Thank You Mrs. Ebadi!


Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Nobel Winner Slams Rising Executions
January 06, 2008
The Australian

Nobel peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi's rights group slammed the rising number of executions in Iran, including the hanging of a young mother who murdered her husband. "The Defenders of Human Rights Centre denounces the nationwide executions and their upward trend," the group of human rights lawyers led by Ms Ebadi said.

They pointed to the execution in Tehran's Evin prison of Raheleh Zamani, 27, who had been found guilty of murdering her husband and was hanged despite her lawyers' efforts to spare her the gallows.

"Judicial officials had agreed to delay her execution for a month... but she was hanged suddenly," the group said. "In the evening of January 1 they informed her of the execution and then, after just 12 hours, they hanged her.

"Four reputable lawyers had also cast doubt on the case," the group said, without giving further details.

Zamani, who killed her husband after discovering he was having an affair and then reportedly chopped his body into pieces, was hanged in Evin along with seven men convicted of murder.

"Sadly, the efforts of human rights groups fail because of a legal vacuum as well as the resistance and indifference of an extremist current in the judicial system."

Western rights groups have repeatedly complained about the wave of hangings in Iran but it is uncommon for an Iran-based group to issue a public protest against executions.

As part of an unprecedented crackdown they authorities say is aimed at increasing security in society, Iran has stepped up its use of the death penalty.

So far this year it has hanged 14 convicts, according to media reports. Last year, the number of executions was at least 298, according to an AFP count compiled from the local press.

Last year's total was a sharp increase on 2006, when 177 executions were carried out, according to Amnesty International.

Capital offences in Iran include murder, rape, armed robbery, serious drug trafficking and adultery.

The authorities have defended the hangings, saying capital punishment is an effective deterrent that is used only after an exhaustive judicial process.


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She is a puppet

by changiz khan (not verified) on

in the hands of the regime. When she is needed to improve her image she is told to say something in support of human rights and when he is supposed to be shut up she shut up. Has she save a single life from execution? No!


Thank You Mrs Moghadam, and "Mothers for Peace"

by ruhany on

Please read and find out who really deserves "Thanks":


Either she is or she is not!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I do not understand. Is she an open-minded intellectual or is she someone who once in a while criticizes the government. A lot should be expected of her. So far, she has delivered very little. To be sure, virtually everyone who has half a brain criticizes the unlwful executions anyway. But she is a noble laureate. She should do a lot more. How did she "slam" the executions" as Mar. Kadivar claims? She criticized. That's all. That's not enough. She has always missed her opportunity to make a difference. No, we are not looking for her to become a superhero. But when you are given the podium (and a noble prize!) this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So far, she has done very little to justify the prize she received. I have a feeling she will continue down this path. What a pity.


Shirin Ebadi is instrumental in promoting respect for human ...

by The Fair Judge (not verified) on

Shirin Ebadi is instrumental in promoting respect for human rights in Iran and in this field at least she is doing a massive amount of good work.

Whether or not we agree with all or part of Shirin Ebadi's thinking or actions over the years, we must be able to recognise and appreciate her good work in defending human rights. Let us also not forget that she is doing it in the IRI, and not in a tolerant democratic society!!!!!

I personally don't agree with some of Ebadi's thinking but I have the highest respect for her work and I do believe that on the whole she probably deserved the Noble Peace Prize.
This has helped her to a higher profile in Iran as well internationally and one can only imagine that this helped the causes of human rights worldwide plus the plight of a number of her clients.
Therefore I suggest, disagree with her if you feel you must, but do recognise her good works when she does them.

People like Abdolkarim Lahiji, Shirin Ebadi, and Emad Baghi (plus a number of others) must be encouraged as their causes are right, just and absolutely necessary in Iran.

Long live "RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS" and those who advocate them,............ and in the IRI it can be a heroic act.

SCE Campaign

Ebadi signed the petition to stop child execution

by SCE Campaign on

" When a 16 year old child commits a crime, they issue the death sentence. They keep the child until s/he is over 18 and then proceed with the execution. In reality this is a multiple torture. Assume being someone who everyday has to turn the pages of the calendar to see when you are 18 years old to be killed. This multiple torture that is committed by Government of Iran in reality is an extreme and repeated violation of human rights"

Shirin Ebadi - March 2007 interview with Radio Deutsche Welle

sign the petition to stop child execution at:


Shirin Ebadi

by EdRaki (not verified) on

I just finished Mrs. Ebadis'"Iran Awakening" and I found it fascinating. Yes, she is not a superhero, or someone who we like to worship. She hasn't been jail for any more than 20 days, etc. But she is an intellectual who has had, unlike many of us, close encounter with the dangers of challenging the authorities in Iran. We have to be aware of the limits within which she can speak out. If you want to know her true positions on the iranian politics , please read the book.


About time

by MRX (not verified) on

that she says some thing consturctive. the problem is she lost a valuable opportunity and time. There was a time when the eyes and ears of the world were focusing on her. At that moment had she said some thing meaningfull about repression Iran instead of chert o pert about guantanamo, PLO and shit like that, stuff may have sinked in. Also at that point the regime wuld have not dared touching her due to her fame . now the time has passed, every one has forgotten about her. her fifteen minutes of fame is over and her voice or message may not be heard.


She has achieved much more than you

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She has defended human rights activist and people condemned to execution, she has to work with in the limits that is imposed on her, but she has achieved much more than you. She is the first female Nobel Peace Prize winner and you can take your article where the sun does not shine.


It appears

by Je suis ici (not verified) on

It appears that Mr. Khadivar is planning a trip to Iran and like many other friends he is becoming apologetic to past ideology.

Suri said it in his first posting, so no need for another Morgh to repeat it.

From one fowl to another, Ebadi is the last person you should choose as a hero.


Thank you Mr. Javid

by Suri (not verified) on

Thank you Mr. Javid for deleting my post, again. You are a true democracy advocate!!!


It is always so easy to

by Anon (not verified) on

It is always so easy to judge others, when you haven't walked in their shoes. I challenge you, Mr. Kadivar, to leave the comforts of your life abroad, and live in Iran for a few months, or even days AND openly criticize the IRI, and Ahmadinejad and all his cronies, and see how far you will get and if you survive. And I am talking about LIVING in Iran, not just visiting for a couple of weeks so you can go to your relatives' house for dinner parties and tour Iran's historic places, but actually LIVE there like the rest of the Iranians are living there, dealing with the traffic, pollution, inflation, and the other daily inconveniences of life in Iran. It's so easy to judge Shirin Ebadi for what she HASN'T DONE, and how much she hasn't accomplished. To characterize her winning of the Nobel Peace prize as an "overestimation" of her qualification. What have YOU yourself done Mr. Kadivar? and who are you to be impressed or unimpressed by those who are awarded the Nobel Prize? Besides your posting of Googoosh vidoes, what is it exactly that you yourself have accomplished that is noteworthy? I suppose next you will try to argue that Googoosh is a more worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace prize, because she was able to rotely memorize and spew off a French song here, or an English or Arabic song there, without really understanding what she was saying. Now THAT IS impressive!!!!!

Also, this is a free site, dedicated to free speech! I have the right to disagree with you. When you put up a post here, you put it in cyberspace, it's for everyone to see, read, and comment, and thus subject not only to adoration, but also to scrutiny. If all you seek is adoration and praise then may be you can write in your personal journal that you keep by your bed.


Shirin Ebadi is a true Human Rights Activist

by Abarmard on

She is the one who is true to the Iranian people. We really need to recognize her more and try to follow her foot steps.

Darius Kadivar

I beg your Pardon Chicken Head ?

by Darius Kadivar on

When did I curse her ? What are you talking about ?

I am just not a fan of hers and have criticized her lack of vision and reluctance to critisize Ahmadinejad but I never cursed or bashed her. I think she was overestimated as a Nobel Prize Contender as if she was the most representative of a progressive Muslim Woman. I am rarely impressed by the Nobel Prize except in Scientific fields or Litterature. After All Nobel invented the Dynamite and regreted it by creating the Nobel Prize.

I am simply not convinced by her general comments on Islam but I don't hate her or despise what she is struggling for. 

Why should I critisize her if she is taking a good step in the right direction ( at least from my point of view)  

What is the matter with you guys and all your Hate Mails anyway ? You not forced to read it like my Donald Duck Postage.

Now you have guts cause you can publish whatever you want without ever having contributed in the past or even defended anyone's freedom of speach less turned into what it has become.

At least all the previous Feature Writers deserved to become Feature Writers

when this word meant something unlike you chicken heads.

Now you are all Bold all of a sudden and take no responsability.

I have nothing to be ashamed of anyway nor regret writing or reacting to news when I felt it was important to me. Don't care what you think with your pseudonyme.

As for hypocrisy, call it "evolution" like the's new format. Post your real name and photo then we will see who is a hypocrit Chicken Head !




What hypocrites!

by Suri (not verified) on

As if it wasn't people like you who cursed and bashed Ebadi everyday, when she said she was a Muslim woman right after winning the Nobel prize! By the way, did Ebadi, as the first female judge, objected to tortures and executions during the past regime? Did she object to a woman having to get her husband's, father's or brother's permission to travel? Back then, did she say why a woman should inherit half as her brother(s)?