ROYAL PROFILE: Crown Prince Reza's Interview on Israeli Channel 10 TV


ROYAL PROFILE: Crown Prince Reza's Interview on Israeli Channel 10 TV
by Darius Kadivar

Iran’s heir to the peacock throne speaks to Israel’s Channel Ten TV about relations between Iran and Israel and the necessity to trust the Iranian People as opposed to the Regime.


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Dorood bar Reza Pahlavi

by Siavash300 on

Thanks Reza Pahlavi for representing IRAN in international community. yes, criminal stinky mullahs has nothing to do with Iran or Iranians. Iranians and people of Israel have common enemy and it is ruling mullahs in Iran. Over 2000 years ago, our king Cyrus the Great helped jews and now it is time the state of Israel helping us to get rid of the criminal thugs who are in charge in Iran.



Great Interview Indeed

by Azarbanoo on

RP did great request from Netenyhoo. 


Great Interview

by Shemirani on

Thanks for sharing !!! Prince Reza Pahlavi said it all Perfectly !!!

- Its so true that Iran's regime is an accumulation of worse dictatorial regime in word

Life under franco was "easier" than living under J.E ,at least they could choose their dress, what to wear,

 Living in Union soviet was "easier" at least they could get drunk to forget their problems without risking to be in jail like in Iran.

Life in Cuba is even better than in iran, people can dance on the beach, to feel alive something you are allowed in Iran, excactly the same for south america's military  regimes , where Music and Joy was not forbidden !

 If You think this little things are not important ,You are very wrong ! this  thinks of your everyday life are so important to avoid big depression & frustation and it makes you  feel good, c'est essentiel  ! Dar Iran Hamechiz Ghadeghan, Nafas keshidan Mamnooh ! Iranians Want to get rid of their inquisition period !

 - Iran&Israel should have a peaceful relationship , the only way to reach peace in the region is to cut iran's oil money from haters 's pockets and bloody hands ! it will come with a regime change !

aparté:  T.Parsi halesh bad shode ba campaign Iran loves Israel all around the web, dokoonesh mikhabe ! bodo bodo talk of compromising with the Diabolo :D