Reza Pahlavi Interview on PARS TV

Reza Pahlavi Interview on PARS TV
by Darius Kadivar

Ali Reza Meibodi of PARS TV interviews Former Crown Prince of Iran in regard to his European Tour in France and UK as well as his views on the situation in Iran and his campaign to rally Iranians for a common struggle for Democracy and Human Rights. Note His opposition towards both WAR & BLIND SANCTIONS but his firm will to work with Iranians of ALL political backgrounds who support Democracy and Human Rights. He also shares his views on Parliamentary Democracy and insight on his family's historical legacy particularly his grandfather Reza Shah the Great but also his daughters.

I not the Official Spokesman of Reza Pahlavi nor belong to any political group or organization but am submitting this Radio Interview for general info and leave the pertinence or not of it and its interpretation to the sagacity and personal judgment of the Listeners.

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by Aboli (not verified) on

I put myself in his shoes.
What do you want me to do? Curse my father?
All I can say, is, the M.R. Pahlavi I knew, deep down, was a man who loved Iran, and thought he was doing the best for his country.
He has been accused of a lot of sh*t, he never committed, and some, he did. Let's seperate facts, from fiction, and I won't have any problem, passing a judgment about thing that were not right.


Hell I support him...

by Asdollah (not verified) on

Seems like a smart guy, and I like what I hear.
You'll never hear ME critisize my father. Why should he?


Dear: DK

by sickofiri (not verified) on

DK: RP is in great need of image consultant. He needs to do more than just acknowledging his fathers autocratic style of leadership. He needs to discuss the issue out in the open with great details; to set the record straight (both heinous crimes and accomplishments) ; to put everything in its historical context, to re-examine facts from fictions, to acknowledge the pain his father caused to so many people by leaving the country instead of justifying his departure, to come clean once and for all on behalf of his family.

In short, to salvage the legacy of his father by being brutally honest about everything; that is the only way he can redeem himself and his family.


What about IN iran?

by Azadeh on

I'm curious to know how much support or lack thereof Pahlavi has with Iran's youth living INSIDE Iran. I'm ignorant about this so I pose this as a real question for anyone who has any insight on the matter. Thanks.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

He ACKNOWLEDGES. Whoa there. Big step baby!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'll note it in my "i hate reza note pad". Now what? That makes him legitimate? On another note, that is one cute picture of him. What a great smile :) Say cheese!


He is funny

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its really ridiculous, does he try to set up a resistance movement in Iran. He talks only to Shahis, they do not represent anything in Iran. He should say my father was a coward idiot, he made precedents for ignoring the law and constitution, held and tortured people and closed news papers. What the mullahs are doing is besides the point, he should denounce his father and that would be the start. Stop talking to Shahis and stop the code words. Khomeini made a coalition of all the opposition, that should be his aim not LA Shahis. As they say, they are not a "pokh".



by I wonder (not verified) on

DK said "RP acknowledges to Shortcomings of Father's Reign"

What difference does that make to IRI supporters, defunct Commies and Tudehees in here, who always attack you for posting news of this sort?

Darius Kadivar

NOTE: RP acknowledges to Shortcomings of Father's Reign

by Darius Kadivar on

Note that RP clearly acknowledges that his father's reign was also maimed by Human Rights Violations and lack of Democracy.