Shahbanou Farah Speaks about Kanoon Institute's Legacy (VOA)


Shahbanou Farah Speaks about Kanoon Institute's Legacy (VOA)
by Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Farah speaks about the activities of the Kanoon Institute and the people who contributed to it's enhancements including Mrs. Lili Amir Arjomand the Managing Director of The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and young Adults.



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EMINENT PERSIANS:Lily Amir Arjomand Managing Director of Kanoon (Andisheh TV)




Documentary on Kanoon (1965) 







A documentary film about the early years of Iran's Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (better known as Kanoon) Founded by Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi in 1965.  Language: English and Persian, Voice Over: Manoutchehr Anvar.

Special Thanks to Mrs. Joan Valanejad and her Son Kurosh for putting this online and sending it to me.

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About Kanoon: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adult:

Official Website Here

In consequence of about four decades of active presence in the field of production of cultural commodities such as books, audio tapes, films and toys, IIDCYA is regarded by Iranian schoolchildren, teachers and parents as a trustworthy name; the brand of "Kanoon" is a guarantee of quality of the product. IIDCYA's official status and its numerous branches all over the country, along with the production of attractive, healthy and relevant products for all age groups, have caused these products to be well-received in educational and family circles.

From the time of its founding in 1961, by Shabanou Farah Pahlavi through production of artistic works, and organizing festivals, discussion panels, competitions and various conferences, as well as a variety of practical measures and consulting services, IIDCYA has answered an extensive part of the cultural and developmental needs of the children and young adults of our country. All this has been carried out in two main directions: activities "for children" addressing children and young adults directly, and activities "about children" with the purpose of promoting the knowledge of adults about the peculiarities of world of children. With a high average annual statistics in the fields of production of books, tapes and toys and a considerable investment in the fields of recreational and literary activities, these colossal task of culture-making and consolidation of cultural infrastructure is being pursued. 519 libraries and cultural centers with more than 2000 tutors throughout the country help to realize these goals.

Cinematic Affairs of IIDCYA is one of the main departments of the organization. Its brilliant achievements in the field of production ofanimation, documentary and fiction films, is such that not only in Iran, but also on international level, the look of "Kanoon" is recognized. The high international prestige of Iranian cinema today is indebted to filmmakers who started their work and grew in Kanoon or made some of their best works there: Such as Abbas Kiarostami, Bahram Beyzai or Majid Majidi.

The success of Children of Heaven in many International festivals and its candidacy for the Best Foreign Language Film of academy awards(Oscar) in 1999, was a significant achievement for Kanoon productions.

Because of this outstanding background and unrelented production of animation films in "Kanoon", its name has been on the top of the list of independent producers of excellent and unforgettable animation works. Since 1970, when first animations of "Kanoon" were produced, 180 animation films have been produced there and almost all of them have regarded artistic and noteworthy works of art in internal and international festivals. This, and also the need to exhibit and independently analyze the animation films produced by other state and private producers throughout the country in a systematic manner, holding of an international animation festival became part of the agenda of "Kanoon". The inaugural festival was held in February 1999 and it is scheduled to be held biennially afterwards.

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pictory: Golbaran (Flower Storm) an animation produced by Kanoon (1972)

CANNES: Kiarostami's "Certified Copy" (Official Trailer & Poster)


pictory:Lily Amir Arjomand Receives Cultural Medal Award at Czechoslovakia Embassy (1971)

pictory:2nd Tehran Intern'l Festival of Films For Children, Tehran, Iran (1967)


NOSTALGIA: Khanoum Atefi, The Happy Prince, The Little Mermaid and Malek Khorshid

EMINENT PERSIANS:Lily Amir Arjomand Managing Director of Kanoon (Andisheh TV)

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Ali P.

Mash Ghasem

by Ali P. on

Thanks for the link.

I just rediscovered that great site.

It seems to be out of Sweden.

Any idea who runs it?


Ali P.

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Tragedy-Comedy of Kanon.

And thank you DK for another dose of nostalgia.


While Kanon's libraries were briming with books, there were monthly lists of banned books that weren't suppose to find their way in there, and yet they did.

Kanon was an amazing amalgamation, Niavaran branch was just so lovely. It's impossible to talk about Kanon and not mention Esfandyar Monfredzadeh, who single handedly ran both the music and super-8 workshops in the central branch. Below is a link , it also reffers to a rumor about Mahi Siah and Monfaredzadeh,...

Ali P.

Maahee eh siaaheh koochooloo

by Ali P. on

I had that book when I was a kid.

Some kid brought it to me for my birthday(Book for birthday gift..yuyks!)

I read it, but frankly, it didn't leave me an impression; or maybe I just didn't get the message, whatever it was. Even as a kid, I was a bit slow.

I guess I was lucky SAVAK didn't catch me with it :-)


I purchased an English copy of "mahi siah kochooloo"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

for my elder boys  to read. My eldest (10), read it and kind of got the message. The younger ones just not interested, still into spongebob. So I gave it to the local middle school library, which my boys will be attending one day. The librarian called me a few weeks later and told me she just had a chance to review it before making it available to the kids, and found it a real nice, somehow different book. She is now researching other samad behrangi's works. Also she told me that the book had been borrowed by more than 50 other kids, and parents comments had all been positive.

 Now, I dont expect any violent communist uprising in the State where I live as the result of 50 kids reading this book! I do however expect/hope to see at least a couple of these 50 kids to look at the world in a more critical view and have more sympathy with people who are not as fortunate as themselves....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


So what ?

by Shemirani on

 Jason and same old bahanegiriZZ !!!

Where i live there is book not having authorization to be publish and noone think about a revolution, no one is saying its anti-democratic !!

yesterday i was reading this ( ) few part of king's speech are not allowed in usa (for good reasons)

what kind of mentality is yours ? don't you understand there is rules for a better life in each society ! do you think you can built a democratic place with an anarchic vision ?

I'm very happy i never read mahi koochooloo ( and never read the capital or koran) and probably i will not let my kid  read any of this ! no brain wash for kids !!

Now you can read mahi siah koochooloo till end of time and everything else is censured in Iran.  well done  !!!


Darius Kadivar

jasonrobardas you're simply an embittered old Man ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Oh , ......Please....

by jasonrobardas on

       it is nauseating to hear  Phalavis masquerade,   as  proponents and advocates of Youth development . Well Pahlavis  listen to me and listen closely ! You guys had your chance and blew it !!

      It was in the early 70's when a young child of a neighbor went missing for a couple of days . This brought a lot of agony and concern for the worried parents . It was later that  his parents were notified that the child was in prison for sharing unlawful books ( kotobe mozerre) !!  . Among the many unlawful books he had in his possesion was Samad behrangi's Pulitzer prize winning novel " mahie siahe koo choo loo" the little black fish .  



Thanks to Kanoon Institue (from A to Z)

by Shemirani on



Yadam miad vaghti Pedaram baram ketab dastan (ba logo e kanoon) hedieh miavord az khoshali che zoghiiiii mikardam ....good old days :))  if i still like to read its surely because of this great books !!

Dar Iran, tamam emkanat baraye pishraft zehni o afkari farahaam bood, in efratioon irani hamaro viran kardand ke khomeyni biarand, ahmaghtarin enghelab e donia nassim Iran shodeh va omgheh fajeh bi hamtast !