Reza Pahlavi with demonstraters in Washington

Reza Pahlavi with demonstraters in Washington
by Darius Kadivar

Reza Pahlavi and daughters Noor and Iman amongst demonstraters in Washington Call for Unity and support of Iranians back home. Watch Video 

Photo: Reza Pahlavi with Iranian Refugees in London in 2005 celebrates Nowrooz.

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Reza Shah Dovom! What we all

by Cameron Javadi (not verified) on

Reza Shah Dovom!

What we all need to do is recognize his courage and love for his country. His father and grandfather created the nation. If it had not been for them, we would be looking at a country that looked like Afghanistan and not Iran.

Iran needs Reza Shah II as much as he needs us. Here in Irvine, there are 20,000 Shah supporters, in Westwood and West LA, another 100,000. If you look around the world, you'll find millions of expats that support our exiled Shahanshah.

Down with Islam, and down with the retard mullahs. We need a secular, Constitutional Monarchy with a parliamentary system and Mr. Pahlavi at the controls!


Re: David ET

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

I am still waiting for your answers. Why aren't you or perhaps can't you answer my questions?



by Anonymous sd (not verified) on

"his family and his dead drug addict sister and his whore mother..."

You certainly speak like a Basiji or Savaki yourself. This is exactly how they spoke/speak with their targets. Just as you have no respect even for the dead, or a mourning mother who may read this, the Basij doesn't either.

Sometimes we hate a group of people so much, only to later discover that we ARE actually one of them, only wearing a different clothes.

Sounds like a good script for a twilight zone episode my dear Savaki, ooops, Basiji, ooops, whatever similar but yet unnamed thing you are.


Remember Savak that killed milions


Savaki and basiji are the same




Reza Phalavi is the reminiscent of a anothet Tyranny that belong


Reza Phalavi is the reminiscent of a another Tyranny that belongs to history.

We went through revolution to kick tyranny out. We went through 30 years under another tyranny.

Now we want to go back to tyranny.

We can not go back lets move forward. He is blod thirsty he wants avenge his father's life. He, his family and his dead drug addict sister and his whore mother are worst than the IRI regime.

So people trust yourself and stop choosing puppets but leaders.


Bonsoir Khaanoom-e Quebeqi

by ThePope on

Non, pas a la tele, mais je l'ai vu...
Je pense que c'etait une tres bonne conference, surtout vers la fin...

Oui, malheureusement, vous avez raison a propos de Radio-Canada;
"...s'assurer d'être toujours dans les bonnes grâces du régime...
Mais, je dois dire que j'ai bien aime la question de Marie-Paule Rouleau(R-C) a propos d'Obama et le fait qu'elle l'a demande deux fois!


Mme Quebeqi, j'ai une p'tite question; Avez-vous participe hier(Dimanche)...? 


ps  excusez-moi pour les accents! ;-) 



This pathetic little "girl" is crying in TV now

by Jaleho on

and begging the Americans to DOOOO SOMETHING, pretty please!!!

He's effectively telling the following in National press club:

"I will kiss your butt whichever way you want...I don't like Hezbollah... no Hamas, i don't like nuclear....I just like Neda, boohoo boohoo, please do a redux of my daddy's 1953  to me!! "

For those who say he's just another Iranian with an other Iranians get an hour time in National Press Club to talk??!!  Watch CSpan.

Besides, in Iran, I believe he's gonna have the unique reception that Bavafa (Mehrdad) described, not many other Iranians would have that "honor."


Artificial Intelligence

Please Start looking at Minute 5 of this

by Artificial Intelligence on

video from today. Now I must admit that I could care less for the Monarchy as they are finished in Iran for good. However, this guy truly loves Iran and Iranians. For that I respect him. 




Please let him come to Iran

by Bavafa on

I am sure there are many people that will greet him on his arrival.  There are many sexually oppressed pedopile thugs in Iran that would like to say hello to our little crown prince.



