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Hopeless Romantics!

“A bold, politically relevant film against impossible odds.”

- Harold Pinter, Nobel Laureate, Oscar Nominee, London Playwright/Actor/Director Celebrate Valentine with David & Layla premiere at Quad Cinema, New York: Meet film's director and Persian American Shiva Rose (Layla) & Polly Adams (Judith) at 7.25 PM screening. Five (5) daily screenings from 1 pm to 10 pm visit:

(Similar Premieres in Chicago 2/22, San Francisco 3/7, Sacramento 3/21... More cities click link at bottom.)

Jewish-Muslim romantic comedy inspired by a true story! The weapon of mass seduction (from an Axis of Evil country!) Shiva Rose is currently the most consistently praised Iranian & Middle Eastern actress working in America. Excellent reviews in over 20 reviews including The Washington Post, The Variety,.. "Excellent", "Star-making", "Breakthrough Performance", "Winningly Charismatic', "Excels", Effortlessly Sexy", "Gracefully Luminous"... David & Layla won Prix du Public against World's Love films, including 2 Days in Paris, Lady Chatterley and La Vie en Rose at World's oldest Amour film fest held during Valentine in Europe.Shiva Rose (Layla) and Jay Jonroy (writer/director) Q&A after screenings.At Quad Cinema, Manhattan, Starting Friday February 15

7.25 PM screening on Friday 2/15 with Shiva Rose is likely to sell out. So here is Advance Tickets Purchase: 212 777 3456 # 636 or at Quad Cinema box office.

“Take the star-crossed romance of Romeo & Juliet, add some graphic sexual humor a la The 40-Year-Old Virgin and toss into the crucible of Middle East politics, and you get David & Layla, a frothy romantic comedy.” - The Washington Post.

5 Awards, 21 International Film Festivals (2 in Israel) including Human Rights/Conflict Resolution & Love/Romantic film festivals!

David & Layla was featured in the Panorama Section Closing Night at the Verona/Italy International Amore Film Fest as a re-interpretation of Romeo & Juliet.

“It's hard not to be infected by the good humor and sheer joie de vivre of David & Layla.” - LA Weekly

“David & Layla is an earnest, frequently funny comedy, a completely accessible and non-threatening tale of the unlikely romance...” - The Variety.

2008 Premieres of David & Layla start at art houses & Sundance cinemas:

Feb 15 New York, NY at The Quad Cinema.
Feb 22 Chicago, IL at Gene Siskel Film Center.
March 7 San Francisco, CA at Sundance Cinemas/Kabuki Theater.
March 7 Madison, WI at Sundance Cinemas.
March 14 Westhampton, NY at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center.
March 21 Sacramento, CA, at The Crest.

More Cities, Showtimes,Tickets:

New York Quad Cinema Showtimes & Advance Tickets:
7.25 PM screening on Friday 2/15 with Shiva Rose is likely to sell out. So here is Advance Tickets Purchase: 212 777 3456 # 636. Or at Quad Cinema box office.

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Shiva Rose Persian American Hollywood star converts a Jew!

by Iconoclast on

Sounds great. My friends saw David & Layla in LA and still rave about it. 

Shirin Bazleh wrote here at that David & Layla takes on the monumental task of complex Muslim Jewish relations in a successful romantic comedy.

I received an email that both our great stand-up comedians - Maz Jobrani and Eslam Shams - are promoting and supporting this film. 

And all those great reviews for the film and Shiva Rose as Layla in the Press!

Anyone knows why this film was not nominated for the Oscars or any Awards? Could it be its bold theme of a Jew converting to marry a Muslim girl?

In other films, it is always others who change to Judaism. Plus, apparently David & Layla dares to mention the unholy roles of Kissinger, Sharon and Israel in the bloody mess in Iran, Iraq and  the whole Middle East.

Can't wait to see it. Bravos to Shiva and the filmmakers.