Shah Defends Right to Nuclear Bomb

Shah Defends Right to Nuclear Bomb
by Darius Kadivar

A French Interview of the Shah where he claims to Iran's right to nuclear military capability. Year ? Most probably mid 1970's. It should be noted that the Shah justifies such nuclear military technology for Iran with the argument that his country is not a member of NATO unlike his neighbour Turkey. Also that as a neighbour to the Soviet Union it had absolutely no military protection other than its own military ( at the time one of the most powerful in terms of conventional non nuclear weaponry). In a later interview to the Swiss Channel in 1978 ( see Shah in Niavaran 1978) he claims that Iran ambitions to become the 5th economic and military power BUT as a Non Nuclear power. Also should be reminded the intense talks between the US and the Soviet Union in regard to the SALT I Treaties between President Richard Nixon and Soviet Secretary General Leonid Brezjnev that seeked limiting the escalations of the nucleare Arms Race particularly in regard to their respective forces present in Western and Eastern Europe.



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Iran would have been

by jamshid on

Iran would have been operationally nuclear by early 80s. And without all the fuss. That's 25 years ago. And that's the difference between the Shah and the impossibly backwarded and incompetent mollahs.