ROMAN HOLIDAY: Shah and Shahbanou Take a Stroll on a motorbike in Rome (1968/69)


ROMAN HOLIDAY: Shah and Shahbanou Take a Stroll on a motorbike in Rome (1968/69)
by Darius Kadivar

Shah of Iran and wife Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi take a stroll in Rome during the Summer Holidays. (Circa 1968/69)

Roman Holiday (1953) directed by William Wyler and starring Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert and Audrey Hepburn:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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Audrey Hepburn winning an Oscar® for "Roman Holiday" Oscars 1953:

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Princess Anne embarks on a highly publicized tour of Europian capitals. When she and her royal entourage arrive in Rome, she begins to rebel against her restricted, regimented schedule. One night Anne sneaks out of her room, hops into the back of a delivery truck and escapes her luxurious confinement. However, a sedative she was forced to take earlier starts to take effect, and the princess is soon fast asleep on a public bench. She is found by Joe Bradley, an American newspaper reporter stationed in Rome. He takes her back to his apartment. The next morning Joe dashes off to cover the Princess Anne press conference, unaware that she is sleeping on his couch! Once he realizes his good fortune, Joe promises his editor an exclusive interview with the princess.

Googoosh sings in Italian (Mi Son Chiesta Tante Volte):

Al Bano & Romina Power - Sempre Sempre :


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Sargord Pirouz

Rare motorcycle: ~1967 MV

by Sargord Pirouz on

Rare motorcycle: ~1967 MV Agusta 4C6. It should interest you to know, DK, that the MV Agusta motorcycle company was founded by a member of the Italian nobility, a "count" to be exact. The firm had been established as an aviation manufacturer, which may have been the primary attraction for the Shah. (He purchased many Agusta helicopters for Iran's military.)

(Funny to see the Shahbanou seated sidesaddle.) 

I'd never seen this photo. Thanks for posting.