pictory: Shah Visits NASA's Cape Canaveral (1962)

pictory: Shah Visits NASA's Cape Canaveral (1962)
by Darius Kadivar

Shah of Iran visits Nasa's Cape Canaveral Space Launching Station and Speaks at the American Congress. (circa 1960)

Apollo 11 on the Sea of Tranquility


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Dear ghoolkir

by Arash_1970 on

Many of us feel a lot of anger toward our own poeople ,I am one of them too but you can't call all of us two-legged animals.From your writing I can tell you have been out of Iran for a while and have enjoyed a Western education.You know better than that :-) Your comments are to cause pain ,will that pain ease YOUR pain? You have been bertayed ,like many of us have been.By Iranians perhaps.But as much as we like to believe ,all Iranians are not the same.They are not ALL two-legged animals.Your coment may not survive for my comment to make sense.... :-)

Wishing you the best.


Why the Shah was seeking advance technologies for

by ghoolkir on

a bunch of khar-savar is beyound me!?

He should have taken all the money and left the miserable two-legged animals called Iranians to die in their own feces!?


Hey Admin stop deleting my posts. Have some shame!