Stop begging US to save us !


Stop begging US to save us !
by David ET

I have recently noticed many articles in and other sites written by Iranians who emotionally question Obama's policy of direct negotiation and recognition of the Islamic Republic Government in Iran.

The fact that this group seem to ignore is that the Islamic Republic IS the current government of Iran and until they rule, AND IRANIANS THEMSELVES ALLOW THAT, by international standards other governments have no option but to negotiate and work with them directly. Yet the officials of other governments can exercise their rights to question any HUMAN rights violations directly or through United Nations and other channels.

United States is no exception to these accepted international norms, unless those who want more intervention in affairs of Iran, also support the previous nation building and intervention policies of United States in the affairs of other countries such as US involvement in the 1953 coup in Iran.

In fact policy of less hostility with the Islamic Republic is best for Iranians as a whole because for the first time they will be faced with the reality that other countries and their leader first and foremost are responsible for their own interest and well being and not necessarily the interest of others or Iranians. That is at least what the leaders of the democratic nations get elected for!

We Iranians should start looking within instead of holding our hands out, begging others to save us ! 

President Obama was elected to do what is best for Americans and indeed it is best for America to follow a peaceful path with the rest of the world especially Islamic Nations versus the previous bully and aggressive policies which usually had anything to do with America's interest in human rights or interests of other nations.

The current regime in Iran in the past 30 years has been feeding off and staying in power by directing Iranian public towards self-created hostilities with the rest of the world and especially USA and Israel . They still shout death to America and Israel every week , they continued a war with Iraq that could have been avoided to begin with, they took American diplomats Hostages, they have been supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, they have created frictions in Hajj and Mecca, caused internal conflicts in Iraq and have tried to become a nuclear power in hiding and the LONG list continues...

When US and other nations avoid a hostile policy towards the current regime, in fact they remove the most effective tool that the Islamic Regime has been using in the past 30 years. They take away the reasons that Islamic Republic keep trying to find in order to distract Iranians from internal issues such as the fragile economy, corruption, unemployment, human rights violations, drug addictions, prostitution and so on...

Not that the Islamic Regime can not create its own hostile shows as they often have, but not giving them new reasons to do so and in fact acknowledging that US and others are willing to coexist with them (as long as they are the ruling regime) puts the ball in the court of the Islamic Regime to convince the Iranian and Muslims in general of continuation of their radicalism OR Islamic regime will also have to take a more moderate approach which with their current economic situation they may have to do so anyway.

After all the current economic recession which started with US has directly effected the government in Iran who is facing the reality that in today's global economy the "death" of America in fact will also translate to their own economic fall ! Therefore slogans aside, the well established and rich Ayatollahs of today and their gangs no longer can AFFORD to remain as aggressive if they wish to continue to gain millions of dollars of wealth as they have accumulated in the past 30 years.

A more moderate atmosphere internally and internationally has always been the best environment for Iranians and the rest of the nations for paying attention to their REAL internal issues while the aggressive and hostile circumstances have always played in to the hands of the war mongers of ALL sides who seek their own profit and existence in creation of frictions among governments and nations.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, indeed the president of United States has a lot of mending to do with the rest of the world and it is time for US to act like any other government and nation in the world and treat others EQUALLY and with RESPECT instead of attempting to continue to police and bully the world. This also is in the best interest of USA who is buried in trillions of dollars of debt and no longer can afford to have its forces all around the world to protect the benefits of the few in the name of US national interest. A more peaceful America is what Obama promised in his campaigns and that is what the majority of Americans voted for or they would have picked McCain instead!

It is also time for Iranians to let the emotions aside and look at the surrounding world more realistically and to start doing own dirty work which is getting rid of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

We are the only ones who can save us from ourselves.


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Dear Just S,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

 It was just a joke. I think if you read from down the thread a little to see where it came from you'd understand.

You sound like you're in trouble. Why don't you e-mail me at


If U.S. is reading this...

by there is no other way (not verified) on

Please please please come intervene and save us from blood thirsty, power hungry currupt mullahs --- we beg you please!

