Reza Pahlavi on Arab Satellite TV Al' Hurra Talk Show "Hiwar Khass"


Reza Pahlavi on Arab Satellite TV Al' Hurra Talk Show "Hiwar Khass"
by Darius Kadivar

An Hour Long interview of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on "Hiwar Khass" an Arab language talk show.The discussion is centered on Iran's political dillema and Pahlavi's vision of a future democratic Iran. 

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PS: If anyone can give a more accurate translation or summarize the content/transcript into English or Persian It would be appreciated.

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About Al' Hurra TV:

Official Website: Alhurra (Arabic for “The Free One”) is a commercial-free Arabic language satellite television network for the Middle East devoted primarily to news and information. In addition to reporting on regional and international events, the channel broadcasts discussion programs, current affairs magazines and features on a variety of subjects including health and personal fitness, entertainment, sports, fashion, and science and technology. The channel is dedicated to presenting accurate, balanced and comprehensive news. Alhurra endeavors to broaden its viewers' perspectives, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Alhurra is operated by non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the American people through the U.S Congress.
MBN receives this funding from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent and autonomous federal agency. The BBG serves as a firewall to protect the professional independence and integrity of the broadcasters.

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