اذان صبح به افق لس آنجلس

اذان صبح به افق لس آنجلس
by Faramarz

So I got up very early this morning to watch the Iran – China friendly soccer match on TV (Iran played a decent game and won 2-0, highlights below). The game was broadcast live on IRIB.

Twenty minutes into the match, an announcement flashed on the screen; Call to Morning Prayer, Vancouver Time!

اذان صبح به افق ون کوور

OK, so I haven’t been to Vancouver for quite a few years. Maybe there is a large contingency of pious Iranian Muslim soccer fans there!

Then a few minutes later came another announcement flashing on the screen; Call to Morning Prayer, Los Angeles Time!

اذان صبح به افق لس آنجلس

I know LA quite well and have many friends and relatives there. And I know for a fact that none of them or their friends or their neighbors pray or set foot in a mosque. As a matter a fact, the people that I have met from Egypt or Pakistan always complain that Iranians in the west are not true Muslims because they never go to the mosque.

Then came the halftime show. No Britney Spears, Janet Jackson or Prince! Instead the highlights of Quds Day 2010 Demonstrations!

They just don’t want to let you watch a soccer game in peace and quiet!

لعنت خدا به همشون

The picture is Ahmadinejad waving to blind students! You can't just make these things up!


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by yolanda on

Hi! Faramarz,

     Your national anthem story is really funny! Is there a video for that?

P.S. I hope team Melli beats S. Korea......Beating China is not enough......both Iran and China qualified for WC 2006, but failed to qualify for WC 2010.....S. Korea's best record is #4 in one of the WC's.........I landed in Seoul, Korea twice during my trip to Beijing.....S. Korea reminds me of Iran......S. Korea was able to rise from the ashes of Korean war and becomes top 20 economies of the world......if there are right people in power and right policies in place....Iran should tie or even surpass S. Korea in economy and in soccer......

Thanks for your blog.



Thank You Monda

by Faramarz on

He is one of our best and brightest.


for you Faramarz, since you appreciate H. Khorsandi too

by Monda on

ماهواره با ریموت کنترل

گذشتم ز کانال ها مثل برق
ز مشرق به غرب و ز مغرب به شرق

در آن ده دقیقه چه‌ها دیده‌ام
که در حالت گریه خندیده‌ام

هادی خرسندی


یک ایمیل از مرجع تقلید


نارمکی  خان،

من چنان جذب این آواتار شما شدم که اسم تونو اشتباهی نوشتم.

دیروز  من خیلی نگران این بچه های تیم ایران بودم که چه جوری با دهن روزه میخوان بازی کنن!

ولی یک ایمیل از  مرجع تقلید اومد وگفته شد که چون ممالک چین و ما چین
چندین فرسخ با قم فاصله دارن  ، مسافرین مجبور به گرفتن روزه نیستند!


فرامرز خان؛


نماز که چه عرض کنم. ولی‌ افطارم با ژامبون و آبجوی "کرس لایت" هست.



اعذو بالله منل شیطان رجیم


Thanks for your comments and I really enjoyed your pictures from China

Dr. X,
You lost me bro

Q and Namaki,
نماز و ر وزه تون قبول باشه!

But, I am not in favor of mixing sports with religion and politics. One of the funniest scene that I saw on TV happened a few years ago.
In preparation for the 2006 World Cup, the Costa Rican national team was in Tehran for a friendly game during the month of Ramazan. All the players were lined up for the national anthems. They first played the Costa Rican national anthem, a regular patriotic song. Then, instead of playing the I.R. anthem, they played this rendition of a verse from Ghoran with a voice that made your hair rise and gave you goose bumps

اعذو بالله منل شیطان رجیم

بسم الله رحمان رحیم


It could have been an old recording from Mr. Zabihi (monaajaat) or Mr. Ardebili (azaan). The Costa Rican players, being tired after a long trip to Tehran were looking at each other trying to figure out what kind of anthem this was


Plenty of religious Iranians all over the world.

by narmaki on

But very few of them support the Islamist regime any longer. The supporters of the Islamist regime, particularly on this site are a bunch of nobodys hiding in the west, being paid by Islamist regime of Iran for their stupid comments. They talk a lot, but they dont make sense and are irrelevant anyway.


plenty of religious Iranians all over California

by Q on


Maybe you should make an effort to meet people outside of your friends and family, maybe then you would see that which you claim does not exist.


This is just a few places from people I know personally over the years, there is more mosques that are either Iranian owned or have significant Iranian representation. Even more if you count religious schools.

I agree though, Iranians in LA and probably the US in general are less religious but that's because they are far from a true representative sample of Iranians in Iran.



by yolanda on

What are you talking about!? Who is Yolada? Slavery is over!!!!


Yes Yolada

by Doctor X on

You look your opponent right in the eye , a dirty look ,

 like "you know you are a loser , you know you are a sucker, so why don't you just get down and gimme 20 , sing my song,  be my slave, cuz by golly if you don't i am just gonna bend over and make you wish you never did your mother wrong"

 and then you say... what do you say there?, Yourmove skippy. And then you take a step back... and just wait.

That is how they roll...

God i love Dr. Cox:)))



by yolanda on

Interesting story.....so everything has to be Islamic......including the soccer match!


You are lucky

by divaneh on

Think of all those who have to stop watching football and miss the corner whilst praying. I think AN is trying to touch his nose with his thumb in a ne nene nene gesture knowing that they cannot see it.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

فرامرز جان

Shazde Asdola Mirza

اینهم یکی‌ از معجزات اسلام ناب محمدی است، که رئیس جمهور محبوب می‌تونه به افراد کور هم دست تکون بده!


Did you miss it??

by Doctor X on

Major Wardrobe malfunction contest  at the half . It was Linday Roghan (the announcer tried hard to say the name right but that was a s far it he got) Vs Kim Kardochangal dadashian (yeah. he kinda failed there too). Boy. There ripped one another apart... Yummieeee.

I'd recomment you subscribe to a different satellite company that won't skip on the good stuff:)).


ربببببببببنا! این نه نا‌! اشهدو اعم لهو لا هها ها!


Everything is sacred