Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Clerics of Iran

Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Clerics of Iran
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran's Open Letter to the Clerics who stand with the current Theocracy against the will of the People. Listen Here


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About time

by MRX1 on

About time that he gave an speech about second Qadiesh take over of Iran. what took him so long? any how better late than ever.


I am sure

by kargar on

Mullas are shivering with fear. They are thinking " Oh No. This Reza is so so scary, let's all run away."

Reza should open a coffee shop and leave politics to those who can influence events. 



He should have been more involved

by XerXes on

He needs to initiate a government in exile and set up a system for all Iranians to vote for the representatives and president and send them to UN as a real government of Iran.

Kamran Ramyar


by Kamran Ramyar on

He is reading from a prepared text as he has never been able to master Farsi  He ought to just stay away from iranian political scene altogether and spend rest of his life living off of all that ill gotten wealth 


My God

by amirkabear4u on

taken him SO LONG to make a formal public comment. What has he been doing up to now????

 He is either too relax or slow in writing a speech.

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent Speech

by Maryam Hojjat on

I enjoyed it. I hope those in IRAN hear it & react to it.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians

Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Why do you blame your problems on Mohammad and Islam. It is Persians/Iranians who took this ideology and fashioned it to suit their own ways. Remember that Persians/Iranians have always been at loggerhead with Arabs even post Islamic era. Try coming to terms with that instead of attacking Arabs and their ways.

You are no different to all those Arabs who blame all their woes on Israel.


Ahmed from Bahrain


مرگ بر اسلام -


مرگ بر اسلام - مرگ بر اسرائیل - مرگ بر آمریکا - زنده با د سرزمین زرتشت

اخوندم و اخوندم - من مال مردم خوردم

آخوند به طاس ریده - کشک خورده ماست ریده

Welcome to united states of Israel


Never in a Million Years!!!!

by iroooni on

Never in a million years we would want Reza Pahlavi, or any body from the reform movement, or Mojahedin, or anyone else for that matter. Until then, we are willing to live with IRI.


Blah, Blah,Blahhhh....Yyyyyyyyyawn

by zohrehR. on

So, the vampire has finally awaken!!!!!! He has smelled blood and is out now to claim his share. This guy is the biggest clown Iranian history has produced so far and to those who think he has any chance of going to Iran and become the next "President for life" I have a bridge to sell and it comes with a warranty.


More P O W E R to HIM

by ThePope on

Thank you for talking more openly than ever before and criticizing harshly the evil mullah regime...

Keep it up.



f*!# the islamic republic, its rulers & its $upporters.



Don't shoot the messenger

by iroooni on

He's just saying what any sane person would believe in. It will probably never happen because Iranians can never agree on one person to be the leader.


Je suis d'accord Quebeqi.

by iroooni on

i love google translate :)


Liberté pour l'Iran!

by Quebeqi on

De discours en discours, Il s'améliore à une vitesse effrénée. S'Il maintient cette cadence, d'ici quelques mois, Il pourrait bien surprendre le monde entier.


He is saying the right things now.

by iroooni on

I am starting to like him. We don't have to agree with his father's legacy. He can be our first president. He is the best qualified hope for unity that we have. The time for him is now. We can do it.

American Dream

Reza Pahlavi old news

by American Dream on

I have spoken with protesters within Iran.  The majority of them, if not all of them, don't want Reza Pahlavi.

As I recall, they said, "Bar Javanan arezoo ayb neest...

san naar bedeh aash, be hameen kheyaal baash".

In English,

Reza Pahlavi, go F*** yourself, we want reform, we don't want you.  Do us a favor and never come back to Iran.


Iran to hold mass trial for

by vildemose on

Iran to hold mass trial for election protesters Print


Well done Mr. Pahlavi

by mahmoudg on

i heard a bit about the 1400 year old dictatorship of the people for of the desert.  You finally mention what millions of Iranians have been saying for a millenia if not the last thirty years, like myself, that the ills of our beloved Persia and this demonic regime, is rooted in Islam and the warmongering ideology of its backward Arab Leader Mohamad.  Until the day we can rid our Persia of the Arab influence we will not see peace and prosperity. 


Interesting, Thanks!

by AK69 on