Mr. Cheney, also please send your assasins to finish off the Mullahs and build a strong secular Iran in the region, once again.

Leaving it to Iranians to do it won't work. We have 30 years of proof for that.



by just S (not verified) on

What's the matter with you?!!
Why are you pulling Nazanin into this?
You know she is doing wjhat she can...
I know... I know ...hardly anyone answered your month long research on the labor PROBLEMS in Iran... Ok ...I read it ...but did not leave a comment ...I didn't - don't - know what to say... don't know what the solution is, don't know what I can do to help...
the problem is much bigger than me , there are so many problems, here, there everywhere... right now I don't know if I will still have a roof over my head with my kid next month... If i'll have a job...
there's so much going on in this world atrocities ...atocities going on every where every minute of the day in this world...
tell me something Ican do within my power I'll do it .( I could write a letter for Delara and I did..I relly don't need to -hate to- announce it to the world... like I did this or that for you guys...I helped you... I care... I am a good person!-- If I am , I - am ...if I am not then the hell with me.
I feel like the hell with me at this time...
I have done that in the past-helped - to a degree that i could- nt only for Iran but generally for those who needed help- any and all- but at this time i feel helpless... but if yyou know of a way that I can-- let me know ... don't get angry... don't get mad... if you wanto help you need bushels and bushels of love, patience and forgiveness...
I had it at one time but right now with all that's going on and MORE ifeel weak -- never...
there's more but i cannot write any more...


On the Internet it says

by SZ (not verified) on

On the Internet it says postage for a simple letter to Iran is 94 cents... Is this correct?
I thought it'd be more.
Sorry I put it on this blog, but couldn't find the other blog I was looking at re Delara.

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Now THAT's what I call good thinking!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Get Nazanin to do an eagle spread. Jahanshah says he only publishes hard core porn when it's newsworthy and then only by link. it in a link.

Then there will be a massive mobilizaton provided you keep supplying more..and more....

and I promise you David, within in a year, there will not be one single execution of a minor within the entire iRI.

U'll C.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

OH by the way: here's what will Save Iran from Mullahs and USA

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Take a playboy type lady. Insert intelligence (in head). Teach her about the history and political complexities. Then teach her to blog. Maybe the spawn will be IRANEAZAD!

But then you need to remember that SCE is led by an ex model (though not the playboy voluptuous brand) who would pose as our new homepage star does - and yet, it still gets maybe one or 2 comments each blog.  

David ET


by David ET on

I donlt think Obama has caused any "backlash" of human rights in Iran and as a matter of fact all the human rights talks of prior presidents achieved nothing and even made matters worse and the verdicy is still out on if Obama will use human rights as bargaining chip.

It is best that US government just stay out of it because then IR would name human rights activities in Iran as US conspiracy.


David ET

Good points

by David ET on

   I am going to address some of them:

- Iran is already politically independent of other powers.

- The comments mean what we care about more and the same people can write a letter to IR about Delara, forward the info to their email list and ask for the same and do it all in less than 5 minutes. It does make a difference, first and foremost : That they did something ! Otherwise there is nothing wrong with having fun, talking about a langerie model etc as long as our priorities are not screwed up.

- In better atmospheres such as USA etc, Iranians have shown that they do work hard and achieve much as a result. We are not a lazy nation if the system is in place but I agree we are weak on ethics comparing to some others (corruption, cheating etc)

_ I repeat again we are the ones who allow the "destruction" because we do not believe in ourselves . See what Japan did after getting nuked by USA and see how we still whine about 1953 coup.

But then may be I am wrong and you are right, after all I have not been to an Iranian gathering- of any kind - for a long long time.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

They aren't going to save them anyway!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They are going to give them a fat happy leader who salutes and says "HAppy Norooz" and lets them drink, have sex, and maybe even fair property ownership - but would they allow them independence? All the Americans I know who have been to Iran were there "because during the shah, we were doing business there. I was an engineer." Bla bla bla. 

Dear David, you are concerned for Delara. I'm glad. Do you wish people would put those 190 comments about one woman's breasts and ass on Delara? Do you think those comments mean anything?

