Reza Pahlavi Greeted by French Parliamentarians

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

VOA coverage with Former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi greeted by members of the French Parliament and Senat Ministers. This meeting was held last June :

PS: I am not Reza Pahlavi's spokesman nor a member of any political party ( which does not mean I do not have an opinion). I leave the interpretation and / or Pertinence of the Q&A and coverage to the sagacity of your readers / Viewers.


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I thank him as Iranian

by Kamangir on

Prince Reza Pahlavi, is the only decent and realiable Iranian leader that has legitimay among world's civilized nations. However, only civilized Iranians can really understand his words and actions.

Very soon the arabo-retarded 'leaders' of Iran won't even get visas to travel, whereas our prince is meeting the most influencial and important politicians around the world. Do you see the preview of what's coming? 





by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

You asked:

why are you shahollahis so enamoured with Reza Pahlavi?

Let me respond to you factually:

Reza Pahlavi can help us because:

(1) There is no other person, inside or outside iran without a dark past record. Likes of Khatami, Karoubi, Ganji, Baghi, ... are all IRI insiders with blood on their hands. They are opportunists with personal ambitions. Reza Pahlavi has no fundamental past dark record but some (unfortunately not a whole lot but more than others) recognition in iran.

(2) Association with his father may be used by some (mostly iranian outsiders) as negative propaganda, but the fact is that he is another person, separate from his father. Nowadays iranians inside iran view pahlavis (reza shah and mohammad reza shah) differently from they way they were viewed in 1979. They are now viewed as nationalist and benign compared to IRI leader.

(3) He has the right ideas with some rough edges to be smoothed - all opposition who do NOT have blood on their hands can gather around him - the only person known to iranians, with the explicit promise that he is the leader up to the point that a new fully democratic system is established which may not include him (reza pahlavi) based on people's vote, or even may not include him at all. He has said that that is consistent with his mission.

So if we set aside hatred and name-calling, he is not a bad choice, unless one of you objectors want to step forward and volunteer or suggest another viable/trustable/good (wo)man.

However, I agree that the main issue with reza pahlavi, besides unjustifiable blanket hatred of some for him, is his ineffectiveness. That means that he needs serious intellectual support and help in organizing a plan.


I am sorry but not all opposition is relevant!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I don't agree with you. There is no way in hell that the Iranian people would welcome the MEK, NCRI as a relevant voice, or anyone who has betrayed the Iranian people!

Most of us want a secular democratic government, one whose candidates have excellent qualifications.

I find it hard to believe that the Iranian people will accept any Iranian dissident who has not lived in Iran, is not familiar with the Iranian people from all factions (poor, rich, rural, tribal, religious, etc.), has not lived among them, does not understand their issues, their wants, desires will be accepted as a viable candidate? If they do then there is a major problem, the same problem we encountered in 1979.

Personally, I don't believe that Reza Pahlavi has any qualification that grants him any credibility. I don't even consider the guy intellectually up to the challenge!

Finally, why are you shahollahis so enamoured with Reza Pahlavi?


All oppositions are relevant, Every VOICE IS RELEVANT

by aaj sr (not verified) on

What's wrong with us?
Why all oppositions, individuals and groups barking and attacking each others?. Why we are not solidifing our energy, resources and attack the real enemy instead?!.
Come to your senses, wake up and stop mutilating each others.
Who is benefiting from our silly, childish, none productive arguments ?
The enemy is not oppositions (none of them regardless of their idealogies, regardless of their different point of views.)
The enemy is inhuman, unjustice, undemocratic, unIslamic regime of Iran.
Disolve all your issues in Majlis after you defeated the regime.
Do you see the relevance?



by iPouya on

I don't understand why he's relevant to some. What has he done? Surely having the French host you doesn't lend you legitimacy, does it?


To:nofools: If you have any proof; SHOW US, otherwise!!!

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Please put the rhetorics aside, show us or direct everyone to somewhere, anywhere to see proof of your claims. PLEASE be factual and no slogan. We have had enough of these type of claims, counter-claims since last 29 years and to best of my knowledge there is no proof of your claims including extensive search of IRI ( while spending thousands of dollar to find a shred of ANYTHING, and find NOTHING) for last 29 years.


Anonymouse 2:Your interpretation of what he is saying is WRONG

by aaj sr (not verified) on

I watched it once again, while having your words in mind.
Please dissect what he says sentence by sentence and tell us what he is saying that you disagree. Then you will see your interpretation is wrong.
I think you do not see very clearly and your mind is pre occupied with other unrelated issues. Please read my previous note here once again and propose your suggestion of what's you ideal regime. I bet you in advance that you would say the same thing he is saying. If you disagree with my bet, write it down for all readers to comment.


Niavaran Palace dream?

by nofools (not verified) on

I really suspect the motives of this smiiling lunatic shahollahi who is laughing at our faces -as Iranian fools.

Why should this smiling lunatic make fun of us by supporting so ardently a guy who has not worked for one hour during his 48 years of life, living off in luxury with 15 billions of dollars or more stolen from the people of Iran and who is now scaring the western powers and begging them indirectly to attack his native land. What he is saying is equivalent to "BOMB BOMB IRAN".

Does this fool know that if they attack and nuke IRan he can not go and live there anymore and rule as Reza KhanII just because of the devastating effects of the nuclear bombs (even limited ones).

Where does he want to live? The Niavaran palace? It is going to be nuked since some facilities are there apparently? So does he want to rule from New Jersey?


His idiotic statements that

by Anonymousss (not verified) on

His idiotic statements that Iran intends to export its revolution to the entire world, and by doing so, all Western countries will be burned to the ground is not only irresponsible, not only a lie, but defies all logic!!

