What if there were no Jews.


by Faramarz_Fateh

A lot of us (and by that I don't just mean Iranians) need someone to hate.  I am not sure how we came to this point.

For Americans, the subjects (or maybe objects) of hatred, depending on the person's age are:

1) Communism and 2) Islam and Muslims.

For Iranians:  1a) Jews   1b) Bahais (a tie here) and I can't really think of a close second.  We generally dislike the American and British governments, but we get along with Americans and Brits for the most part.  Generally, "marg bar Amrika" means death to the American government.

I have a pretty good idea about why Americans hate communism.  And after 9/11 and all the propaganda by U.S. media, its not hard to understand why Americans hate Muslims.  On top of that, the Christian churches are afraid of Islam as well and they also propagate fear among people about Islam.

I also have a pretty good idea about the hatred of Bahais; with all the talk about Muhammad being the absolute last prophet of God for ever and ever and ever, if Bahais are legitimized by acceptance or even tolerance of their faith, the mullahs will be out of business.  The teachings of Bahais abolishes the idea of middle men between mankind and God and for the most part make a lot more sense than the Islamic nonsens.

But what about the Jews?  What did they do to deserve such hatred?  Is it because a lot of Doctors and Lawyers are Jews?  Is it because they have won too many nobel prizes or is it because they are disproportionately represented in Hollywood and Banking industry?  Or maybe its because they love money?

Christians by far have more money than Jews.  Most Billionaires in the U.S. and Europe are Christians.  Only one of the top 5 richest people in the world is Jewish.  There are 2 Jews in the top 10 and 3 Jews in the top 25.  20 are Christians and 2 are Muslims.

So if wealth was the issue, and believe me wealth means power, Iranians should hate Christians a lot more than the Jews.  If in the last 50 years, 10,000 Muslims have been killed by the Jews, over 10,000,000  have been killed by Chirstians either directly or indirectly.

So what gives?  Someone SMART please enlighten me.


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Just not to oversimplify...... / Kamran

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

I have spoken to Jews and Christians who had a really hard time growing up in Iran with the "najes" stigma, they were very damaged by it, I think Iranians tend to underplay this or turn a blind eye, however I personally have experienced very little anti-Semitism on this site or among Iranians here in the US. Not to say none but so little it hasn't PARTICULARLY (I said) been a problem. (I experience it from other ethnic groups as well sometimes, Afro-Americans being one group...)

Once in a while it pops pu but it's not a major problem. Like you Kamran. You OBVIOUSLY know the difference between a Jew and a Zionist so guess what you probably are...? C'mon...at least a liiiiitle bit...of an a.s.???  But does it cause a particular problem for me here? No.

I will leave debating the specifics of how you phrased your characterization of Zionists for a different b log. I am not a Zionist, my father was, he never committed genocide. He never hurt a fly.




Violence is inherent in

by Madar-e aroos (not verified) on

Violence is inherent in humans. There was a Discovery channel film about chimpanzes that showed them resorting to violence for no apparent reasons with deadly consequences. It wasn't just territorial stuff, it was pure violent behavior and I doubt either monkeys were Muslim, Jewish or Bahai!

America was built on violence from Columbus to George Bush. Right to bear arms is a constitutional right not to hunt animals but to kill humans, call it protection if you like.

So this is always going to be with us and it is not going away. Now that humans are more civilized they politicize violence and bring in religions and races to add salt and pepper. Faramarz you yourself are bringing in Jewish and Bahais to score points!


Dear Maryam, Persoanlly I

by abc (not verified) on

Dear Maryam,

Persoanlly I think IRI hate Baha'is more then Jews!



Dear Tahirih

by NT (not verified) on

Dear Tahirih,

If I'd been you I'd have divorced my family in childhood.
What part of the country does your family hail from?
Never heard of so much hatred on all parts.
Poor you.
Glad you are not like them.



If there were no Jews

by XerXes (not verified) on

The world would have not been a good place to live, but if there was no Israel, the world would have been much safer and happier place.


What is HATRED anyway?

by javaneh29 on

I agree with Mehdi Mazloom, if it hadn't been the jewish or the bahai's it would have been some other minority group.

Hatred ( i can't imagine hating anything or anyone based on no knowledge, generalised knowledge or  the defamatory comments of others) and/or persecution applied by a majority without logic or reason, boils down to the ability through sheer numbers to get away with it. It's called discrimination, i.e.numbers= power.

