YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE: Tribute to Music Composer John Barry (1933-2011)


YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE: Tribute to Music Composer John Barry (1933-2011)
by Darius Kadivar

Composer John Barry, famous for his work on the PersuadersOut of Africa and the James Bond films, has died in New York of a heart attack aged 77. He won Oscars for Born Free, The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves (See BBC Report Here)

The Persuaders Theme - John Barry:


John Barry's Greatest Hits: **************************************************** **************************************************** Miscellaneous Music Scores by John Barry **************************************************** **************************************************** John Barry - Born Free: John Barry - James Bond "You Only Live Twice": midnight cowboy opening scene (FULL SONG): From Russia With Love - James Bond: Gold Finger - James Bond:
(NOTE: To Watch Double Click Here )  Dance With Wolves: Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever: Zulu - Men Of Harlech original soundtrack: Out of Africa:
Born John Barry Prendergast in 1933, the York-born musician first found fame as leader of the John Barry Seven.

His arrangement of Monty Norman's James Bond theme led to him composing scores for 11 films in the series, among them Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice.

His work saw him win five Oscars, while he received a Bafta fellowship in 2005.

His most recent film score featured in the 2001 war thriller Enigma, while a musical version of Brighton Rock, created with lyricist Don Black, had its London premiere in2004.

Black, who worked with the composer on his Born Free, Thunderball and Diamonds are Forever theme songs, said Barry remained unaffected by his international success.

"The thing about John that I will always remember was he never changed," he said.

"He was very much the Yorkshireman, whether he was in Beverly Hills or Manhattan."

Sir Tim Rice -who worked with Barry on All Time High, the song heard over the title sequence of 1983 Bond movie Octopussy - also cited the composer's roots, remembering the "slight Yorkshire tinge to his voice which he never lost".

"Film seemed to bring out the very best in him," he said of a man who "wasable to catch the mood of a scene or a whole film by the genius of orchestration with fairly conventional instruments".

Awarded an OBE in 1999 for his services to music, Barry was renowned for his lush strings, orchestral swells and elegant melodies.

His work found anew audience when Robbie Williams featured music from You Only Live Twice onhis 1998 hit single Millennium.

Current Bond film composer David Arnold paid tribute to his predecessor via Twitter.

"I am profoundly saddened by the news but profoundly thankful for everything he didfor music and for me personally," he said.

Barry's son-in-law, BBC business reporter Simon Jack, said he "truly loved writing music as much as people enjoyed listening to it".

"He saw himself as much a dramatist as a composer and his music was inextricably linked to the stories told on the screen."

Jack also remembered him as "a wickedly funny man" whose "passion, genius and sense of humour will be terribly missed by his family and friends".

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Born Free star Virginia McKenna said Barry was "a wonderful musician and composer".

Close friend Michael Crawford, meanwhile, said he had written "some of the most memorable and beautiful film scores we could ever wish to hear".

More Academy Awards followed for the soundtracks he wrote for The Lion in Winter, Out ofAfrica and Dances with Wolves.

Barry also won four Grammys, a Bafta for The Lion in Winter and a Golden Globe for Out of Africa.

His work for TV included the themes for Juke Box Jury and The Persuaders, while his non-soundtrack work included the albums Eternal Echoes and The Beyondness of Things.

In 2002 he was named an Honorary Freeman of the City of York, an honour he received at a venue in the city where he once used to play trumpet in the 1950s.

Barry, who lived in Oyster Bay, Long Island, is survived by Laurie, his wife of 33 years, his four children and five grandchildren.

His family said funeral arrangements would be private and that a memorial service would be held in the UK later this year.

Barry's first Oscars came in 1967 for his Born Free score and its iconic title theme.

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Darius Kadivar

Thank you RonPrice & fozolie for your feedbacks

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting indeed to see how the work and Music of a known composer can touch people from all walks of life.

That's the POWER OF ART which transcends politics, religion, race and makes us realize that we are all part of the same family we call humanity.

Thank You Both for your interesting feedbacks, and glad you enjoyed this blog.




JOHN BARRY: A Personal Retrospective

by RonPrice on

married for 42 years, a teacher for 35 and a Baha'i for 50.


This prose-poem is a personal retrospective in memory of a man who brought beautiful music to my ears for half a century.-Ron Price, Tasmania

I never even heard of John Barry(1933-2011).  He died yesterday.  He was an Oscar winning English film score composer. He was best known for composing 11 James Bond soundtracks and was hugely influential in determining the 007 series' distinctive style.  His career spanned the same years I have been a member of the Baha’i Faith, the decades 1960 to 2010.  Barry was employed by the EMI record company from 1959 until 1962 arranging orchestral accompaniment for the company's recording artists. From 1962 Barry transferred to Ember Records where he produced albums as well as arranging them. 

1959 and 1962 were also big years for me as my young life was just getting air-borne. In 1962 I began my matriculation studies in Ontario, my most demanding academic year; that same year I also moved with my parents to a nearby town helping to form the first Baha’i spiritual assembly.-Ron Price with thanks to Wikipedia, 1 February 2011.

One of the most famous signature tunes
in film history, the James Bond Theme,
came from your composing talents. This
would be a big turning point for you, and
you would go on to become one of the most
celebrated film composers……winning five
Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards
with scores for The Lion in Winter, Midnight
Cowboy, Born Free, and Somewhere in Time.

My life had no signature tunes, but it did have
a signature, about that there is no doubt, if I go
back those five decades-half a century-singing
a song that rose up from the Siyah-Chal and the
dust in the barrack-square of Tabriz long ago.
Westward that song moved, worldward, and
now the earth is flooded with the felicity of
this new song, this Godsong. Have you heard
it John—now that you are in the Land of Lights?

Ron Price
1 February 2011


I really enjoyed his music

by fozolie on

Persuaders, what a score....... Given your age Darius :-) you may enjoy this version: 

Mr. Fozolie