Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Nobel Peace Laureate 2003 Shirine Ebadi participates on VOA Persian Round Table with You.

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This is a Bold Step on behalf of Mrs. Ebadi.



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Darish thanks for the interview - but all I heard was

by Truthseeker (not verified) on

But all I heard was the same statements many of us already know. She continues to list everything we all say, her difference is that she get's invited to come on VOA?

Talk is cheap, execution and getting things accomplished is what is important.

Furthermore, she forgot one piece of news (conveniently) , when the commentator asked her about Iran's nuclear program. Instead of saying that Iran has legal right under the NPT she succumbed as typical of her by saying Iran has to abide by what the UNSC says. As a lawyer she should know that Iran was dragged illegally to the UN by some bullying powers.

Ms. Ebadi should stop serving her own interest and start serving the interest of the Iranian people, and the country.

I for one have never been impressed by her, and I don't care if someone handed her the Noble Peace Prize for political reasons.



by golnaaz (not verified) on

i cant stop laughing... very well said!


Show us the list of achievements

by botshekan (not verified) on

Dear Mr Kadivar and Educator I feel sorry for both of you who need to refer to the most worthless of sources, Wikipedia, to defend yourselves. Mr Kadivar, unlike you I am not desparate to be recognized. My words are enough signature to be recognized by those in the know. As for you, well, what can I say?


to botshekan

by Educator (not verified) on

You asked for help in getting educated on Dr Ebadi's achievements. Please read the following link as a first step.

if you need help reading it, please reconsider when you try to break those idols with your head next time. They have tools for that since Abraham's days...

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

The Character "Kadivar" Breaks your Butt !

Get it  botshekan aka Break Butt ?

One has the right to be a constitutional monarchist and admire people who don't share one's views don't they ?

What makes YOU Morally superior in YOUR Judgment ?

BeeBokhar with No Name !


Words are cheap

by botshekan (not verified) on

I am not sure why a character like Mr Kadivar should admire Shirin Ebadi. Well we all know that monarchits are pretty mixed up but this one is spelled with capital M.

And as for Ebadi, can some one list her human rights achievements so we can all be prould of her. What wrongs has she turned right? Lets hear it.



by golnaaz (not verified) on

thanks for posting this interview, it's very informative.


Zirak, You mean FBI visited Shirin?

by ahmad.bahai on

If true, it  is sad. She escaped the mollahs' intelligence ministry and is stuck with  worse.


Mrs Ebadi was visited by the ??? agents after her interview ....

by zirak on

Apparently some ??? agents did not like her criticism of the US military in Iraq. She had said in her interview with VoA in Atlanta that she had requested the map of mines' locations from Iraqi government and was told to contact US Militray in Baghdad and she did. But she never heard back from the US miliatry about the locations of those mines which were planted by Saddam in the 80s and is knowm to US military. As a result of those mines, hundreds of Iranian farmers are getting killed  every year..

According to her friend's phone call, she was visited by the ???  agents after her interview with VoA. That friend did not know about the details of their questioning Ms. Ebadi, which was about her criticism of the US military in Iraq. I will post latest news soon as I hear smething.


A true Iranian "Shir zan"

by asghar62 on


She is one of the few voices of rational approach to the politics and human rights in Iran. I wish many so called opposition leaders out of Iran would had 1/100 of her courage and talent. God Bless her.

Bless her.

Ben Madadi

Extraordinary and brave woman!

by Ben Madadi on

I don't know everything about her, but I really appreciate what she is doing about human rights. She is a true Iranian and her works are noble. I hope we will have more people like her.