pictory: Yves Saint Laurent dresses Farah Diba for Wedding 1959

pictory: Yves Saint Laurent dresses Farah Diba for Wedding 1959
by Darius Kadivar

A young Yves Saint Laurent dresses Young Farah Diba for Fiancailles and Wedding Ceremonies to Shah of Iran at the Christian Dior Couture House in Paris 1959. The future Shahbanou and the young Yves Saint Laurent were to become life long friends. The young genius was to create his own Haute Couture brand in the years that followed his departure from Dior. The Empress was to assist to the late Haute Couture Maestro's funeral in 2008.


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Darius Kadivar

Your Welcome Mehdi Jan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Most Welcome My friend. These posts have no other objective than to be a reminder of an era (good or Bad) that to a great degree defines who we are or became in the process. I am certain in a few decades our kids may say the same about our Times today.

There will always be Beauty in this world regardless of the nightmares we face. The Quest for Beauty is what defines culture after all.

I was born in the 60's so I look at it with some enchantment and yet we had the Cuba Missle Crisis, the begining of Vietnam and Sex and Rock & Roll taking over.

But Cinderalla Destinies like that of our Shahbanou were also as part of our collective memory as the Beatles, Elvis and the first Landing on the Moon.

Why not remember the things that make us happy after all and share them with others ?

Warm Regards from a Rainy Paris,


Mehdi Mazloom

Holding the candle light.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Darius agha,

Your nostalgic posts remind me that famous (and funny) saying my mother used to say when were used to get up late in th mornings.

don-yah-ra abb bord, ve-torah khab bord. 

(it was so funny, after which we couldn't go back to sleep, and ended up getting up)

It is refreshing that amid all the terror mayhem and uncertainties. You find to take us back to the good times, when things seemed more benign and innocent.