Ahmadinejad on Fox News

by Faramarz

I am not a fan of Fox News and I hardly ever watch it. But, this is probably the most direct interview that was done with Ahmadinejad on this trip. Calling his remarks insane and nutty is the right way to deal with him!

Larry King and Amanpour gave this guy too much respect.


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Bavafa jan: You're most

by vildemose on

Bavafa jan: You're most welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was an insightful look at the root cause of ignorance in the society.


Vilemose, excellant article and so true

by Bavafa on

Thanks for sharing it.


P.S. This article does reinforce AO point about the two nut jobs/liars going at it.


@ Gilani: not to worry, your monthly wage wont be affected

by spatima on

 dont worry comrade

you dont need to pay a lip service to ahmadinezhad here  to ensure the flow of your monthly dues. afterall we all have groceries to pay for

sometimes i think "ablah" is the best word to describe a creature such of yourself. its english equivalent is "idiot" (originating from the greek for politically unaware).

i would have told you the russian translation if i could, but i bet you know better.

either way, everytime that you "open your mouth" (quoting yourself here) we have a good entertainment.

my best wishes to yourself and your new hero: Makhmoud




In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran


Ahmadinejad analysis and techniques

by Abarmard on

Since US population would accept that media is far from neutral, Ahmadinejad makes his cases accordingly and wins the argument. He also does not agree with reporters terms of timing and questions, which puts him as a superior. He takes charge and during the interview owns the camera.

As far as lying, He is looking for those audiences who are quickly influenced by perception of facts, which is fed to them daily from most media without fact finding bases. He knew well that the reporter is not neutral and dislikes him, and mentions it to remind people that if he is wrong, then I am right. The fault comes back to US and most Western media for not presenting clear and fact finding reports about the realities of the news presented. Lazy reporting I call it.

Most of people's frustration in this page should be directed at the US media not a reporter, or stations. Anyone reporter, good or bad would not be able to win if the rules of the game change, meaning jumping through questions without hearing answers to make your points across rather than the one you are interviewing! And that is what you see when Ahmadinejad is being interviewed. He changes the rules and the reporters remain without their most learned weapons!

Interesting technique. It works.


Vildemose, The author's

by MM on


The author's analogy to Obama's birth certificate case is very interesting, which basically means that education above high school is almost a pre-requisite for infomed debate.


MM: I think this would be

by vildemose on

MM: I think this would be an interesting article for you.



Mehrdad - that is clever, but

by MM on

if they had any fear of god, they would not plunder, torture and murder.  So, I think that makes them a bunch of hypocrite bideens who basically say: do as I say, not as I do.


MM :

by Bavafa on

You and I and just about any fair minded person know that this is just a show, entertainment if you will, that is presented as NEWS in the US. Almost none of it is based on facts and reality on the ground. In Faux news case, they cater to a very specific audience in the US who get a hard on when the "boogeyman" is ridiculed and told some thing as opposed ot askspoken to with contempt.

As much as I dislike admitting it, AN masterfully turned the table on the Faux news reporter and trashed him far greater then he even expected.

For god sake, if a reporter has opportunity to ask him a question should the question be "Will you swear on Allah that you are not building a bomb"


Anonymous Observer

This is quite funny, two nut jobs, AN and Fox News

by Anonymous Observer on

going at each other.  Quite entertaining!!!


When Khatami proposed dialogue among civilizations, they laughed

by MM on

When the former Iranian president, Khatami, proposed the dialogue among civilizations, media talking-heads wooed him as not having any power in Iran and being a figure-head.  True of course, since the power base resides w/ the VF in Iran.  However, when AN speaks crazy crap on Iran as Vildemose quoting Gary Sick:

No newspaper in Iran has been closed for criticizing me and my government”

 ”Iran is the freest country in the world”

 ”The judiciary is completely independent in Iran”

 ”Sanctions are not important”

 ”No one has been imprisoned for taking part in demonstrations”

 ”No one is tortured in Iran”

 ”Our critics and competitors are freely active in Iran”

, or when AN makes outrageous comments as questioning 9/11 or Holocaust, the media here jumps right on and rides the-hate-Iran-Wagon to the fullest.

The media here should STFU about interviewing AN or have their facts right at hand and push him harder when AN talks trash.  AN is the spinmaster and we need a 60-minute type investigation/interviewing techniques to reveal his lies. 


Gary Sick on Ahmadinejad lies

by vildemose on

Asking him tough questions is pointless. When he can’t turn the question around, when he can’t slip around it to score a point, he simply lies. Over and over and over. The website Tehran Bureau (in association with PBS Frontline) assembled a list of the most egregious recent examples:

 ”No newspaper in Iran has bee... >>>

David ET

giving interview or microphone to this criminal is wrong

by David ET on

Best approach is not to give him what he wants: attention


"no doubt on anybody;s mind that ahmadinezhad is crazy"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Call him crazy at your peril!

