Another Iranian Star Born!

Another Iranian Star Born!
by Faramarz

The 24-year old Yara Amir Bahonar from Tehran masterfully performs Mortazavi's Toofan and wins the 2012 Star Musician Award.


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Check out the Video of Yara's performance of the finals!

by ihuschmand on

Dear Faramarz, 

Thank you for sharing this post! I have the pleasure of being the producer of Star Musician ( and it was truly a pleasure seeing all of these talented contestants making it to the finals.


For anyone interested, here is Yara's performance at the live finals in Los Angeles, CA. The video posted was his audition video.




Also, Season 2 of Star Musician launches Sept 15th!


Iman Huschmand 


He can definitely play the fiddle better than me!

by Reality-Bites on

Alright, that's partly because I don't play the fiddle at all (what can I say, no musical talent whatsoever), but it's also because this guy is pretty damn good with that thing. Wish him success.


Great Talent

by Azarbanoo on

Good Luck to him in his pursuit to become another Parviz Yahaghi.

Dr. Mohandes

I was Looking foward

by Dr. Mohandes on

To a yet another long and interesting story from you... i am deeesapoynted now!

You struck me in my taste! (zadi to zogham).