Bonjour Monsieur le Pape!

by Quebeqi on

Avez-vous vu  à la télé la couverture du réseau LCN (TVA) sur la conférence de R2 d'aujourd'hui au National Press Club? Je crois qu'il a fait une percée auprès du public québécois.:)


Quant à Radio-Canada, Lorsqu'il est question de l'Iran, comme d'habitude, leurs journalistes traînent toujours de la patte... Probablement afin de s'assurer d'être toujours dans les bonnes grâces du régime qui émet les visas tant convoités...:(


Accrochons nos tuques avec de la broche! So! So! So! Solidarité!


Reza Cyrus Pahlavi

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

has all the attributes of a statement to be the next leader of Iran. All you irrelevant folks can do is to continue to be irrelevant!?

Javid President Shah Reza Pahlavi!



by Fatollah (not verified) on

I stopped jerring myself long a go! Thank you very much, fatgh'am moredee nadar-e Fozol-bashi! :) see you around ...



Ziadi zoor nazan Fatollah

by fozolie on

Fatoollah joon ziadi zoor nazan bad e fatgh meegierie. Nobody argued about his rights as an Iranian citizen. However  to single his act out as something special is not necessary, pointless and divisive. If anything he neglected his duty for a long time.  In the context of what is happening in Iran he is IRRELEVANT, he has been, is and will be.  You have not argued the case at all why I am wrong and why is he relevant?

If anyone is jerring themselves it seems to be you and I don't follow the rest of your rant. If anything I am very much against the lengesh kon brigade.

Mr. Fozolie


Re: David ET

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

"Miss annonymousX which I know who you are and have no guts to sign with your registered name."

Question 1: Do you have the guts to tell us who I really am David? Or just like a gutless Basiji, you accuse with false claims?

Answer the above question.

Question2: Re-read my comment and tell us what part it was false.

Now have the "decency" and the "manhood" to reply these two questions without "haashieh raftan".


He is an Iranian citizen

by Fatollah (not verified) on

If he is irrelevant, then why are you poeple "khodetoon o jer meedeen" ???
He has the right to express his thoughts, views and obligations, he is entitled to as you and any other Iranian. Iran is also his home, not just yours! I don't recall any of you warriors batteling on the streets of Tehran or any other Iranian city! That makes you people hypocrites as well ... "Az door neshasteen meegeen lengesh kon" ! :-(


David ET

Just a point

by David ET on

Dariush is my brother and gets emotional at times when it comes to his beliefs. I can handle that and I respect him regardless.

I have my views and he has his, yet I hold no grudges for him making personal comments to me.

To some with agenda : Do not try to put fire on this.

Rusta: I voted for Mousavi and I have no regrets. I would blame Reza Pahlavi for giving tools to regime at this point to kill and silence more people. If anything he should simply issue statements at this stage debouncing the killing and violations of people's rights and stay out of a movement that he denounced until 10 days ago .

And If he wants to become a president suddenly, he still can denounce his royalty and in due time let people chose, but wanting to bring back his family and himself forever and at the time that people are getting killed is already dealt with with a bloody revolution 30 years ago. Any blood that gets shed in future because of him will be stain on him forever.

If anything he should take a lead from Obama and not sacrifice people's movement for his personal gains.  

What a 180 change , before elections he talked against the movement and after suddenly he keeps using the word WE as if he had ANYTHING to do with it!!!!!!! 


1/4 Pahlavi is Irrelevant and at best his agenda is DIVISIVE

by fozolie on


What else do you want me to say? The thugs are killing Iranian people and  the sleazy rabble that follow him today in London caused division amongst the demonstrators outside Iranian Embassy. So much for Etehad. 

He made sure he was irrelevant a long time ago.

Mr. Fozolie


To: Big Boy

by Aboli (not verified) on

you (Reza Pahlavi) just gave the IRGC and the Bajij the excuse to torture and kill our kids????

(Had he not appeared on CNN, what would the IRI then do, without an excuse to torture and kill our kids!)

Oh, yeah, OK!
Whatever dude...get a life!

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

He was on tv (CNN) today declaring that he is the leader of the people.  Fool, you just gave the IRGC and the Bajij the excuse to torture and kill our kids.  You opportunist S.O.B!!!  What is wrong with you.




