Polish refugees leave Iran for Palestine at the Tehran railroad station (1944)


Polish refugees leave Iran for Palestine at the Tehran railroad station (1944)
by Darius Kadivar

Fascinating footage shows 350 Polish refugees bidding goodbye to their friends and relatives and leave Tehran for Palestine at the Tehran railroad station. (March 27, 1944)

Polish Refugees Leave Tehran (1944):


350 Polish refugees leave Tehran for Palestine at the Tehran railroad station. Train at the platform. People bustle on the platform. People bid farewell to their departing friends and relatives from train windows. Notice boards written in Urdu language at the railroad platform. A soldier talks to women sitting in one of the wagons from train windows.

Trailer of Documentary "The Children of Tehran":

A film by Yehuda Kaveh, David Tour, Dalia Guttman

''The Children of Teheran'' is the story of the rescue of 700 children from occupied Poland and their grueling journey to Palestine/Israel in the winter of 1943.This unprecedented operation took the children, many without their parents, ona tortuous path that led them to distant lands, including Teheran, before they arrived safely in Palestine. The Children of Teheran was the first large group of Holocaust survivors to reach Palestine/Israel from occupied Europe.

Website: www.yaldeyteheran.com

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Darius Kadivar

Why anti-Semitism is still an issue in Germany

by Darius Kadivar on

Warning from the past (bbc)

BBC News, Berlin 

What on Earth does the Jewish community in Germany make of the flurry of headlines this week that described substantial anti-Semitism, and how have they reacted to plans to publish extracts from Mein Kampf?

Here, they live in the land that produced the Holocaust, and a rigorous academic study indicates that one in five Germans has at least a "latent" antipathy towards Jews.

Separately, a British publisher planned to put extracts from Hitler's manifesto on news stands and only held back as a court in Bavaria got involved.

You would expect loud and righteous outrage - but you would be wrong. Certainly, some groups have voiced anger but they have often been outside Germany.

In the country itself there is a more measured tone. Behind the headlines there are nuances and complexities.

It should be said that Germany has a growing Jewish population, arguably the fastest growing Jewish population in Europe. 

Immortal Guard

Nice Footage!

by Immortal Guard on

My grandparents told about a big number of Jews from Europe that were camping in Iran during WWII. Actually one of them married my grandpa's best friend who was a high-ranking officer in the military. Maybe she was looking for information???


fascinating, darius.

by humanbeing on

thank you so much for posting this rare, eerie, and interesting footage. we should always consider all children as precious as our own, protect and save them.