SALMA HAYEK LOOKALIKE: Iranian Student Rumored to become Shah's 3rd wife


SALMA HAYEK LOOKALIKE: Iranian Student Rumored to become Shah's 3rd wife
by Darius Kadivar

Photo from The Chicago Tribune archives suggests that a beautiful Iranian Student In Rome, Italy, Manjineh Azan Zangheneh is to succeed to former Queen Soraya as Shah's Next Wife March 28th, 1958. Naturally the rumor proved wrong given that another art Student in Paris, Farah Diba was to become the Shah's third and last wife.

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Chicago Tribune Archives Caption: Soraya’s Successor ? Tehran, Iran: Iranian Girl Student Manige ( Manjineh ?) Azan Zangheneh (Left), Shown In Rome, Italy, in a Photo dated March 24th, has been rumored by the Italian Press to become the next wife of Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlevi of Iran Following his divorce from former Queen Soraya. The Shah is shown as he attends an Official Function here, March22nd. Credit (UNITED PRESS PHOTO) March 28th, 1958

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Salma Hayek becomes French knight

by Darius Kadivar on

Salma Hayek becomes French knight (bbc)


Film actress Salma Hayek has been awarded one of France's top honours by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mexican-born Hayek will become a Knight of the Legion d'Honneur at a ceremony in Paris later this year. 



Sorry but this is so

by Simorgh5555 on

Sorry but this is so perverse its borderline gay. It is utterly cringeworthy. So Khomeini looks like a piece of turd so I should post 50 post about dunge beatles or Ahmadinejad can pass off as a monkey so I Youtube a dozen Attenborough wildlife videos. This is so sad.


به به سلما جون!



مهر تو شد چون پیشه ام

دور از تو نیست اندیشه ام

در راه تو کی ارزشی دارد این جان من

درد و بلات بخوره تو سر دشمنان ایران من



by yolanda on

Is Manjineh Azan Zangheneh still around? I doubt she envies Farah......Farah has a tough life: 2 kids commited suicide and she is widowed!

Salma Hayek has Lebanese ancestry!

Thank you for posting!



by hirre on

Dariush, what is wrong with you? :)