ROYALTY: Shah of Iran state visit to the Netherlands 1959

ROYALTY: Shah of Iran state visit to the Netherlands 1959
by Darius Kadivar

A three day State visit to the Netherlands by the Shah of Iran (having Recently divorced from former Queen Soraya). He is greeted by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. (circa 1959)   

Photo: A state portrait taken at the Royal Palace here shows Queen Juliana (left), of the Netherlands, talking with the Shah of Iran (center) and Prince Bernhard, of the Netherlands. The portrait was made during the three day official visit of the Shah to the Netherlands.© Bettmann/CORBIS

Video in Dutch:


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Radio Netherlands Persian Service shut due to financial crisis

by Darius Kadivar on

Persian Service, first victim of financial crisis at Radio Netherlands


DN – The Persian-language service of Radio Netherlands Worldwide is the first victim of the organization’s financial problems.

The press section of RNW told the Persian Dutch Network that its likely other foreign-language services will be closed as well.


The activities of RNW’s Persian Service actually ended in December 2011. May 2012 was the deadline for those interested in re-launching the service to come up with independent funding. RNW is still negotiating with applicants but it is unclear when there will be clarity on continuing the service.

The Persian service of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Asr-e Holland, was launched in February 2011 and was active for around 10 months.

It seems RNW was not serious about this service from the beginning:
Persian Service’s website was created as a sub-category of the Arabic section and the design was not compatible with other sections of RNW.

Since 2006 Dutch government funding has been directed at the Persian-language radio station Radio Zamaneh. The station has had no editor-in-chief for several months.

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by Fatollah on

I'll talk to Shazdeh and see, in case he is not engaged these days! ofcourse, don't tell this to anyone!


And they didn't even bothered

by onlyinamrica on

To let the poor guy to come to their country as a refugee after he lost it all. I felt so sorry for him.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ghadr nadoonest

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

i wish i could go back in time. what an idiot to have given up all of this and leave iran the way he did. it makes me upset.


DK, nice videos. To extend Fatolla's point

by Hovakhshatare on

I'm, sorry that manny2001 considers himself Iranian who obviously endorses image and manners of AN.


1st picture: big man at home/ little abroad

by mannya2001 on

there are some pictures like the one above that enter the psyche and never leave.  in that picture, shah seems so disciplined and yet so weak.  i have seen other pictures of both kings of jordan, they too putthe attire and look like stooges.

the public consultants to these kings did a very poor job, failing to comprehend how such pictures make them look at home.  in pic # 1, shah has his hands behind him as if he is a waiter waiting to take an order.

i can't recall one picture of say Saddam at home or abroad where he looks intimidated or weak.  the guy despite his miscalculations atleast knew what kind of public persona to project.

the idea is if you rule a country, you atleast have to look the part too.  you have to make it look that you have enough confidence that you play by your own rules not ones set for you abroad. 



differences in opinion 1958 vs. 2009

by Fatollah on

somebody said somewhere on IC that Ayatollah Montazeri made her proud to be an Iranian!

Well this man makes me proud to be an Iranian,

Rohash Shad