THE SHAH's SPEECH: Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi's Last Speech


THE SHAH's SPEECH: Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi's Last Speech
by Darius Kadivar

The Shah of Iran's last Televised speech to the nation amidst the revolutionary turmoil in Iran, calls upon the nation and patriots to think about Iran and vows to respect the Constitution. The speech in which he acknowledges the voice of the Revolution and promises to fight corruption and injustice while refusing to abdicate was greeted with mixed reactions equally by supporters of the Monarchy who felt their monarch had conceded too much to his opponents as well as Revolutionaries who refused to trust the monarch's conciliatory intentions. (NOTE: Photo is from UPI press showing the Shah at a Press conference in the mid 1950's in NY during a State Visit)

Shah's last Speech to the nation:

Khomeiny refuses the idea of a Constitutional Monarchy:

Asked about whether or Not he would compromise with the Shah as merely a Constitutional Monarch, Ayatollah Khomeiny firmly refuses any such scenario ( notice Ebrahim Yazdi serves as translator, and Hojjatol Eslam Khalkhali is also present)

Pro Bakhtiar demonstrators in support of the 1906 Constitution:

Shapour Bakhtiar's last interview with Iranian Television Refuses to Resign as Prime Minister of Imperial Iran:

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David ET

so much like Mubarak´s last speech

by David ET on

UNFORTUNATELY it was years too late. Year´s of Shah´s regime´s extremism in crushing free specch had already fed the extremista among the opposition and the people; which lead to a more extremist regime.

Hopefully Egypt will not fall in the same path and Mubarak leave sooner than later.