Simone de Beauvoir NUE ;0)


Simone de Beauvoir NUE ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

Simone de Beauvoir was one of the most preeminent French existentialist philosophers and writers. The Author of the The Second Sex was photographed naked in 1952 during a stay in Chicago where she pursued a carnal Love Affair with an American intellectual. This photo was re-released recently by French Magazine Le Nouvel Observateur for a Cover Story on one of the great feminists of the 20th Century. (see Article)

Working alongside other famous existentialists such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Beauvoir produced a rich corpus of writings including works on ethics, feminism, fiction, autobiography, and politics. A philosopher by training, at age 21 she was the youngest student ever to pass the agrégation examination in philosophy. Her philosophical approach is notably diverse as her influences include not only French philosophy from Descartes to Bergson, but the phenomenology of Husserl and Heidegger, the historical materialism of Marx and Engels, and the idealism of Kant and Hegel. In addition to her philosophical pursuits, Beauvoir was also an accomplished literary figure and her novel, The Mandarins, received the prestigious Prix Goncourt award in 1954. Her most famous and influential philosophical work, The Second Sex, heralded a feminist revolution and remains to this day a central text in the investigation of women's oppression and liberation.

According to a report by Radio France International, Persian Service the One Million Signatures Campaign initiated by Iranian Feminists was been awarded the Simone de Beauvoir Award which was established in honor and memory of this Feminist theorist and writer.

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