In fact he is the best and brightest (comparatively), the islamist regime has produced. If it was not for him, you'd have had khatami the "seyed khandan" shafting you softly softly, with a big smile, accelerating the "evolution" of the islamist regime into another saudi style Islamic Satrap of the USA. Mahmoud _bi mokh, just like shaban, saved the regime from certain collapse at the hands of people last year, and has the most potential of saving the islamist regime longer term. Yet he has brought to surface the divisions within the islamist regime like no one else. A real two edged sword, Only time will tell....


the interviewer failed

by spatima on

regardless of how rediculous ahmadinezhad sounded in this one

the interviewer failed miserably. you cant shed light on truth by constantly doing adhominem attacks and expecting the other side to give in to your points.

nevertheless it was entertaining to see ahmadinezhad recieve a bit of his own medicine when it comes to cutting people short and treating everybody else as an idiot.

there is no doubt on anybody;s mind that ahmadinezhad is crazy

though i must say after this interview i think the fox guy was a major nut job as well. but then again, its fox news.


In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran



by Agha_Irani on

Like Saddam, the communists, the nazis and all the other tin-pot dictators, this idiotic man and his hollow fanatic ideologies were exposed by a not very good interviewer.

With guys like him in charge, the islamist regime is really shooting itself in the foot.  Let them carry on and it will bring their downfall sooner rather than later. 


Thanks for posting this interview

by Truthseeker9 on

This journalist does not suffer fools and AN was not happy to be challenged. Great job!


It's as if Obama and

by AMIR1973 on

It's as if Obama and Netanyahu agreed to be interviewed by PressTV (or FARS). 

PressTV and Fars are mouthpieces for a terrorist regime. While Press TV's IRI propagandists are allowed to spread their tripe out of their Western offices (another case of anti-Western elements parasitically enjoying Western freedoms that Iranians are denied), the IRI is the world's leader in imprisoning journalists. Anti-Iranian, anti-Western, and anti-American terrorist mouthpieces exploit the West's freedoms to spread anti-Western propaganda. What a nice arrangement. 

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

It's incredible seeing this President engage in interviews with consistently hostile hosts. What other world leader has the nerve to do this? I can't think of one.

It's as if Obama and Netanyahu agreed to be interviewed by PressTV (or FARS). Never happen in a million years.

But here's Mahmoud, apparently with nerves of steel.

Remarkable, is the word that comes to mind.


Thanks for posting this..

by faryarm on

At least he Pres A.N was for once challenged....

The problem is these US supporters just dont know enough to do follow up their questions... 


The Latest from Iran

by Faramarz on

اطلاعیه جدید سازمان هدفمند کردن یارانه:

در اولین فرصت از کونتون یه کپی بگیرید؛ چون اصلشو قراره دولت پاره کنه



Thanks Faramarz

by Khar on

Did he say I would like to say hi to good audience of FOX news and wish them Sexy-time? ;-)

Mamoody the Aftaabeh-Chi is comparing IRR to US, what a joke.


Thanks Faramarz

by Khar on

Did he say I would like to say hi to good audience of FOX news and wish them Sexy-time? ;-)

Mamoody the Aftaabeh-Chi is comparing IRR to US, what a joke.


Thanks for posting Faramarz

by divaneh on

He's an embarrassment. I don't know how anyone can call this a good interview on his part. He must have repeated himself three times on the issue of 9/11 just to kill some time once he realised this was a different interview to the others and he would be challenged. You could see the shock of unpreparedness in his face with every direct challenge. Just compare this to Obama's interview with the BBC and you will know the difference between a statesman and a clown.


I don't know which one is

by Bavafa on

I don't know which one is a bigger fraud, Faux news or AN? Likewise, it would be toss up between my contempt for AN and Faux news equally?

Having said that, Faux news attempt to humiliate AN back fired grandly, although I would imagine that a few typical Faux news watchers drooled about this interviewer questions and having no interest in the answer.


Genghis Khan

Thank Allah

by Genghis Khan on

Had he stayed in NY for yet another interview, they would have placed him on a shrink's couch, with a straitjacket hanging on the wall.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


Agreed Maziar: I think they

by vildemose on

Agreed Maziar: I think they are giving  Iran/IR enough rope to hang themselves. If the egomaniac, An ,thinks media publicity is good for his image and IRI, he is sadly mistaken.


The journalist did a superb

by vildemose on

The journalist did a superb job of treating him the way he should be treated; like a piece of dirt or using an's own vernacular: Khas va Khashak

He also is on recored for believing that Imam Mahdi will reappear sooner than we think. Not a minor confession...indeed.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

who's that female voice ?  jaleho or .......

I think the media is working on tarnishing the Iranian's public Image by giving time to these idiots and gaining public support for any future mishaps.               Maziar

marhoum Kharmagas

Ahmadinejad did very well!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Yes Faramarz, in general Ahmadinejad can be discredited for some of his comments, I did it just a couple of weeks ago in my exchanges with No Fear (If you need the link, let me know). However in this particular interview Ahmadinejad was completely successful in discrediting U.S,..., and pushing his points, the Fox news rookie failed.


یولاندا، مرحوم خر مگس



AN is a fraud!

Unfortunately his western supporters confuse being sneaky with being clever!This guy is not smart. He just twists words and keeps comparing his miserable being with the worst part of the western world.



Ahmadi has been discredited by the majority of the people of the world. I don't need to discredit him, it is already done. When you start beating and torturing women and children, you have crossed the line.