Ebadi, IR , Israel and all...!


Ebadi, IR , Israel and all...!
by David ET

Israel started attacking Gaza during the transition of power in US and Islamic republic has multiplied its harassment and attacks on Dr. Shirin Ebadi while most of world attention is focused on human rights violations in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Obviously both are TIMING their actions for own agendas.

Some have criticized me for raising Dr. Ebadi's situation stating that the two human rights violations are not proportional but my reason and answer to them among other things is that:

1- One action and concern does not have to exclusive of other regardless of the magnitude.

2- We should not fall in the to trap of TIMING of Islamic Republic increasing attacks on Dr. Ebadi as her situation would have gained more attention at a different time and that is why some of supporters of Islamic Republic do not like to see anyone raising Ebadi's name at this time.

Harassments of Dr. Ebadi has increased substantially in the past few months and now multiplied especially that she had been politically more critical and also has suggested a secular solution for Iran. Learning from Shah's under estimation of Khomeini, Islamic Regime wants to see Ebadi vanished or at least out of the country. I will not be surprised if Islamic Regime does not let her back in after one of her foreign trips .

Because of Shirin Ebadi's unique status,  she may 'someday" end up as a unifying center among most Iranians and the opposition forces.

The current events on all fronts may calm down but any such events at anytime also could possibly start a non-reversible domino effect depending on the reactions of on each side .

Regardless , violations of Dr. Ebadi's human rights must be raised by Iranians inside and outside Iran as well as human rights advocates worldwide, despite the limited media attention that it has already has gained worldwide but the key point to observe is what will happen inside Iran as a result, if any.

I have asked 24 international human rights orginzations including Iran Teams of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to issue a more direct statement (possibly a joint one too) and PETITION in support of Dr. Shirin Ebadi but until then there is a more limited petition that is on internet that you can sign:


 Dec 23, 2008 Amnesty Report on closure of Human Rights Center in Iran


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Some of Previously issued statements of support

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Secretary General UN:


European Union

International Federation for Human Rights and World Organisation Against Torture :


Human Rights Watch and International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran


Over 500 Women’s Rights and Civil Society Activists


Raid on Ebadi's home:




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I hope you can encourage more people to sign it. I could only get about 15-20 signatures in 3 days.

It's really sad to see such a low number of signatures on a petition supporting such a great human rights activist.  There are many people on this site who are discouraging everyone from speaking of non-Iranian crisis, where is their support for this Iranian hero?