pictory: Shah of Iran's Last Photo before death (1980)

pictory: Shah of Iran's Last Photo before death (1980)
by Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Farah and Children surround Shah for a last family photo in Cairo Hospital, shortly before his death from Cancer. Surrounding the Shah in Bed, Left to Right Princess Leila, Crown Prince Reza, Shahbanou Farah, The Shah, Princess Farahnaz, and Prince Ali Reza. Cairo (circa 1980)


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by AnonymousX (not verified) on

Unbelievabley sad.


I appreciate some info about Ali Reza Pahlavi.

by Ostaad on

Nothing too personal, just what he's doing and whether he has said or done anything that indicates his political aspirations, if any.



by Timsar (not verified) on

nice photo and Farahnaz looks so much like Reza's later years. Almost like twins. Does anyone know what Farahnaz is doing? Did she get married, is she educated in any particular field? Why is she not more visible in the active communities?