Soccer History: Brazil's "Number 10" In Tehran's Aryamehr Stadium (1970's)

Soccer History: Brazil's "Number 10" In Tehran's Aryamehr Stadium (1970's)
by Darius Kadivar

Brazil's Pele Greeted In Tehran by Iran's National Soccer Team at Tehran's Aryamehr Stadium. (circa 1970's).

Special Thanks to Ebi Jaan for sending it to me. Full Credit goes to him for this wonderful find ;0)

Brazil's God:

Selection of some of the Finest Goals Scored by Pele throughout his career:

Pele: The Master and His Method


پله اسطوره فوتبال برزیل در اردیبهشت سال ۱۳۵۱ به ایران آمد و همراه با تیم فوتبال باشگاهی سانتوز در استادیوم آریامهر (آزادی) برابر تیم ملی ایران بازی کرد. نتیجه این بازی ۴ بر ۲ به نفع برزیلی ها تمام شد. در این عکس بعضی بازیکنان از جمله غلامحسین وفاخواه، پرویز میرزا حسن و مسعود معینی دیده میشوند. 



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Darius Kadivar

Are Spain better than Pele's Brazil?

by Darius Kadivar on

Are Spain better than Pele's Brazil? (bbc)


Spain thrashed Italy 4-0 in the final of Euro 2012 in Kiev on Sunday to win their third major tournament in a row.

Vicente del Bosque led his side to an emphatic victory in Ukraine to become the first coach to win a World Cup, a European Championship and a Champions League title.

Spain have now won the last two European Championships and the last World Cup in South Africa.

So are they the best national side to play the game? 


it's funny, governments come and go but some things never change

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I was there and saw him in

by I was there (not verified) on

I was there and saw him in person. I think he didn't particularly play good in that game and was tired or something and it was toward the end of this career, but he was the one and only Pele none the less.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Awesome! Merci, Monsieur Kadivar

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Also thanks to Ebi

He is my favorite soccer player of all time.