I am extremely cynical. I can't believe Rosie isn't. She has been at this long enough (sorry I know you were here I don't know why I'm saying SHE).

This is Iran. But more so, this is America too. And France. And Sweden. People are people my dear David.

Again, I did not call your blog dumb to say that it isn't important. I'm saying it is dumb to blog about this because the problem isn't the saving. The problem is the ruining and destruction that brings Iranians to their knees begging Obama and Bush for help. I'm more interested in that. Sorry. I don't mean that I want America in Iran. I don't mean that Iranians don't have the ability to do "it".

Rosie dear, Labor? LABOR? KAR? BIKAR. Do you know what? I have 3 friends. These ladies each moved back to Iran after realizing that 1. You can go back there and have cheap maids, cheap manicures and oil rich bank accounts with steep interest. Freedom? OF WHAT? Kar? Iranians and Kar. Hmmm those I know do not really work that much. They leave USA. In fact, they are not after WORK.

Purging labor? My dear the brain of the nation has been draining steadily. That doesn't mean that if Mr. Obama superman comes to Tehran, Iranian-Westies will flock to Tehran.

Boobs or Child Execution? The world chooses boobs. Not just Thank you Rosie for your effort and care. You're already more qualified to lead Iran than most Iranian westies, or the sexiest one of them all - Mr. Pahlavi.  



Rosie, don't get discouraged

by Anonymous Ampibian (not verified) on

The fact that readers comment more about Ms. Lime than your piece about the labor purge has much less to do with you personally than what you wrote about. The difficulty you have, in attracting support for your work, epitomizes the enormous obstacle Iranian human right activists face, day in and day out.

Allow me to be blunt. The threat of foreign aggression against Iran in the past few years has put every other issue of vital importance to Iranians on the back burner. Among the first casualties of such threat are projects of democracy, rule of law and human rights. At the time that Iran’s integrity and sovereignty are at risk, conscientious Iranians find it crucial to circle the wagons rather than providing their enemies with pretext for aggression.

When Shirin Ebadi visited my town, I asked her how we could support her work, and the work of other activists in Iran, without helping anti-Iran propaganda, or allowing warmongers in this country to take advantage of our efforts. Her answer was – I paraphrase – “Condemn both the aggressors and the human right violators.”

I consider her advice as the ultimate litmus test that I know of, for anyone who acts or speaks on behalf of victims of violence by authoritarian rulers, anywhere in the world. Lest we are seen as shedding crocodile tear, we need to demonstrate our independence and impartiality. This is a test, I am afraid, many pundits, commentators and essayist fail hands down.

rosie is roxy is roshan

LONG ps, I didn't mean to imply to either of you David or

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Marge that replies to my current "issues" shouldn't be posted here, I don't want to silence anyone. All I mean to say is that it's undermining the focus of this blog and should best be discussed either by private e-mail or in a new blog. I think the topic of Iran's independence (or at least relative independence) from ANY foreign policy is crucial.

It is inevitable (and GOOD) that people, especially young people, in Iran appear to have been taking advantage of the apparent Obama "thaw: to fight for human rights. Witness Amirkabir. No coincidence.

The problem is there is no thaw. If anything Obama has thusfar produced a BACKLASH, a crackown on human rights. Now, first of all, for Obama to even consider using human rights as a bargaining chip his hands will have to be clean. Timelines for closing Camp X-ray: clean. For withdrawing from Iraq: relatively clean. But his Afghan policy: dirty.

There are a quarter of a million displaced persons in Afghanistan due partly to the bombingsr. ALSO due to drought and the Talibare  USING THEM AS HUMAAN SHIELDS (a practive which the so-called "Left' here vehemently denies in case of Hamas but which the Afghan refugess feely articulate vis a vis the Taliban). Obama's policy will not only displace more people into grossly inadequate refugee camps, it will kill people with bombs, those human shields. This is what Karzai keeps telling Obama, who wants to oust him for corruption, justly or injustly.

Pardoxically it is IRI itself which has extended a hand to Karzai in bolstering the central government instead of fccusing on bombing the Taliban-controlled areas.

So we see a lot of complex factors at play. In particular the strange paradox that Obama can only deliver on his promise of human rights if he follows certain advice of IRI. IMHO. and so he can't use human rights as a bargaining chip on his own, right now. Or maybe even never, depending on who wins the elections in Iran.

This being the case, what am I saying. Iranian youth had a groundwell of popular revolt based on the change from Bush's policies to Obama's. Thusfar it has failed. There has been one of the worst crackdowns ever (including on my pet peever, organized labor).  Their rights are a bargaining ship, and no one, no one knows where the chips may vall. But if they assert themselves, they strenghthen their hand, not only internally, but in terms of their importance in the New Great Game. Whose rules of course depend on who wins the elections to some extent, but..Khameini and his ilk will still be there regardless. Just like they were under Khatami when Kazemi was murdered.

The crackdown on the bloggers is therefore so terrible (FAR more terrible if you think about it than that of the million signatures people) because it's I'net really which enables grassroots movements, groundswells to occur. i don't think there have been any "accidental" deaths in prison since Zarah Kazemi several years ago. (Not sure though). So it sure as hell was no accident that it was a young blogger. These miserable people are sending a message, whether a bluff or not, that they will NOT allow human rights to be a bargaining chip. They're trying to tie O's hands on the issue, especially since he needs them (ridiculous paradox) to deliver on human rights in Afghanistan. Talk about stymied. Therefore, unfortunately, as terrible as it sounds, there have to be people, young people,  who are willing to risk a lot. A lot.

Every revolution, every major social change, has had such people. Iran cannot be differernt. There has to be a willingness. And it has to come from within.




rosie is roxy is roshan

David, I agree with you about ...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the cartoon avatar but like I said, I'm very upset. And I have a right to be. And ultimately, especially from the point of view of someone like myself who has always been an outsider by definition, no matter how much I may appear to have been included, at the end of the day, not being Iranian, my relationship here is not so much to individuals as it is to the website as a whole. I'm not saying you or Marge or anyone else is not an individual but at the end of the day, for me more than anyone else it's a minority of one and a website of hundreds, see?

So how can I not give up on the website when so many times in so many thunderingly loud ways (because it's silence that thunders David, it's silence) the website shows over and over that either it gave up on me or never cared about me to begin with? But this last one...was the worst..

Anyway I wanna drop it here. It doesn't belong here. It really doesn't. But I did want to answer you and Marge.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Marge, I'm very upset these past few days.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Marge to be honest with you, and I'm sorry about it but again, I'm VERY VERY upset, I really didn't read most of those comments on that model blog. I think you know why I'm upset. David knows why I'm upset. I'm upset because I worked a month on exposing the labor PURGE that is going on in Iran and I wrote it with a title that would ensure people would click on it, and I directed my inquiry to the people that are supposed to share an ideology and vision of mine, and if I hadn't written people by e-mail to comment, and three supposed "rightwingers" hadn't done it, there would've been three posts:

one from MPD. my best friend, who helped me with translations; one a link to a photo of the two women flogged (that was nice); and one a posting from a human rights organization about their own campaign.


So I'm very very upset and I might be DOING things that make me seem like I'm not in my right mind, and maybe I'm not, but these things I'm saying and doing come from a real place. And maybe the way I'm saying them isn't justified but I spent a month writing that expose and it's a REALLY serious purge..and..and...

and I'm not interested in Hillary or Obama. I'm interested in the people HERE. And I'm interested in what the hell I'm doing here. It wasn't just that blog and you know it. I wrote a blog once called "What Is Hamas" which posed VERY important and disturbing questions for anyone interested in the Is/Pal situration. I get zero comments. Zero.

I'm pissing into the wind. I'm wasting my time. Don't you understand that?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

On Being Dumb

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Yes I am Dumb. Very dumb and cartoonish. That's all correct. However, the rest of the world isn't less cartoonish. The reason I said Dumb is that you are asking people who blame the US for making a monster to not help remove that monster. I explained that it's not dumb to asking America to butt out, but it's too late. 

If you think those 104 comments don't relate to this blog, you're not going to get why I called this dumb then. That blog is about sex and sexiness and stuff people, IC members at least, can control and discuss easily. This blog, and the idea that America shouldn't be apart of the future Iran is not going to draw as much, not anymore, considering that Iran is always going to be tied to America. We've given up David. Why not? Save for a few thousand brave (or maybe naive) fighters in Iran, it's not really attainable.

By the way, I will eat my words and shoes if I hear Obama or Billary say "One Million Sigantures Campaign".  

David ET


by David ET on

Marge's ID is I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek and has a Simpson's icon . She is playing the characters in her remarks and makes her points with some humor. So I didn't get offended. We all are different and that is the beauty of it.

As for your other comment, you have a point there but like I said before most don't take this site too seriously. It is just a pass time for them. 

But you are right, indeed if our priorities were not so misplaced we Iranians  wouldn't have been where we are now. That is why we want others to do our dirty work: USA, Reza or whoever while we eat our chelokabobs or get so excited over simply another girl in lingerie and on a bigger scale: Sex sells. Just turn on the TV for a proof. What can I say. It was God' way of assuring that we multiply. 

But don't give up on us. there is always hope! 


rosie is roxy is roshan

Dumb blog..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

maybe yes, maybe no, but a legitimate critique of a serious issue should not begin with the word "dumb.' Regardless of whether the ensuing critique quotes Max Weber Karl Marx and Joe the Plumber. Don't you think?

104 comments on some model in lingerie. I guess David's too dumb to understand what really matters.

David ET


by David ET on

Good point. History is a great lesson to nations. In time indeed..  


Dear "David ET"

by MiNeum71 on

Unfortunately it´s not always possible to develope power and self-confidence in a society to be able to make a change (depending on political view if this is needed).

France, Germany, Austria are great democracies today, but also they needed help to get rid of the Nazis, who had only a qualified majority as the Islamists have is in Iran now.

Besides, nice piece.


David ET


by David ET on

 Yes we do not have to agree all the time and yes "that is the beauty of it". We all should openly exchange and respect each other's views.




David ET

by capt_ayhab on

Wonderful thread David.

Although I do not agree with all the time[that is the beauty of it] I always enjoy reading them and I always learn from them.

Excellent work Refigh, keep it up.



David ET


by David ET on


"no models"?!!!! 

There are many countries in the world that have oil and other natural resources which have a democracy or at least governments 10 times better than Islamic Republic.

Yes where there is money, there is corruption and Iran is no exception but there are laws and regulations that control such abuses of power in a democracy.

It is not a matter of disagreements, it is that you are denying what already actually exists.

Even the current regime is a politically independent regime but its problem is that it only benefits a few and their ideology and their mafia.

Iran does not limit to Shah's and Islamists.

Look and see there are so many others known and unknown including you and I who do not approve of such systems of government.

will it be perfect? Never , there is no such thing as perfection anywhere on earth. Will it be easy that we install a government and go home and live happily ever after? No. But as long people have channels to stay in the scene and control those who always try to abuse others and power, the many can control the few.

Like I said we just have to believe in ourselves that we can TOO!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

There is no model for what you're describing. Not only is what you're proposing impossible, but it's foolish. Iran will be a pawn forever. Even if a righteous leader rises, he will fall either into the pit of greed/corruption that IRI and shah offered (keep in mind each of these moronic leaders believed in Jewish conspiracies). A brave CIA or other agency steps in and yanks it out of your hands and puts it back into your dreams. Until Iran is oil free, it won't be free. Even Reza Pahlavi can't resist AIPAC and the US government. He left sunny and beautiful California to be closer to the god foresaken place known as "Vashangtone" or washington.

There's too much $$$ to make and that's worth more to people who want to profit off of it than "freedom"... at least the ones with more money than those Iran lovers like you. Even if you want to wear your skirts and burn your veils, you better be ready to have a nice contractor tell you how that money will come and go. So this isn't just about lashings and veils to me, though they are quite awful and unfair. IRI has come, and it will go. Some other fakery will come and replace it, and it will repeat until oil is a distant memory.

