pictory: Young Mossadegh as Governer of Fars (1920's)


pictory: Young Mossadegh as Governer of Fars (1920's)
by Darius Kadivar

Mohamed Mossadegh poses as Governer of Fars Province during Qajar Era. The Future Prime Minister of Iran under Pahlavi rule, was already a major political figure who had studied law and philosophy in Europe.

Mosaddeq was born in 1882 in Tehran to an Ashtian Bakhtiari finance minister, Mirza Hideyatu'llah Khan (d.1892) and a Qajar princess, Shahzadi Malika Taj Khanum (1858–1933). By his mother’s elder sister, Mossadeq was the nephew of Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar. When his father died in 1892, he was appointed the tax collector of the Khorasan province and was bestowed with the title of "Mossadegh-ol-Saltaneh" by Nasser al-Din Shah. Mossadeq received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters in (International) Law from University of Paris (Sorbonne) before pursuing a Doctorate in Law from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in 1914 following a Bachelor of Economics in 1916. Mossadeq also taught at the University of Tehran before beginning his political career.

Mossadeq started his career in Iranian politics with the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, when at the age of 24, he was elected from Isfahan to the newly inaugurated Persian Parliament, the Majlis of Iran. In 1920, after being self-exiled to Switzerland in protest at the Anglo-Persian Treaty of 1919, he was invited by the new Persian Prime Minister, Hassan Pirnia (Moshir-ed-Dowleh), to become his "Minister of Justice"; but while en route to Tehran, he was asked by the people of Shiraz to become Governor of the "Fars" Province. He was later appointed Finance Minister, in the government of Ahmad Ghavam (Ghavam os-Saltaneh) in 1921, and then Foreign Minister in the government of Moshir-ed-Dowleh in June 1923. He then became Governor of the "Azerbaijan" Province. In 1923, he was re-elected to the Majlis and voted against the selection of the Prime Minister Reza Khan as the new Shah of Persia.

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Darius Kadivar

botsehkan Your Funny !

by Darius Kadivar on

Sure You are certainly the bold one under your anonymous name ...

My Hats Off to Your Boldness then !



Appeasing the Mossadeghist?

by botsehkan. (not verified) on

Kadivar, you don't need to publish frequently seen pictures of Mossadegh just to show that you are a balanced blogger. We all know where you really stand: On the fence!!! Wherever the wind blows you go that direction.

And as for the academic and political background of of Mossadegh let me do some math:

Born in 1882, he became the tax collecter of Khorassan after the death of his father in 1892 (1892 - 1882 = 10)!!!! Aged 10, he must have been the youngest taxman ever. Then elected to Majles at 24 (1882+24=1906) and between 1906 and 1914 he served in Majles, obatined a bachelor, a master and a doctorate!!! Must have been a very easy master and an easier doctorate - so when was he doing his parliamentary duties? while he was in Paris or when he was in Lausanne (LOL)?

Mind you I am not surprized with his fast-lane education after the age of 24. If he was a truly educated lawyer, he should have known that dissolving the parliamnet was illegal. But he didn't and went ahead with his little scheme. We all know what the end result was.

Tarbiyat naa ahl raa chon gerdekaan bar gonbad ast.


Shazdeh, Mr Kadivar was right in the first place

by Literary critic (not verified) on

With respect and apology for "ezhaare fazl", there are two types of letters in Arabic: Shamsi (Solar) and Ghamari (Lunar). The rule is that if a Shamsi letter is placed after "AL", then Laam (L) is not pronounced and the Shamsi letter is read with a "tashdeed". The letter Seen (S) is a Shamsi letter, hence the correct reading of the title of Dr Mosaddegh is:
Mosaddeghossaltaneh. For reference and without trying to Islamise the argument please see this:

. هر گاه بعد از لام تعریف یکی از چهارده حرف زیر قرار گیرد لام خوانده نمی‌شود و حرف بعد از لام مشدّد می‌شود. حروف شمسی عبارتند از: ت‌، ث‌، د، ر، ز، س‌، ش‌، ص‌، ض‌، ط، ظ، ل‌، ن‌.


With respsect


Darius Kadivar

Corrected !

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Thank You Shazde Jaan ;0)

I welcome all feedback and corrections from all readers.

Warm regards,


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Darius: nice as always. Mossadeg-OL-Saltane is correct, not os

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)