Royalty: Shah of Iran and King of Sweden Stokholm (1960)


Royalty: Shah of Iran and King of Sweden Stokholm (1960)
by Darius Kadivar

Royal State Visit : Shah of Iran waves to Crowds lining the route as he drives from Stokholm town hall in an open carriage en route to the Palace with Sweden's King Gustaf VI Adolf.The Shah had arrived for a Three day State Visit. AP Wire Photo (circa 1960)

Gustaf VI Adolf (Oskar Fredrik Vilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf) (11 November 1882 - 15 September 1973) was King of Sweden from 1950 until his death. He was the eldest son of King Gustaf V and his wife Victoria of Baden.

During Gustaf VI Adolf's reign, work was underway on a new Instrument of Government — eventually taking effect in 1975 after the kings' death — to replace the 1809 constitution and produce reforms consistent with the times. Among the reforms sought by some Swedes was the replacement of the monarchy or at least some moderation of the old constitution's provision that "The King alone shall govern the realm."

Gustaf VI Adolf's personal qualities made him popular among the Swedish people and, in turn, this popularity led to strong public opinion in favour of the retention of the monarchy. Gustaf VI Adolf's expertise and interest in a wide range of fields (architecture and botany being but two) made him respected, as did his informal and modest nature and his purposeful avoidance of pomp. The monarchy was, however, made subordinate to a democratic state. Additional powers of the monarch were removed when Sweden's constitutional reform became complete in 1975.

He was born in Stockholm and at birth created Duke of Skåne. On 29 October 1950, he succeeded his father on the throne. His personal motto was Plikten framför allt, "Duty before all".

He married, firstly, Princess Margaret of Connaught on 15 June 1905 in St. George's Chapel, at Windsor Castle. Princess Margaret was the daughter of HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, third son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of the United Kingdom.

He married, secondly, Lady Louise Mountbatten, formerly HSH Princess Louise of Battenberg, on 3 November 1923 at St. James's Palace. She was the sister of Lord Mountbatten and aunt of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It was Lady Louise who became Queen of Sweden. Both Queen Louise and her stepchildren were great grandchildren of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

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