TIENS BON JAFAR: In Solidarity With Film Maestro Jafar Panahi


TIENS BON JAFAR: In Solidarity With Film Maestro Jafar Panahi
by Darius Kadivar

A Tribute to Jafar Panahi's Filmography who along with his wife and daughter as well as 15 friends was arrested in his house yesterday by the Thugs of the Islamic Republic. SET THEM FREE !

Jafar Panahi And Introduction to his work:

Jafar Panahi President of Montreal World Film Festival Jury, red carpet, closing ceremony:

Jafar Panahi shows support for young Iranians:

Award Winning Director Jafar Panahi At different Winning ceremonies:

Crimson Gold Opening Scene:

Offside Trailer:

The Circle: A Selected Scene:

Recommended Watching:

State versus Filmmakers - Iran:( Not Embedded)

To Watch Click  Here

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Thank you

by KavehAhangarAdel on

For the excellent Collage of his work.  He is a treasure and I am also very dissapointed at the Iranian Artists lack of support.  We all need to be vigilant and supportive. Thanks for your comment on my drawing.

Kaveh Ahangar Adel



Mr. Panahi, Ms. Christine St-Pierre and Ms. Pauline Marois

by Quebeqi on

It seems the regime did not appreciate that Mr. Panahi was seen with Quebec Minister of Affaires Culturelles,Christine St-Pierre and Quebec opposition leader, Pauline Marois, head of Parti Québécois.

Regime spies are alive and well in my Quebec. Take a stroll around McGill university campus, and you will see some of them. Or around our intellectuals who are supporting the Accomodements Raisonnables.

Les Tabarnaks.:(



Iran has no political prisoners. No never! What political stuff?

by Anonymouse on

Motherf***ers arrest people and then say they were arrested for something else and then they show up on TV "confessing" to working for UK or USA.

Jafar Panahi is one of Iran's best filmmakers.  Here's Offside a movie he made in 2006 about women trying to go to soccer stadium for world cup qualifying.  Women are not allowed in soccer stadiums.

I hope he and his family are released soon.

Everything is sacred.