What is hate anyway? Someone please describe it for me? Is it momentary, only a passing emotion? Is it based on facts and reason? or is it illogical? Irrrational? How does hatred become a national hobby or national passtime?  How do you stop hating? It cant be a good feeling to harbour? Sounds pretty pointless and infantile to me.


Maryam Hojjat

I Love Jewish People!

by Maryam Hojjat on

you generalize that Iranian hate jews, bahai &...

I have noticed from this site that most intelectuals Iranians like Jewish & bahais .  Only IRI is hating jewish people in particular.

Mehdi Mazloom

Kamran - you haven't tried hard enough.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Okay.  I shall try to enlighten you although I find it difficult and am
somewhat flabbergasted that anyone - such as youself - would
need enlightenment in this day and age !  Let's start off with the
following facts:

1) Jews - excuse me I meant Zionists - have a nasty habit of
grabbing other people's assets/ land under religious guise and
principals!   I never new God was a real estate agent! 

2) Zionists commit genocide, murder, and looting.  Worse...they then try to cover it all up through misinformation and ies

3) Worst of all.....Zionists finance all of the aforementioned - Nos. 1 & 2 - on the backs of us poor taxpayers!

Try this.

1) Muslims - excuse me I meant Islamists - have a nasty habit of grabbing
other people's assets/ land (like the 3 Musa islands) under religious guise and principals!   I
never new God was a real estate agent!....... in Iran?????

2) Islamists commit genocide, murder through targeting innocent civilians in France, GB, India, Spain, Philippines, Israel, etc. and looting other people's freedom and liberty.  Worse...they then try to cover it all up through misinformation and ies (for reference, read the Quran)

3) Worst of all.....Islamists finance all of the aforementioned - Nos. 1 & 2 - on oil money and the backs of decent and innocent Muslim poor taxpayers!


(Don't get too smart. It may not serve your best interst.)


A pretty comprehensive review

by Zion on

This source is also quite relevant to your question, Faramarz:

"The Concise History of Anti-Semitism in Persia"

Kamran Ramyar

Okay.  I shall try to

by Kamran Ramyar on

Okay.  I shall try to enlighten you although I find it difficult and am somewhat flabbergasted that anyone - such as youself - would need enlightenment in this day and age !  Let's start off with the following facts:

1) Jews - excuse me I meant Zionists - have a nasty habit of grabbing other people's assets/ land under religious guise and principals!   I never new God was a real estate agent! 

2) Zionists commit genocide, murder, and looting.  Worse...they then try to cover it all up through misinformation and ies

3) Worst of all.....Zionists finance all of the aforementioned - Nos. 1 & 2 - on the backs of us poor taxpayers!


 Are you now enlightened?!!!!!  Glad to be of service 

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You had raised a very good and poignant question.

For almost 2000 years, Jews had every thing needed to support a viable society. You name it.

Highly educated.

Good business man

They laid the foundation for Christianity and Islam

they had their survival skill


EXCEPT one thing they DID NOT have. 

Means to defend themselve. Becuase of their small numbers, they were bitten, robbed, persecuted, and murdered with impunity.

That all changed in 1948. When Allah gave military strength to the Jews, after which they could also defend themselves.

At that time, Allah also told the Jews, "psst, I am commmanding you go back to the land which I gave you. But keep it between us, and  don't tell the Muslims, I told you that, because I told their guy the  he can do the same.

The sad lesson is, if you are strong intellectually, economically, physically, and morally, you are right. You are weak, you are wrong.

That is a cruel reality of life. No one want to find himself having to feed, dress, teach, or defend a group of people whom are not willing to do it for themselves. No one likes, nor supports a parasitic behavior.

Finally, if Jews would not have been around, Islamists then would have invented one, to pin all their ills and failures on them, as they had done it for 1300 years.




by Zion on

... is an old and complex phenomena. I would say the main factors in its Iranian manifestation is the religion, especially the Shiitism which regards Jews ritually impure and corrupters of true faith. Long years of such mentality leaves vestiges behind that will take years to eventually fade out.

[Kaveh, actually I'm not sure you won't find something of the sort if you search all the books of the Talmud!]


If there were no Jews

by Ma'at (not verified) on

If there were no Jews, there would be no Theory of Relativity, no Spielberg movies and no matzo balls. Come to think of it, if there had never been any Jews there would not be any Christians or Muslims either.


