SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: Bless Mankind ... Including My Attackers ...


SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: Bless Mankind ... Including My Attackers ...
by Darius Kadivar

A Note of Appreciation to Masoud Kazemzadeh (albeit to whom I shall nevertheless not declare my revenues) and to my fellow Iranian DOT Comers for their kind support and nice comments Here and Here . 

So Bless You all :

Cheers From All Extremes ! :

Cheers ...

And Double Cheers :

How to get your Martini Right:

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Drinking alcohol can be harmful to your health.

La Preuve:

PS/ Sorry for not including everyone in the photocomposition but I value each and everyone of you equally in my heart.


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Dk jaan, This is awesome!

by Mehrban on

Thank you for granting me citizenship in the Republic of Imagination "RI" :-). Certainly an easier passport to travel with :-).  

Also my favorite bond has been Daniel Craig but now with the introduction of this multi dimensional, complicated double agent, I am not sure anymore :-). 

Azarin Sadegh

IC should add a "like/damet garm" button

by Azarin Sadegh on

I second Humanbeing, Darius jan! In my wildest dreams I'd have never imagined myself as a bond girl for a Dari00s..:-)



ps, thanks darius

by humanbeing on

for upgrading us midlifers to the status of 'bond girls', i'm sure azarin concurs. i don't know mehrban. but it made our day. ;0)

Ari Siletz

You're welcome DariOOs

by Ari Siletz on

This spelling puts the "double O" in your name.Which may even be the spelling you use in His Majesty's not-so-Secret Service.

PS. Thanks for the beluga and cabernet. Darioush winery is only a few miles from where I live and you may already know that the winery estate is a modelled after a familiar site in Iran.




"I bid them that did love their country's good"

by R2-D2 on

Richard III, Act iii, Scene vii




Darius is the

by SamSamIIII on


true Prince of It is my great honor to have met such gem of a gentleman or as our dear Azarin pointed out, the best that can offer and yet I go further to say he is the best that Iran can offer to the world. Cheers pal & thanks for great blogs!!!



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Dariush Jaan, You are man of Hezaar-Chehreh aziz

by Khar on

You sir are not only the renowned cinema & arts critic plus an articulate and well spoken dissident clergy! Yet the 007 himself the MI-6 and Mossad elusive agent :-), But an all around cool gentleman!


Where is that Fabulous Bar?

by Quebeqi on

Mr. DK, if Heaven is like this, I want to join you and drink plenty of martinis with Mohammad Reza Shah and Mossadegh. Then, we'll all switch to Screwdrivers which appeared for the first time in a bar in...Tehran! :)

Anonymous Observer

Don't change a thing Darius

by Anonymous Observer on

I agree with Mehdi2009.  Those who attack you are childish and jealous idiots.  What do you expect from them?  They have to divert attention from their support of a murderous anti-Iranian regime.  So, they project that onto others.

Cheers and keep up the good work. 


People who attack you are Ignorant Imbeciles

by mehdi2009 on

Darius-e Aziz,

First of all let me tell you that I have read and been reading almost all of your blogs, posts and comments from the day you started putting them on this Forum. While I did not agree with all of your comments, I found most of them to the point and intelligent. We also always kept our conversation cordial and civilized.

Therefore, I must say that; People who attack you are Envious, Childish and Ignorant Imbeciles.

As I said before please keep up YOUR GREAT WORK about promoting IRAN's Great Cultural and Historical Heritage, as few people express their love for our country like you do.

Anonymouse-e Aziz,

The James Bond on the left is George Lazenby who starred in his only appearance as Bond in the Movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969). The fans such as myself just missed Sean Connery, and did not think he was up to par for that role.

Salutations to All the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.




by Rea on

It's not Marge, definitely, it's not her style.

Anyway, let's not gossip. That would ruin DK's blog. 


Dariush jan

by Onlyiran on

You're the best, and as a recent victim of such an attack, I can sympathize with you.  

Also, on the issue of the blogger who attacked you, I have to say, I have my own theories of who "she" is.  Someone had left a comment on that thread saying there is no such person as "Chris Davis".  I believe him / her.  I have my own theory of who that blogger is. Considering the people who were subjects of the attack, the writing style, the general subject matter and the content of the blog and "her" long absence from this site, I think the "blogger" may be a certain former prolific user of this site who has an avatar featuring a cartoon character with blue hair.  Just my guess...I could be wrong. 


To quote you

by Rea on

"Petit de Taille, Grand Par Les Idées"  ;o)



why is this blog tucked away under hijab? moderator knock knock

by humanbeing on

anyone there? 

a civil debater, and the pillar of this site deserves to be on featured list. the rest of us could learn polite discourse and civility from him, including the site managers. 

Azarin Sadegh

This blog should be featured..:-)

by Azarin Sadegh on

Oh my...Dear Darius! You look perfect!

Thank you so much for including me in your "thank you" poster!! Please know that I really appreciate your blogs and your comments and video clips! "En particulier", I am fond of your "philosophy-related" blogs and your unique sense of humor!

Keep up the great work! Azarin, your fan!


Anch ayan ast, che hajat be bayn ast

by Bavafa on

Nevertheless, many of us felt the undue and viscous attack on you was below the belt so there he had it, pretty much unanimous support and praise for you.




lefties unite!

by humanbeing on

dk, i am honoured to be part of this thankyou poster (though i do not deserve it). right next to your left arm, another lefthanded person. and not too far from the heart and soul. 

enjoyed the montage immensely. all the clips were relevant, fun, and their cocktail was arranged just right, with the precise parts alcohol and humour. 

have a great weekend. 


On the subject of Wiston Churchill's arm...

by comrade on

I don't want to crowd up this rather personal blog so I limit myself to a brief  mention (with no follow up, please), that the Left (generally in the Third World) could have benefited from a **diplomatic hand( and mind )**from early twentieth century.

We in our beloved Iran, either had none( when decided to conquer a forest in Siaahkal ), or misplaced it (when late Kiaanouri saw only a hairline difference between Marxism, and the pure Muhammedian Islam)

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

dk, i would like to visit you some time and take a caviar bath in your paris penthouse like ari is doing in the picture.

comrade, not only karl marx is in mk's groin area, dk attached winston churchill's arm to his body.


Only if you could ease up, just a bit, on Farrokhzad's vids!

by comrade on

You are welcome Sir. As far as I'm concerned you have earned it. Lyndon B. Johnson said it best: "What convinces is conviction".

It shouldn't take a genius to understand the importance of a united voice, and action against the common enemy at the present time.

BTW, you made poor Marx turn in his grave by positioning him on Masoud Kazemzadeh's groin area! Thanks!!

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

داریوش جان،باید به ما میگفتید تا ما سفارشی برایتان اینجور عکس‌ها را بسازیم.


DK jaan which Bond is that on the far left? Starsky & Hutch?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred