PREMIERSHIP: Dutch government collapses after far right pulls plug on austerity package


PREMIERSHIP: Dutch government collapses after far right pulls plug on austerity package
by Darius Kadivar

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned Monday after a far-right party withdrew its support for his government, a government spokesman said. (See Related News



The move may clear the way for early elections in the Netherlands, possibly as soon as this summer, the government said. The resignation came after the far-right party withdrew from talks about an austerity package worth €14.2 billion, the equivalent of $18.6 billion, according to a news report reprinted on a parliamentary website.


Lawmakers are scheduled to meet Tuesday to decide how to go forward.

Queen Beatrix asked Rutte and his ministers to stay in their positions until new elections.

Rutte's government had depended on the support of Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom, which came in third in parliamentary elections two years ago.

Dutch PM resigns after failed austerity talks (Al Jazeera, Apr 23, 2012):

The Netherlands' Queen Beatrix has reportedly accepted Mark Rutte and his cabinet's resignation. Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull reports from the Hague.






US Relations With Netherlands






Mark Rutte and Barack Obama - White House Oval Office:

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands visiting United States of America President Barack Obama.
Date: November 29th 2011.














Dutch far-right lawmaker Wilders acquitted (AFP, Jun 23, 2011):

Dutch far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders walked away from hate speech and discrimination charges on Thursday for statements made attacking Islam, calling his acquittal a victory for freedom of speech.

(NOTE: To Watch Double Click Here)


The Rise of The Far Right Across Europe: The Netherlands :

Geert Wilders is the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom who wants Islam banned in Europe.














Dutch government falls in budget crisis (bbc)


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has tendered his government's resignation to Queen Beatrix, paving the way for early elections.

The government was plunged into crisis when Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) quit talks aimed at slicing 16bn euros (£13.1bn) from the budget.

Mr Wilders said he would not accept austerity demands to bring the budget deficit in line with EU rules.

His party was not part of the coalition but supported the minority government.

Dutch broadcaster Nos said Mr Rutte spent almost two hours on Monday afternoon at the queen's palace in The Hague where he made the cabinet's resignation official.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting in the morning involving Mr Rutte's liberal VVD and the Christian Democrats (CDA), Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said they would "show the financial market and Dutch people that we can also put forward a solid financial policy".

AAA status


Since 5 March, the two coalition parties along with the Freedom Party have been trying to reach agreement on budget cuts. A recent forecast from the Netherlands' Central Planning Bureau estimated that the country's 2013 public deficit would rise to 4.7% of GDP, well above the 3% EU target.

The Netherlands has been asked to submit its budget measures to the European Commission by 30 April, although it is not clear how firm that deadline is.

Mr Wilders said the coalition's proposals would harm economic growth and affect many people's spending power. Socialist Party leader Emile Roemer said he too was not prepared to support the attempt to bring the budget deficit below 3% by 2013.

But there are fears that the failure of the budget talks could harm the Netherlands' prized AAA credit rating status and the low yield on government bonds.

The BBC's Anna Holligan in The Hague says that many are now asking if the Netherlands cannot balance its books without the government collapsing, then which government can; and where it leaves the EU fiscal compact, aimed at enforcing budget discipline.

Economic Affairs Minister and CDA leader Maxime Verhagen said on his Twitter feed earlier on Monday that the main concern was "how, on the way to elections, we can keep the economy and finances on the rails".

Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reported that confidence in the Netherlands had already fallen on the financial markets on Monday, with the gap widening between Dutch and German government bonds.

Mr Rutte's government lasted just 558 days. Only three other Dutch administrations since World War II have been in office for shorter periods, Dutch news agency ANP says.

A parliamentary debate on the Dutch political crisis is expected to take place on Tuesday afternoon. A key question facing the political parties is whether to hold general elections before or after the summer recess.


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Dutch voters are likely to ignore right-wing calls to quit EU

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A step too far (bbc)

Far-right leader Geert Wilders, famous for turning his nose up to Brussels, wants the Netherlands to leave the eurozone and restore the Dutch guilder.  But Dutch voters are likely to ignore right-wing calls to quit EU.





Darius Kadivar

Is the "star" of Dutch anti-Islam politician on the wane?

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Whither Wilders? (bbc)


Is the star of Dutch anti-Islam politician on the wane?


For years, the Freedom Party (PVV) could do little wrong, its populism shaking up Dutch politics and attracting voters to its right-wing policies.

Led by the controversial anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, the PVV came to prominence with its anti-immigration Eurosceptic rhetoric.

But now its golden era may be over. Falling in the polls, the party's anti-immigration policies are being abandoned by the Dutch, and with the collapse of the coalition government which he propped up, Mr Wilders has been stripped of his powerful kingmaker card. So is this the beginning of the end of the Freedom Party?


Darius Kadivar

Dutch government sets election date

by Darius Kadivar on

Dutch government sets election date (cnn)

CNN) -- Parliamentary elections will be held in the Netherlands on September 12, the government announced Friday.

The elections come after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned this week after a far-right party withdrew its support for his government.


  • Parliamentary elections will be held in September
  • The prime minister resigned this week
  • A far-right party had withdrawn its support from the government


Darius Kadivar

Netherlands to rule on cannabis ban

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Netherlands to rule on cannabis (bbc)


A judge in the Netherlands is due to decide whether foreign tourists should be banned from entering cannabis cafes.

While soft drugs are tolerated, there is growing concern at tourists visiting just for drugs, and foreign dealers selling illegally at home.

The ban is due to start in three southern provinces next month, with a nationwide one by the end of the year. 



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Dutch crisis: Parties 'close to deal' on budget cuts

by Darius Kadivar on

Dutch 'near deal' on budget cuts (bbc)


Five Dutch political parties say they have reached an agreement in principle over budget cuts that led to the collapse of the government this week.

Darius Kadivar

Dutch queen calls for parliament to be dissolved

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Dutch queen calls for parliament to be dissolved (France 24)


The political crisis in the Netherlands deepened on Wednesday when the country's Queen Beatrix asked for parliament to be dissolved to allow for elections in September. The move comes after the government collapsed in a row over budget cuts

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Geert Wilders And Marine Le Pen Stun Europe

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Geert Wilders And Marine Le Pen Stun Europe - Business Insider


The big news out of the French election: Marine Le-Pen, the head of the far right wing National Front party, secured 20 percent of the vote in the first round of voting.

Le-Pen is now out of the race (the runoff on May 6 will be between Sarkozy and Socialist challenger Hollande), but a 20 percent showing for the anti-immigration, Euroskeptic candidate is a lightning bolt for France and all of Europe.

Sarkozy is now in a desperate situation, where he may have to pander to hardliners in order to win (a move that could alienate more moderate voters).

The other big event in Europe this weekend was in the Netherlands, where a budget deal collapsed thanks to a revolt led by another right winger: Geert Wilders.