God Bless R. C. Pahlavi

by Supporter of Reza Pahlavi (not verified) on

He has our support.



by yournameanyoneous (not verified) on

The closest he'll come to monarchy is Burger King. No one in Iran wants him. He can be Shahanshah of Westwood but that's it.


the link to RP's speech at NPC this morning

by Anonymous99999999999 (not verified) on


Judge for yourselves

by Anonymous99999999999 (not verified) on

Listen to what he says first then jump on his back and run your mouths ...

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

You fools. Have you even bothered to see the other enemy?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

NIAC? Even if you are anti-Pahlavi, please keep a watch on NIAC. They are promoting silently the Reformist gestures to take credit for this uprising. Please.

Look at this blog. No talk of Neda's fiance telling the world that this fight was NOT about mousavi or karrubi trashes! I am so angry right now about this. They are still discussing the election! 


Farah Rusta

David ET you are speaking the language of a hypocrite again

by Farah Rusta on

 Instead of replying to the questions you run away from them and make factless accusations. As one of the commentators reminded you here, you  have voted for Mussavi and now dare criticize Reza Pahlavi? For a short while I thought you have changed but I see that You are still a hypocrite par excellance my short-lasting comrade.

How is my dear Capt_Wiki_is_my_Bible (LOL)?



Stop Calling hin Reza SHAH!

by Anonymous2009 (not verified) on

Stop the BS and stop calling him "Reza Shah Dovom".

Some people still not getting it. In Iran there is absolutely NO ROOM for another "Shah". It just pisses off people when they hear Reza "Shah".


Darius jan, you should see

by Tinaehrami (not verified) on

Darius jan, you should see this:


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ask your families in Iran about Reza

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They laugh. I know he makes lots of people OUTSIDE iran happy, but come on, he's just "that guy"..... not "THE guy."

David ET

Reza on TV saying he is a candidate too!

by David ET on

RP was just shown on CNN and he was saying people can choose among him and other candidates

What an opportunist this guy is. Now he is candidate?

I supported Obama campaign for presidency and now he is president. I also critic him when I see fit. I dont believe in absolutism shahoolahi, hezbollahi or Obamaolllahi, get that through your black and white thick head the Miss annonymousX which I know who you are and have no guts to sign with your registered name.

 and Dariush, I never disrespected you and I am very sorry that is how you addressed me. I have no idea what your support of SCE have anything to do with my view about Reza Pahlavi?!!! So did Shrin Ebadi, Trita Parsi and many others. I also critiqued Ebadi at times or NIAC . and if anyone supported SCE I suppose was because they were against child executions not because of me nor was as a favor to me because if so then they had all the wrong reasons! Just as I am against child executions and I just simply took the small humanitarian task of publicizing it of all that those in Iran do to help bring justice.

 and I thought this is for democracy and freedom of differrent views and expression! Obviously if I have my view about Reza but then I personally am attacked by you (Dariush) since Reza is your Khomenei and you can not take critic of him and are ready to lift your chomagh of words on me!? What a Shame Dariush What a shame and you talked all along about democracy, and now chomagh on my head because I call your khoemeini a Moftkhr? What is meaning of a Moftkhor? Someone who has not worked and lives off the money of other people? Where did Reza's money come from? What is his job? THEREFORE YES REZA PAHLAVI IS A MOFTKHOR LIVING OFF THE STOLEN WEALTH OF IRANIAN NATION.  Why doesnt he show all his and his families assets and its source ? I rest my case. As for me I always have worked , paid for my bills and not taken anyones money. So I have evidence and you dont for your accusation of Moftkhor to me.

As for other crap here I expressed my view about this opportunist Reza and if anyone can not maintain a civil conversation then that is your problems nor at this important phase I have any more time for this opportunist except  what I already said.

My letter to Reza Phalavi tells it all and he had his chance for 30 years to chose between crown and Iran and he made his choice and that was the crown: PRINCE Reza Pahlavi


Reza jan, please don't say anything!

by noneed4shah (not verified) on

I think Pahlavi family (with respect to their good intetions) should stay out of this like Obama. His involvement may backfire.