A Tribute Program for Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh

A Tribute Program for Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh
by Esfand Aashena

There is a program and fundraising in Washington, DC a tribute to Dr. Mossadegh.  All those who know about Mossadegh on this website are invited to attend!  Don't just write comments here, go there and say all these things in person!  

A Tribute Program for Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall Naming Campaign at Northeastern Illinois University
(Lunch, Tribute Speeches, Music & Live Auction)
Saturday, November 10, 2012

12:00 PM - 3:30 PM

National Press Club

529 14th Street Northwest  Washington, DC 20045

Master Ceremony is Rudi Bakhtiar and a bit of description:

In commemoration of 61st anniversary of Dr. Mossadegh's speech at National Press Club of Washington DC on November 14, 1951, Northeastern Illinois University is honored to hold a special tribute for the iconic, ethical and servant leader of Iran, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. This event also serves as a fundraiser for the Historic Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall Naming Campaign.


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Esfand Aashena

Anglophile you're just bitter and jealous.

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


Dear Darius and Shirzadegan

by anglophile on

Darius jaan

Ms Bakhtiar must have been mentored by Milani :)) - She is forgiven for her switching antics as after all for long she suffered from a rare disease: CNN (Chronically Nauseating Narcissist). 

Jenab_e Shirzadegan

You are so kind and bozorgvar sir. Payndeh bashid.

Ghasem joon,

As for Dr M's approprition of land and properties and his rivalry with his uncle, Farmanfarma, while in Fars refer to Jala Matini's seminal work.

Esfand joon

You obviousy didn't get it (Darius's Halloween joke). By the way, do I get a discounted ticket for my contribution to Mossadegh's azadari blogs.

Ok Ok , I know your answer:


Esfand Aashena

MM I'm not going.

by Esfand Aashena on

The tickets are expensive, something like $100 or so and then you have to buy auction stuff which are expensive.  I can't afford it but recommend it to all our rich friends here to go and enjoy the night!

They're going to name a hall in an American university in his honor so go or don't go, the man is being honored and appreciated.

Hope you and others in NY and NJ can recover from Sandy as soon as possible.   

Everything is sacred

Esfand Aashena

Darius jaan thank you for responding to Anglophile, for me!

by Esfand Aashena on

Darius jaan I was so tempted to comment on your belog about a young RP who looks like a terrified deer caught in the headlight  in Egypt "taking the oath" to overthrow Khomeini all by his brave self, but decided against it! 

You'd think by now he or his mother or his rich supporters or what have you would at least buy the naming rights to a rest area in a highway somewhere in Pahlavi's name!  But not even that!

Darius jaan you and I are getting old but I hope like our mutual friend Charlton Heston in that NRA meeting don't go down saying " ... OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS! ...".

Just kidding you can dream as you wish, we all have the right to our dreams.

Everything is sacred


Here We Go Again!

by P_J on

Not surprised that the members of the Shahollahi/Hezbollah blogging professionals are ALL out in force!    They don’t seem to possess either skills or avocation/profession that can earn them money except PIMPING for the embezzled Pahlavi loots’ crumbs.

On the opposite was Mossadegh, an honest man with an impeccable character, dignity, honesty and patriotism to match.   He neither needed nor would he gather a team of paid losing hustlers to make him into something he wasn’t; he did not need that!

While Mossadegh’s stature has been growing steadily over the past 59 years.   Shah's/Mullahs have been meeting the world toilets!  Today, Mossadegh is not only  better recognized nationally, but also internationally than he was 59 years ago.   He has become one of the major symbols of resistance to colonialism and tyranny worldwide.

Today the vicious Mullah regime is thankful to M. R. Pahlavi, the traitor, for grossness of behavior and  misconduct, i.e. tyranny, murder, corruption and theft, inspiring people’s revolution, paving the way for their ascendency to power.   While they scuff at a joker like RP, they tremble at Mossadegh’s name.   Mullahs have, also done their level best to create national amnesia and send this GREAT man’s name to oblivion…as far as I know the opposite has happened.

Iranians are thankful and intelligent people.   While they appreciate decency, they are dead set against and reject either Mullah’s or Shah’s tyranny, treason, indecency or corruption!    



by MM on

I hope you will let us know how things went with this important gathering. Unfortunately, I have a lot of fixing to do after a bet*h called Sandy went over our neighborhood. 


1979 proved Mossadegh was Irrelevant. For the few who were

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

wondering whether Iran was ready to manage its own Democracy, I think 1979 gave the answer away, except for the very, very exceedingly slow ones.   Those that hadn't yet realized that Iranians were not yet ready for democracy are all the ones that are dreaming that Iran is ready for it today.  yawn. even stupidity gets old. 

If you were to speak with the unwise generation that gave us 1979 you would hear that... Democracy is this thing... lol.. that gives rise to progress, ahem...morons.  Without studying exactly how one achieves democracy in the first place as if it is this easy system that can come about without management, institutions, industrialization, growth, progress and development. it just happened in the UK/Japan/Holland etc with no planning. yawn.

Its supposedly not their own fault, Iranians that is because it is the politics of the west is to maniplulate people down the wrong path for themselves at the wrong time, except at some point one has to take responsibility for allowing in the nonsense others cook up.

Mossadeghi Populism, Iranian peoples legitimate desires fanned by exposure of BBC Radio at work gave the UK a chance to get their agent in with deniablility as he was for nationalization from bp, yet when the late shahs team addressed Mossadegh, even the brits had to betray their own project/creation.




At least Mosadegh (RIP) didn't have to steal his family name,

by Zendanian on

No historian has ever accused Mosadegh of theft, torture of political opponents, or of starting a single party fascistic Hezb Rastakhis  in Iran.

His administration was by all accounts the most progressive period in Iranian history. 




Anglophile, you really have a great sense of humor

by Shirzadegan on

You are not only smart person, you have a great sense of humor as well. I can't stop laughing. it was really funny.LOL

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dr. Mosaddegh deserves all this and a lot more!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Many thanks for reminding everyone of this important occasion.

Dr. Mosaddegh was practically the only honest and humane Iranian leader of 20th century.

Darius Kadivar

But be careful Anglo Jan Don't cross Esfand's Holloween party

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

Anglophile Jan don't you admire Rudi for her consistency ? ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on


May I book a seat between Fariba and Mohammad Amini?

by anglophile on

We all suffer from nearly the same condition: Obssessive Mossadeghi Compulsion.

ps - in my case replace compulsion by revulsion (LOL) and don't want to sit near Kazemzadeh!!