He is telling the truth. That is why the Islamic Republic was founded on in the first place; to save Islam.

According to the Isalmic Republic's constitution, the Islamic Republic must export its revolution in the name of Islam. And the proof is looking you straight in the face. The "revolution" has already been exported to Lebanon, Iraq, Hamas, and soon Egypt and Jordan. The Islamic Republic itself calls itself a "regional power" and the other day "number one power". Why would Iran be involved in "talks" with the U.S. in Iraq???

There is no doubt the Iran has designs on the region; why else spend billion of dollars on Hizballah, IRaq, or Hamas?? Aytollahs vision for the region is in direct conflict with the West, particularly U.S; hence, the stand-off.

You can't expect the U.S. to sit and do nothing about what has been unfolding for over 29 years. The U.S's inaction has embolden the Islamic Republic and that is why there is always going to be threat of war even without the neocons or the zionist lobby. A democrat president will try to protect the geopolitical (rise of Russia and China as economic and military powers) and economic and security interest of the United States in the region. If they don't, they would be stupid.

Reza Pahlavi should give up the throne and run as a presidential candidate if he wants to...that is the best thing for Iran.


Who ever gave Reza Pahlavi

by Ali (not verified) on

Who ever gave Reza Pahlavi the mandate to speak on behalf of the Iranian people?!!!!

The last thing I remember people asked the Pahlavis to do, was to get the hell out of the country!!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Daryush jan,veuillez écrire plus d'articles concernant des films iraniens.

Merci beaucoup :=)


Just mimicking the neocon and war hawk line!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I don’t know what more you want to hear from this guy! Does he have to say, please attack Iran and bring about regime change so that I can go back?

He is using exactly the same propaganda that the neocons, the Israeli Lobby, the war hawks, and Israel are using to ensure that the international community regards Iran has a threat to the peace and security of the world.

His idiotic statements that Iran intends to export its revolution to the entire world, and by doing so, all Western countries will be burned to the ground is not only irresponsible, not only a lie, but defies all logic!!

There is absolutely no difference between what he says and those repeated by Bush, Cheney, McCain,Olmert, Netanyahu, Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, Kenneth Timmerman, and the rest of the warmongers who use these types of statements to justify why all the options have to remain on the table!!

He is nothing but another pathetic individual with no back-bone just begging the West to put him in power!

Borro baba, khab bebeen!


what does he say that you do not like?

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Watch the clip one more time and think what he is saying, disregard who is saying it, then make your comment.
In next democratic regime of Iran, we have no choice but accepting an amalgamation of all idealogies, participation of all parties from extreme right to exterme left and anything in between including participation of all race and trib and regilion. We will not have one dogma/party or idealogy running next regime of Iran and I think that's what he is saying all along. If you disagree with above, then let's listen to your solution(s)domocraticly PLEASE.


It's unfortunate

by Abarmard on

1-He is wrong. What he is saying is that the West must attack Iran. I don't see any other message from what he is saying.

2-Note that he is not at all talking to the people of Iran. He is saying "do something" about Iran to the Western powers, which I find that to be the worse of his ideas.

3-He can't go anywhere with this attitude and wrong political path that he has been taking. What are his expectations? He is not willing to sacrifice his life style even one bit, what is the difference between Him and I besides the name recognition?

4-If you were him, what would you do?

You do one bit with the thought of sacrifice and the people would carry the rest of the load, he doesn't understand that. 


Are we fools?

by nofools (not verified) on

It is sad to see a bunch of smiling lunatics all the time advertising past overthrown dictators or the future potential dictators (dictator-after-this).

One often wonders of their true motives. They reject and criticize great true democrats like Prime Minister Mossadegh but all the time they keep beating on the drums for their beloved dictator's son who have had a negative impact on this country.

If it wasn't for that corrupt dynasty's many many many 'mistakes' we would not have to suffer ynder the present regime and its atrocities.

May be these smiling lunatics take ALL iranians as fools and think we can be all deceived to believe that if the dynasty comes back to power they will behave like humans.

We are not ALL fools!

Ali P.

As said by Mr. Reza L....

by Ali P. on

"I guess you'll always have those who love him, based on whose son he is, and those who hate him, based on whose son he is.

For the rest of us, he seems like the rest of us :An Iranian abroad, concerned about the future of his country."

            -by Reza L., left on a different blog submitted about Reza  Pahlavi



by markux (not verified) on

proved my point.



by MKB (not verified) on

I am sorry but I just do not see how Reza Pahlavi is relevant. He has no clue about how people are living in Iran and nor did his father for that matter, when he was the Shah.

And so what that the he was greeted by some French politicians, was it not France who “looked after” Khomeini prior to his arrival in Iran? The new administration in France has its own agenda and it does not represent the greater good of Iran.

Iran does not need kings and princes any more than it needs mullahs fulfilling their role.


Thanks Mr. Kadivar. Wish

by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

Thanks Mr. Kadivar.

Wish the best of luck to Prince Reza Pahlavi.


Reza Pahlavi

by Shahla (not verified) on

This is most excellent. Finally someone is making the international world listen to those who are forced to silence by the Islamic Republic. Great Job! I wish more of us would take a stand.


Darius Kadivar

For Future Chicken Heads ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


you could have fooled me!

by markux (not verified) on

For someone who is not a supporter of former dictator and future dictator wanted me, you certainly and constantly beat their drums and advertise for them. Do not masquerade as someone else. Come out of the closet, I know it's fashionable to lie and spin the lie these days. But come on, take your mask off.


Better Late Than Never!

by Naazokbin (not verified) on

Thank you Mr. Kadivar for posting the coverage.

Let's hope for better times for all freedom-loving Iranians. We do deserve better than the criminals ruling our great country!