ROYALTY: Belgian King State Visit to Iran 1960's

ROYALTY: Belgian King State Visit to Iran 1960's
by Darius Kadivar

The Constitutional Monarch of Belgium on his State Visit to Iran in Royal Carriage with Shah of Iran. King Baudouin Ist was succeeded by his brother who is the current King of Belgium Albert II. The Constitution of Belgium inspired the one drafted for Iran's monarchy in 1906/1907, however unlike Belgium neither the Pahlavi Kings nor their Predecessors the Qajars renounced to their "divine" rights which is a pre-requisite to any Constitutional Monarchy as we understand it in democratic societies. Belgium is currently going through a constitutional crisis due to the linguistic and economic differences between the Walloons and the Flemish populations which have set a blow to the Country's unity guaranteed by the royal institution. (circa 1960's)


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