Dear Shekar, let me tell you....

by Tahirih on

 I am not sure if you know but , just in case, I should tell you that I used to be a shia Muslim and became a Bahai , in my adult life,  So I have heard it all.

 Of course , many Iranians dislike Bahais, and Jews  without any evidence of any wrong doing from them.

 I have heard so many negative comments about them all. My grand father used to refuse to drink Pepsi because it belonged to bahais!! My aunt would curse the neighbours , wanting God to take them away , because they were Jews.

My cousin used to tell me the stories of how bahais would slip this powder in Muslims teas, to convert them. And my great grand mother would wake up with the sentence " May God burn Babies in hell!!!

All this hate towards bahais and Jews for not even one bad act, or word from any of them to our family!!!

So , when I met my husband , a bahai with 100% jewish background , I thought , wow I can unlock the mystery of their nasty soul all together!!

 Well, quickly I found that all was part of the brainwashing of Shia clergy and non was true.

Lets face our demons, and acknowledge them , and change,


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

In addition to the statistical fact that there's only two Jews in the top 10, I must add that it isn't the stereotype that Jews love money, as much as it is that they understand the value and teh power of money, probably more throroughly than others. But it's not a religious issue as it is a cultural issue. I've yet to meet a rabbi who says, "The Talmud states that you must invest wisely, you must never pay retail, and unless you're getting at least a 7% return, it's a lousy investment." 

If you want to talk about "love of money"....aka "being cheap".....Iranians are honestly the guiltiest of parties. But they do it without logic or common sense. For example, I have met Iranians who live in the Valley that have driven all the way to Orange County, spending two-three hours on the freeway to save $30 on a pair of shoes.


Faramarz & Rosie

by Shekar on

I don't hate Jews, Bahais, Americans, or the British (not even their governments).  I don't hate any particular people, except for those who eat garlic and go to public places.  I won't say "Why, some of my best friends are...Jewish, Bahai, black, or Hispanic...," which is the way racists talk anyway.  Suffice it to say that I don't hate any group categorically not even akhounds because there may be some good ones even among them.  If you push me really really hard, I will say that I hate ignorants and stupid people more than anybody else in the world (even more than the garlic eating socializers), though I tend to ignore the ignorant instead of hating them.  It's a little harder to ignore garlic eating public speakers. 

I believe part of why you are even bringing this topic up is the fact that a certain Jewish user and her cohorts have recently brought out so much hate among the users of Iranian.com.  I think she and her 'baleh ghorban goo's' must be ignored into oblivion.  I think her mission has been to turn everyone against the Jews.  Let's not let her succeed by perpetuating this hate talk.  Iranians have loved and lived with Jews for a couple thousand years and with Bahais for a hundred.  30 years of IRI rule is nothing when you compare it with how old our history is. Cheers.

Nader Vanaki

Very Superficial

by Nader Vanaki on

The only thing I hate is ripe tomatoe.


I disagree with you

by farokh2000 on

I don't really think Iranian people "Hate" any people with any kind of religious affiliations.

I think it is more the Criminal Government of the Mullahs that is brain washing people and dividing them, just like what U.S. is doing to people of the World, trying to brain wash everyone to think just because someone is a Muslim, that goes with Terrorism.

Of course, this is a term they define the way it would benefit them, depending on the time and place.

In Iran, the Mullahs are doing the same to create fear and hatered to divide the people so that they can control them and rule and get thgeir evil goal accomplished.


Someone Smart?

by bahramg08 (not verified) on

You must be looking for me :)). Humor aside, disliking the "other" seems to be a genetic predisposition of us humans. There is a long and somewhat speculative support for this contention. Yet, the fact is that hating others is often used by the individual and groups as ladder to elevate themselves. Some psychologist has called this practice "ascension by oppression."

So, forever, people as individuals and groups have hated each other as intensely as they have loved themselves and their own.

The trick is to extinguish this hate disposition right in the bud. It all has to start with the parents and the entire conclave of adults, from relatives, to neighbors, teachers and what have you.

See, you got the answer from a "smart." :-)). Happy? Now you can relax and have a nice day.
Bahram G

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Well I may be pretty stupid but...

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

to be perfectly honest with you Faramarz I have never felt particularly hated here for being Jewish. 

For being many other things yes, but for being Jewish, not particularly...

of course, perhaps when you speak of iranians, you do not refer to i.c., this haven of love and good will in the desert of c-space...