Swiss Documentary on Iran in 1968

Swiss Documentary on Iran in 1968
by Darius Kadivar

Three Documentaries on different aspects of Iran in a Swiss Production of 1968: Les Fastes d'Ispahan, Les Tresors d'Iran, et Persepolis. No Sound Just Music accompany the images

Les Fastes d'Ispahan

Tresors d'Iran (Antiquities)



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by Mehrban on

Without a doubt, the most elegant series I have seen on Iranian architecture and art.  Thank you.


thank you.

by Anonymously on

indeed good find. you never seize to amaze me at 'finding' such rare artifacts of iran's pahlavi era. you really should consider establishing a museum (online or otherwise) of the short-lived pahlavi era, with all the glory and glamor that you've collected so far. Really, it belongs in a musée. (if only the rest of us could so readily cherish the fair and forget the foul!)

Javad Yassari

A brilliant find!

by Javad Yassari on

Thank you very much.  I enjoyed it a lot.