I still like what you write, but I can't help but be reminded of the impossibility of what you propose - same with the bailout if you remember. 

David ET

Crush: Because WE let them

by David ET on

  I think your answer is in this blog by Hossein Hosseini :

 Blaming Others

other than that: "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

OK But is that all?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Why should I beg? You didn't understand what I said. Your blog is not dumb at all. It's the notion that's dumb - that Iranians can fix a monster that they don't even believe they themselves created - why would an Iranian do that (we've seen the videos, pictures, or maybe been hurt by IRI ourselves) to another iranian? Why did shah do this and that? Because there are puppets is the frequent answer. 

I'm saying that your call to stop asking for help is silly because it overlooks the problem - the need to find out who is really controlling or in power. If Iranians are asking for help, it is also because they are sure that America created this monster, right? Did they ever have the power? (Iranians, that is)

David ET


by David ET on

  Then keep begging

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dumb blog

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Sorry David. But you are oversimplifying, as usual. I don't blame you. When many (I'm not going to cite a number or pretend and say it's even a majority) in Iran don't think their government is of their own doing - it was the Arabs OR "it was the UK" or "it was America". Why should their risk their asses? Esecially when some overfed man child named Reza Pahlavi says he wants to be their leader of "movements". HAHA. 

So you know what? IF people want to be saved, I think the US owes it to them. Especially when the people here and elsewhere blame the US for it all anyway. Let me put it this way: Would you go to Iran, organize, risk being jailed and tortured? Probably not. But it's ok, because you're not alone. And further, that is exactly as it should be, because when the people don't have confidence that they can change their country without outsiders meddling (this has always been Iran's problem thanks to that grease that exists below the "terroritory which has integrity" as you say, they shouldn't risk themselves. The US or UK or whoever did this boloney to the Iranians should risk it first. 

David ET

My blogs

by David ET on

My blogs are telling the Iranian youth, don't look for anyone else or any Imams to save you but yourself. My blogs are the telling the Iranian youth, to be united based on 5 principals of:  Territorial integrity , Separation of Religion and State, Freedom of Expression, Gender Equality, Human Rights. My blogs are telling them we can have a secular country where all can express themselves without fear and it even draws a preliminary outline for such constitution. My blogs are telling them the change starts from within and by us . My blogs tells them by protecting the rights of the least fortunate and the most accused we are defending the rights of all. My blogs tells them that the fire that was created by our ancestors will never extinguish. My blogs tells the Iranian youth that Kourosh the great told us to fight with darkness we do not need to raise a sword but to carry a light. My blogs tells them that we are all equal and we must respect one another. That is what my blogs say ...

rosie is roxy is roshan

you know it' funny that after the events of the last

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

few days i started thinking the same thing in a way...see i watched this apologist supremo and i mean supremo and this woman on the other "side" make kissy nice nice and actually even try to Do something together..for the first timei in probably thirty years..and i realized it's because the thirteenth imam has emerged from the west..a pleasant strong man this time to save them...

i wonder how the iranian youth-which is most of iran of course- who've had toto live all these years in the mess they left behind would feel about your blog and them? 


David ET


by David ET on

  You are right. It is not only here but a THINKING that has existed and still does among some Iranians who feel threatened to see their only hope being USA (misplaced of course) is no longer crediting their mirage. 

Its time to look within .. 


I more or less agree David ET,

by Q on

I have recently noticed many articles in and other sites written by Iranians who emotionally question Obama's policy of direct negotiation and recognition of the Islamic Republic Government in Iran.

Absolutely. But it's not just, in fact I think this is one of the few sites where people couldn't say something stupid like that and get away with it. The "old guard" hard liners are still under the delusion that they can destroy the IRI by US pressure. They have elevated the United States to some kind of sainthood status of everything good, clean and just.

These people never believed in the power of the people as you aptly appeal to here. If they did, why would they be so concerned about Goernmental relations with the IRI? It's all about force and top-down power with them.