Satrapi and Bahrani Nominated for Spirit Awards


Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

As the first event to honor independent film exclusively, Film Independent's Spirit Awards, formerly known as the Independent Spirit Awards, has made a name for itself as the premier awards event for the independent film community. Founded in 1984, the Independent Spirit Awards were originally known as the FINDIE Awards ("Friends of Independents") and presented winners with acrylic glass pyramids containing suspended shoestrings representing the paltry budgets of independent films. In 1986, the event was renamed the Independent Spirit Awards in honor of the talented and tenacious souls who drive creativity in the film industry. The Independent Spirit Awards are presented by Film Independent, a non-profit organization dedicated to independent film and independent filmmakers. In 2007 the ceremony was slightly changed to Film Independent's Spirit Awards. Since 2006, winners have received a trophy depicting a bird sitting atop of a pole with the shoestrings from the previous design wrapped around the pole.The awards show is held inside a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, California, usually on the day before the Academy Awards known as the Oscars® (since 1999; originally the Saturday before). Since 1994, the show has been broadcast on the Independent Film Channel. Two Films made by Iranian Expatriate directors have made their way in the nomination list for 2008 in two different categories: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parronaud’s Box Office Success Persepolis is in line for the Best Foreign Film Category and Ramin Bahrani’s Chop Shop for the IFC/Acura Someone to Watch Award. Bahrani gained notice in 2005 for his critically acclaimed film Man Push Cart which dealt with immigration issues and marginality in expat Diaspora communities. Fellow Compatriot Shohreh Aghdashloo was Awarded in 2004 for her supporting role in The House of Sand and Fog.

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Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is in competition for best Foreign Film at the Upcoming Oscars and Golden Globe Ceremonies in 2008. The Film Independent's Spirit Awards of 2008 will be held on Satruday February 23rd. Good Luck to both Films and their directors.


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by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

It is no secret that satrapi`s film is shown because it speaks the language of strngers. May be some times decides some body to write also a few words about Makhmalbaf. Till then please acknowlledge the following:
Berlin to screen Makhmalbaf's Buddha

Iran's Buddha Collapsed out of Shame is slated to be screened in the Generation youth section of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Hana Makhmalbaf's prize-winning work will compete with seven other movies in the K Plus category of Berlin's 58th festival.

The film recounts the story of a 6-year-old Afghan girl's fight for her right to education.

Seven titles will compete in the 14 Plus category and eight in the K Plus competitions of Berlinale's Generation youth section.

The 19-year-old Hana Makhmalbaf has won numerous international awards, including San Sebastian's 2007 Special Jury Award and UNICEF's 'Paolo Ungari' special award.