Was IRI’s foreign affairs minister Hassan Ghashghavi @ Golden Globes Ceremony ?


Was IRI’s foreign affairs minister Hassan Ghashghavi @ Golden Globes Ceremony ?
by Darius Kadivar

Was Hassan Ghashghavi (deputy of foreign affairs minister who greeted Shapour Bakhtiar’s assassin in Tehran) amongst the Golden Globe Audience ? NOTE: If Not then the Exact Identity Of this deemed "Suspect" Is More than Welcome and Pending Confirmation the "Error" will be Corrected in this blog with an apology note to the deemed "Suspect" who can very well be a famous TV or Film Producer/ Actor / Personality In which case forgive my ignorance for it's impossible to know or recognize everyone on such occasions. (Please See DISCLAIMER further Below)

Description: In both footages below approximately @ 0 :21 sec : Sitting next to Pedro Aldomovar a man stands up to shake Asghar Farhadi hands and kisses him. He seems to have the same corpulence and looks but cleanly shaved and with shorter neatly cut hair. 

Madonna announces Separation Win at Awards Ceremony :


Iranian officials welcome released terrorist with flowers :

Ali Vakili Rad the terrorist who killed Shapour Bakhtiar the last prime minister of Shah waswelcomed in Tehran by Hassan Ghashghavi deputy of foreign affairs ministry andKazem Jalali head of security committee of Majlis - Late Wednesday March 18,2010 Iran. More details on www.khaandaniha.com






Full Presentation by Madonna ( Probably Not Viewed in Iran given the Sultry Comments): 







DISCLAIMER: I am not at all suggesting that this is the case but wondering given the physical similarities. Personally I doubt it given that no Iranian authority would be given a visa under the current Sanctions taken by the US government against Iranian authorities. 

Had this event taken place in NY I suppose that could have been a possibility as in the case of Ahmadinejad’s presence at the U.N. But definitively not in California and Beverly Hills. 

But then again with Some “Sandis Khors” you never know do you ? 

CASMII Columnist Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich amongst Expat Guests of Ahmadinejad ? (ANSWER : YES) 

DUCK SOUP: Ahmadinejad & his Sandis Khor Groupies @ UN after Party in NY

So given the odds and Doubts Could the above gentleman be Hassan Ghashghavi ?

That would be ironic given that this gentleman has spoken against Hollywood's "Anti Iran" Bias in the past particularly in 2009 during a visit by Hollywood's executive board represented by the 2005-2009 President of Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences Sid Ganis ( along with his fellow itinerary ambassadors Annette Bening  and Alfre Woodard).

Hassan Ghashghavi had claimed that Hollywood was producing 30 more anti-Iranian films.

He also added at the time that such productions were aimed at targeting "not only Iran's religious and historical identity but also the country's social values including hospitality in an attempt to show hostility towards the Islamic Republic."

"There are certain political objectives behind a number of movies under the pretext of creating art," he told reporters.( Read AFP March 1st 2009 Report  Here )

Sid Ganis Interview (BBC Persian TV):

Sid Ganis is a movie executive & producer, and President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He talks about his recent trip to Iran along with a Hollywood delegation - Part of BBC Persian TV program, "Ekran".







With Sincere Wishes of Peace Between Iran and the United States / Israel ...

For if it were to be Otherwise (Given that we are all onthis Planet and our destinies are linked one way or another) I'm afraid in the After Life We May ALL very well all be Cut Down for our "Sins" by the Great Lord Himself ( or Herself ?) Whoever that may Be ! 



PEACE ! ...


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Darius Kadivar

Corrected !

by Darius Kadivar on

LOOKALIKES: Sony Pictures Michael Barker and IRI’s Hassan Ghashghavi


Thank you all for your feedbacks !






