Video: Shah & Shahbanou Visit Autralia

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

State visit to Australia by Shah and the Shahbanou of Iran, 20Sep to 21Sep 1974

Part I

Part II

Part III



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by Anonymous on

I enjoy reading your comments and please keep up with your writing.


Farah and her Pierre Balmain hats

by botshekan (not verified) on

Honestly! Could somebody have told this lady that no royal protocol would require a queen to wear a hat in a zoo!! In most of the events she was the only female witha large PB hat - so gaudy. And why did she have to take her buddies like Leili Amir-Arjomand or her dance partner Karim-Pasha Bahadori and the ever present Shafa to a big freebee?

Did you see how miserable looking was the foreign minister Khal'atbari?

Who could have told that in a matter of 4 years all this circus was on the run! They were all in a rabbit-like sleep and what a rude awakening they had!!