VOA Overview of Revolution ' 79

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar


A particular interesting coverage through the eyes of the figureheads of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 both from the Monarchist and Revolutionary point of views:

Amongst participants:

Ayatollah Montazeri who was head of the shorayeh Khobregan ( I think it corresponds to the Constitution assembly of the Islamic Republic) and is currently a dissident to the Islamic Theocracy.

Abdol Hassan Banisadre First President of the Islamic Republic (particlularly interesting insight given his major role in the Revolution and his close relationship with all involved including Khomeiny and Ibrahim Yazdi )

Dariush Homayoun Former Minister of the Imperial Regime and current leader of the Constitutional Party

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi Former Empress of Iran

As well as intellectuals and former members of the Iranian National Front




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Slowly but Surely!

by Kamangir on

It was a very interesting programe. However; by watching it, once again I come to realize that no real revolution ever took place in Iran. It was a Western conspiracy against the monarchy in Iran fulled by religious fervor in Iran itself. As her Empress Faran Pahlavi points out; the powerful western media played a very important role in bringing Iran to what we see today. But I agree with some of the interviewd individuals in saying that not verything has been wasted. Iranians have learned a valuable lesson or many lessons from their own mistake. Iran is growing slowly but surely..


David ET

Good program.

by David ET on

Thank you Mr. Kadivar for posting it. 


Kish Island

by Balouchi (not verified) on

During the Shah's regime there was a small island in the Persian Gulf by the name of Kish with its own airport and lavish buildings that were supposed to house wealthy Europeans who were in search of an island oasis. The late shah has been accused of many crimes but he was progressive and a modern thinker. If the revolution had not happened this island would have dwarfed Dubai by now, as is the Kish island has become a hub for the wealthy Iranians now and hopefully soon it will accommodate wealthy gamblers from all over the world that the late shah intended to cater to.


He He

by Wise Man (not verified) on

Did not vote for islamic republic. He he. I am surprised how wise I was at the time even though I was so young.

Well, I saw islamist students right before the scheme of 1979 focusing a lot of their energy on what was none of their business. That was a bad sign. They were all after female students more than non-islamists, only to keep them in line. They would beat guys who were getting too cozy with girls and threaten girls with mini-skirts. That was a sign of what was to come.

I also saw leftists fighting with each other and even harming each other is pursuit of their ideology. Exaggerations were so obvious in what they were saying as well. That was another bad sign.

Well, and the intellectuals were likes of Haddad Adel whom everybody hated because of his nasty islamist character. Specially girls who complained that he would treat them negatively compared to boys because of their lack of hejab. That was another bad sign.

So I asked myself, who would be the best that would leave the normal non-political people alone at a minimum; and my answer was obvious: the shah.

There was a program on NPR a couple of days ago, talking about prosperity of Dubai and that it was a barren fishing land 10 to 15 years ago and now it is a hub of trade and prosperity in the persian gulf.

i wonder where would our country be, had the pyramid scheme of 79 had not happened. We would have certainly been as prosperous as the persian gulf states which iranians are glad to be relocated to, even if we assume that shah's regime had stayed the same and had not improved. And most of us would have been home in our own land. Sigh, sigh.


Ignore VoA, it is "enemy's propaganda machine"

by Asghar Geda (not verified) on

Who care what VoA has to say. They are an organ of CiA, the same agency that brought missery and dispare to our beloved country, Iran.

Darius Kadivar

To I Love It ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You are absolutely Right this is a made Up interview with YOUR VERY FIRST PRESIDENT : Bani Sadre who was entirely concieved thanks to VOA's Computer CGI graphics ...

VOA has its shortcomings BUT your stupidity IS limitless like the mullah's ruling Iran ! LOL

YOU Chicken Head Are living in the PAST Not Me by refusing to understand the present !





I voted no

by mahmoudg on

I vividly remember the day we had to vote for the Islamic Republic.  I am still proud today after 30 years that I voted a resounding "NO" (it was a red ballot) to the Islamic Republic.  It was the first time I was voting, after reaching the proper age to vote and somehow as a 17 year old I knew this form of government cannot be good for Iran.  Low and behold the other 70 million finally reazlied how big a mistake it was to bring these guys to power.  Oh well, Iranians will have to live with the consequence of their actions, until American is ready to save them once again.


I love it

by I love it (not verified) on

How this monarchist Kadivar posts links to voice of ameriKKKa to tell us about an IRANIAN revolution that sought to rid the country of AMERICAN influence. wht a joke. only reinforces everyones belief inside Iran that these monarchists are puppets of the colonial west.

Ali P.

"The Outburst of Ignorance"

by Ali P. on

...Naderpour calls it ; "Toghyaaneh Jahl!"


Starts at 24:00.

Thanks Mr Kadivar!


ميزان عدم حضور در راي‌گيري بي‌سابقه بوده است!

Lucifercus (not verified)

actual view of Revolution ' 79: so little number of "Not Voters" is unknown in the 30 years of history of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It is known that the a revolution is comparable with a vehicle with high speed. after each curve are less passengers on board. From 30 Million Revolutionaries in 1978 are now only 7ty million left.