Vilemose jan

by Simorgh5555 on

I don't want to see hm any where. period. LOL 


And the Inspector Clouseau award goes to.........

by پندارنیک on

Yup............you guessed it right........... :)))

Ghashghavi in Hollywood.........sounds like an Oscar-winning movie... :)))


simorgh: I couldn't agree 

by vildemose on

simorgh: I couldn't agree  more. Keen observations in your brief comment especially the last paragraph. can you write a letter to Hollywood Foreign Press and ask them why they allowed a terrorist official of IRI be present in that gathering. I don't want to see him in the Oscars...we need to condemn his hypocritical presence in the US. 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Hassan Ghasghavi

by Simorgh5555 on

It makes my stomach churn to think that Hassan Ghasghavi, the man who welcomed Shaphur Bakhtiyar's assasin to Iran, appeared at the Golden Globes ceremony sitting next to Farhadi. 

This is the same Ghashghavi who slated Hollywood for making anti-Iranian movies but is seen allegedly schmoozing with guests at a ceremony full of Zionists which include the uber Zionist Steven Spielberg.  

Perhaps Ghasghavi should have brought his friend the lunatic fanatic  Hassan Abbasi who hates Hollywood and implies that Golshiften Farahani is a whore for not wearing a Hijab


I feel ambivalent about Farhadi winning. In onse sense I am extremely pleased that an Iranian film has finally been given recognition for its artistic merit by Hollywood but on the other hand the whole 'A Separation' entourage with Farhadi and his fellow actors in tow seem to be performing to a specially stages script approved by the Islamic Terrorist Republic  Ministry of Culture.

Notice that with the exception of yesterday evening Farhadi was never seen wearing a tie and supporting actress Leila Hatami refuses to take off her Hijab in any of her interviews despite the fact that other actresses Niki Karimi and Fatemeh Motamed Arya have appeared sans Hijab.




Also pay attention to Farhadi's wish washy statements about Iran and peace - nothing new there Ahmadinejad even talks about peace. Although the Golden Globes  are not always used as a platform to make political slogans you would have thought that during all the film circuits Farhadi has attended he woudl at least make one  statement in support of Jafar Panahi, his fellow director jailed and forbidden to make films.

If indeed it is the case, that the man in the picture is Ghashghavi then then I think Iranians should vote with their feet and refuse to support it until Farhadi makes an apology and accounts for why a scumbag of the IR is among his entourage.  This is irrespective of how good a film 'A Separation' is - and it is excellent.

The irony is that the central theme of the film is truths, half truths, hidden truths and inconvenient truths. It just maybe about Farhadi's own personality as well.

P.S. Darius- great blog and well spotted.  


It is Michael Barker of Sony Pictures

by Faramarz on



by Shemirani on

thanks Incognito ! but what a pity mochgiri eshtebahi bood 

 Zut alors !!


Michael Barker of Sony Pictures Classics

by incognito on

Here are the pictures of Michael Barker, the man thanked by Farhadi first (@ 0:45), and said to love ‘A Separation’ more than Farhadi does. You be the judge.


Quel oeil de Lynx !

by Shemirani on

It's Him or his twin :D

not very suprising if it's him, this guys working for Islamic Republic are using exUSSR methods. Its reminds me  russian sports champions or ballerinas coming in the west, they were under close supervise by kgb agents !  he can be that kind of  chaperon too !

but how come an islamic diplomate didn't avoid to go to the party he could easily stay at his hotel and choose to not participate to this "depraved" celebration and being honest with himself ! (am i asking too much ? )Haam khoda haam khorma ! bunch of big hypocrites !

Anyway, very Happy for Mister Farhadi !!! He deserves his award big time. Iranians are all proud of his success. (and crossing fingers for the Oscar )



by پندارنیک on

Chirac had that habbit ever since in the office as the mayor of Paris.........A corrupt politician................



Tiger Lily

Pin-up Nookie Pantz

by Tiger Lily on

Guess what?

Chirac, on the other hand, DID kiss and sniff Madonna's underpants!!! (Not joking, totally serious! In front of millions on TV! Footage somewhere on youtube!)



by پندارنیک on

Well..............Asghar didn't kiss Madonna, but kissed another man........he must be a basiji among many other things.........

Someone should tell reza joon, before he posts a congratulatory thing on his site.............


 It sure looks like him.

by vildemose on

 It sure looks like him. Is there anyway you can confirm this with your connections in Hollywood?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.