ROYALTY ON SCREEN: Boris Kimyagarov's "Timeless Legend of Rostam & Sohrab"


ROYALTY ON SCREEN: Boris Kimyagarov's "Timeless Legend of Rostam & Sohrab"
by Darius Kadivar

A Pivotal episode of the Legendary Epic Persian Poem of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Book of Kings) put to screen by Tajik director Boris Kimyagarov in 1971.
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  Tajik director Boris Kimyagarov's 1971 Epic tribute to Persian Poet's Patriotic Ode by Darius KADIVAR



























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This is the story of "Rustam and Sohrab" from the great Shahnameh (Book ofthe Kings). The Shahnameh is a poetic epic written by the Persian/Tajik poetFerdowsi around 1000 AD. The Shahnameh tells the mythical and historical pastof Persia from the creation of the world up until the Arab invasion of Persia.The Shahnameh, written in Persian, has been pivotal for reviving the Persianlanguage subsequent to the influence of Arabic. The Book of the Kings isregarded as a literary masterpiece which reflects Persia's history, culturalvalues, its ancient religion, Zoroasterianism, and its profound sense ofnationhood.
This particular story of Rustam and Sohrab is only one of the manychapters in the Shahnama. Rustam has always been a hero to Persians/Tajiks aswell as other Persian speakers. The Shahnameh is very important, especiallynowadays, because contrary to what people think today, it does not representjust the political country of Iran. Instead, the epic covers parts ofmodern-day Afghanistan, as well as Iran, Tajikistan, and the cities ofSamarqand and Bukhara. Though the peoples of these regions are separatedagainst their will by such political borders it can not change the fact thatthey share the same language, culture and history and, importantly, Rustam isstill their hero. The Shahnameh is valued above the Quran and fortunately thePersians/Tajiks are rediscovering their roots and shaking loose from the holdthat Arabic had on them. They are realizing just how barbaric the Arabs are andthey are moving away from the Arab culture and Islam and going towards theirown culture and beliefs. Though there are still Persians/Tajiks who defend thesavage acts of the Arabs i.e. forcing their language on the Persians/Tajiks,changing their livelihood, abolishing their legends, etc. These Persians/Tajiksdo not realize the errors of their ways and the fact that they are just pawnsbeing used by the Arabs. As the saying goes, "When there is no enemywithin, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." Others work to keep thePersians/Tajiks separated for their own advantage. It is legends like Rustamwho serve as reminders of the greatness the Persians/Tajiks come from. And itis books like the Shahnameh that captures the timeless power of a greatculture.

Recommended Book:


The Shahnameh:The Persian Book of Kings of Ferdowsi translated by Dick Davis and an intro by Azar Nafisi

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