Reza Pahlavi interview with Danish TV (August 11th 2009)

Reza Pahlavi interview with Danish TV (August 11th 2009)
by Darius Kadivar

Danish TV interview with Iran's Former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi about the current situation in Iran and the Struggle for Democracy.

Part I

Part II

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Intimidation in Montreal?

by Quebeqi on

If Reza Pahlavi is right when the regime uses intimidation inside Iran to maintain its grip to power, one can add that intimidation of Iranians abroad is also happening. Here is an interesting video filmed by The Young Phoenix in which, Ms Nima Machouf, wife of Quebec Solidaire's party co-leader Amir Khadir, is threatening a fellow countryman to call the police if he insists to show a very small shir-o khorshid flag during a demonstration.

In another Youtube video, Ms Machouf, indeed, called the police and while she discussed with the policeman, a burly man tried to push aside the person who was filming (The Young Phoenix).

Additional infos:

M. Amir Khadir is member of the Assemblée Nationale du Québec (provincial parliament) of Mercier riding and co-leader of leftist Québec-Solidaire Party.

The Quebec-Solidaire party, created by the merging off two local leftist parties, Option-Citoyenne and Union des Forces Progressives, is run by two leaders: Ms Françoise David (former President of the Fédération des Femmes du Québec and former leader of Option-Citoyenne party) and Amir Khadir (former leader of Union des Forces Progressives). Ms David and Mr. Khadir describe themselves, not as political leaders but as spokepersons (Porte-paroles)

Ms. Machouf will run in the forthcoming municipal elections in Montreal next November for the Projet Montréal Party, as a councellor in arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal.