there are real and BIG risks, they have family back home, what about them? Well, some of them may  be arrested perhaps, intimidated, harassed, BUT not killed. They are worth perhaps millions to the thugs as long as they are alive. After they get the most propaganda and publicity out of this and their dogs stop barking too much and too loud, that is the time for “let’s make a deal”. The three young US citizens, so called spies and Zionist agent’s Put additional $500K or so each, in the coffers of the IRR. Price of freedom per family member, so much. The impact and power of most potent and effective  acceptance speech in history—PRICELESS!



by Faramarz on

I agree.

Her dress is not that stylish. It looks like a wedding dress for a village girl. I am not sure exactly what her point was in wearing that thing.



Mash Ghasem

دريافت اسکار و جعل سخنان فرهادی در رسانه‌های ايران

Mash Ghasem

خبرگزاری آلمان
در ميان شور و هلهله سايت‌های فارسی زبان و حتی غيرفارسي‌زبان از جايزه اسکاری که برای اولين بار به يک فيلم ايرانی تعلق گرفت، واکنش رسانه‌های دولتی ايران خواندني‌تر از بقيه بود.



Framarz jaan, per your observation on J.L.'s "contribution" to the cermony; the moment I started watching the program, I felt like there was a nip in the air. Then, soon as I saw J.L. I knew why I had such premonition!!! 


Vancouver Sun calls Hatami's dress the worst in Oscars

by Fesenjoon2 on

Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz ... You are funny ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

I, actually, somehow believe, that he wanted to say such thing but then he did not.  I personally wish he did . So the world would know that people of Iran are not taking any shit from IRI as well as those countries who are encouraging a war of aggression on the people.



Hmmm, not sure about this!

by Reality-Bites on

That acceptance speech looks fake to me. Looks more like someone forced it on Farahdi. I mean, look at his face, he doesn't look very happy, does he? :)

Ps: Faramarz, you should write more Oscar winners' speeches. You could make bags of money.

Maryam Hojjat

Great one!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I loved it.

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Faramarz, perfect  timing!


Read from your notes!

by PArviz on

I wish he had read straight from his notes as we see in the photo and had not deviated from it. What kind of a director does not follow the script?

Thanks Faramarz, very funny.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

Anahid Hojjati

Very funny Faramarz

by Anahid Hojjati on

i also liked how crystal started saying what people were thinking as he talked. for instancel brad pitt was thinking about all parent teacher conferences in the morning. my favorite movie won for original screenplay which was nice.

dear  academy, enough with streep. time to award some oscasr to new and  amazing talent.


Fantastic Faramarz Jan

by bahram9821 on

Great post as usual Faramarz Jan. Best line in the show Billy calling Kodak Theatre Chapter 11 Theatre.



by yolanda on

So an Iranian film beat an Israeli film, footnote!

so no discrimination, right?

Press TV has reported that "A Separation" won the Oscar and calls "A Separation"  Prize-magnet movie!




by Faramarz on

Americans are alright!

They completely embrace others without prejudice. Just imagine for a second if the shoe was on the other foot, an American movie nominated for the Fajr Awards.


Thanks DK Jaan and AI

by Faramarz on

There are more Jews in Kodak Theatre than in the West Bank!


brilliant as always Faramarz :)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Koli khandidam!

But what do you expect? he is after all accepting an Oscar from a "Jewish controlled Hollywood"!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

I hope he does not end up in jail for attending a Zionist controlled function:))))

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Good One Faramarz Jan